Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    Wow MAxCart1000 you have already had some great success. Smiled when you shared about getting it out of your house... okay you ate it.... its what I really appreciate most about peoples post, so true and so relatable. I had a similar week two days close to 2000. Wednesday was such a surreal day found myself really goin back to food as I was processing all the emotions.

    Next step is to really work on that if , when it comes up again.
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    January 2021 stats
    38 years old
    Height: 5' 7"
    SW (6/9/2020): 330.0 lbs
    Month SW (1/1/21): lbs
    Goal weight: 180 lbs
    Weigh-in day: Saturdays
    1/1/2021: 253.8lbs - 1st weigh-in of the year
    1/2: 254.8lbs
    1/9: 250.4lbs
    1/16: lbs
    1/23: lbs
    1/30: lbs

    Weekly and Monthly Goals:
    * Keep logging in MFP ✔✔
    * Disable exercise calories sync in MFP or just put 1 calorie burned for every workout -> Disabled it and I think t helped as I started dropping weight again while sticking to my 1200 calorie limit. ✔✔
    * Stop drinking water ~15 minutes before meals and no drinking water during meals -> this is going slowly, but have done it most of my meals this week (have to constantly remind myself) ✔
    * Continue the T-25 workouts (Beta cycle starts again on Monday!!) ✔✔
    * Do either a quick yoga, stretch, or walk (Reps to the Rhythm or Up to the BEat Fit) workout in the evenings in addition to my morning workout -> I just do them all in the morning now. ✔✔
    * Get as much sleep as possible ✔
    * Classes begin again on Monday, so my main goal is to keep hitting my step goal daily regardless of what may be going on. I am currently at day 26 of meeting my step goal.

    Mid-year Goal:
    * Get below 200 lbs (Hopefully by the end of May)
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    @uyister i honestly coudnt believe it, i love making my own food too so its definitely a challenge. it just means im always looking for new low calorie recipes that me and my partner will eat (i dragged him into doing a healthy lifestyle with me and hes being really supportive of it), some of its hit and miss. The craving chart you put on is going to be so helpful! Today is the only day im having cravings so im going to have something to curve that.
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    So, the theme for Reddit's 52 Weeks of Cooking challenge for this week (1/8-1/14) is "Meat Substitute." I don't care for the "standard" non-animal proteins like tofu or tempeh or seitan, so I was very interested when someone posted a link on the subreddit to a hundred-year-old cookbook full of meat substitute recipes. I've decided to use the cookbook for the entire meal I'm going to submit as my entry for this week, and here's what I'm planning on. I'm looking forward to the challenge of trying to follow a recipe that assumes I'm cooking over an open fire or using a wood-fired stove, LMAO. My electric oven is about as reliable as an open fire, in terms of temperature control, so there's that. I'll also link to the cookbook if anyone else is interested, it's available for free on Google Books.

    Main: Mock Veal Roast
    1/2 pint shelled roasted peanuts (I'm planning to use roasted unsalted peanuts, 200g)
    1/2 pint lentils (I'm using dried green lentils, 200g)
    1/2 pint toasted breadcrumbs (I'll be using panko, 200g)
    1 teaspoonful salt (it'll probably be about 8-10g)
    1 saltspoonful pepper (I don't know what a saltspoon is, but I usually use about 1-2g pepper in my cooking)
    "Sufficient milk" - not sure how much this will end up being but I'll let you know, if anyone's curious. (I use whole milk, because life is short and the difference between two equivalent servings of skim vs whole milk is like sixty calories. I mostly use milk for cooking, as opposed to in cereal/as a beverage, so I'd rather just have a little less of a delicious soup/sauce/whatever than be able to eat more of a disappointing one. /soapbox)

    "Soak the lentils overnight, drain, bring them to a boil; throw the water away; cover with fresh water and boil until tender (note: per the package of lentils I bought, this should be about 15 minutes); drain again; press them through a colander. Add nuts, chopped or ground, the bread-crumbs and the seasoning, with sufficient milk to make it the consistency of mush. Pour into a baking-dish and bake in a moderate oven (note: this usually means about 350F, I believe) one hour. Beans or peas may be substituted for lentils."

    Side 1: Creamed Spinach
    1/2 peck spinach (I don't know how much a peck is, but I'm just going to use the entire bag of spinach I bought, which is about 6 oz all told)
    2 hard-boiled eggs
    2 slices bread (I'm using white bread I bought at the grocery store, I have no idea what kind of bread the cookbook assumes, probably sourdough of some kind)
    2 tablespoonfuls cream (I'm expecting this to be around 30g)
    2 tablespoonfuls butter (similar)
    1 teaspoonful salt
    1 saltspoonful pepper (there's that saltspoon again!)

    "Wash the spinach as directed in the preceding recipe (note: my spinach is already washed and cut, but the book does provide instructions for washing spinach that, I guess, you've just ripped straight out of the ground your own self); shake it from the last water until quite dry. Throw it into a hot kettle; add quickly a half pint of boiling water and sprinkle over the salt. Cover the kettle, push it to the back part of the stove for ten minutes; then pull it over a hotter portion of the fire where it will cook slowly twenty minutes; drain carefully, pressing out the water. Put the spinach in a chopping bowl and chop it very fine. Return it to the saucepan, add the cream, butter, salt, and pepper and stir over the fire until smoking hot. Cut the eggs into halves and then into quarters. Cut the bread into small triangles and toast them. Pack the spinach quickly into a bowl, simply to shape it. Turn it into a round dish, putting around the edge the triangles of toast, arrange the whites of the eggs in imitation of a daisy at the top, pressing the yolk side down into the spinach, and send to the table." (note: my FIL serves spinach like this, except he doesn't add the cream sauce and he subs bacon for the toast. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out!)

    Side 2: Plain Boiled Potatoes
    (note: the book doesn't actually list ingredients for this one, presumably it's just "some potatoes." I'm using Yukon Golds because that's what I have, I don't actually know if that variety or another waxy potato would have been available in 1909 in Philadelphia. The book doesn't mention waxy vs starchy potatoes, just "potatoes.")

    "Peel the potatoes, taking off a very thin peeling. Throw them into cold water for half an hour, then drop into a kettle of boiling, unsalted water; boil until you can pierce them to the centre with a fork. Drain perfectly dry; stand them in a kettle over the fire; sprinkle lightly with salt and shake until they are white and dry. Turn at once into a heated dish; send to the table uncovered." (note: I'm expecting these to be...unimpressive, to say the least. But ~authenticity~, I guess. This was a common, if unfortunate, treatment for potatoes on the early-20th-century dinner table, from what I've seen reading other old cookbooks. Maybe the spinach cream sauce will help.)

    If you want to give some hundred-year-old lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes a try, check out Mrs. Rorer's Vegetable Cookery and Meat Substitutes.
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    Good Saturday morning ladies,
    Hope everyone has a great weekend. It's house cleaning day for me.
    I did put wholewheat bread on to rise first thing, and I am going to make the healthy bagels as well today.
    Tomortow I am making chicken pot pie for dinner, I found a healthier crust using olive oil instead of shortening, so will see how that turns out.
    Hope everyone gets some time to enjoy the weekend
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    Hi, Does any one else log their food at the beginning of the day and just adjust as the day goes on? I have found this really helpful for me. I am back to work tomorrow , classes start next Monday. Teach remotely but looking forward to the new semester.I love teaching.

    I was doing this before I started back working full-time. It was daily meal planning. Others in this group do this as well. Hope the year teaching goes well.
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    Angief05 wrote: »
    I could just cry! My boss took a picture of me today as I presented a customer with a prize from Christmas draw, he posted the picture on company fb page, I look so grosse, I didn't realize I let myself get back to that size again. I am printing that picture off and putting it by my makeup mirror, if that doesn't motivate me, I don't know what will.🥲🥲🥲
    One thing that motivates me is to lose some weight before my new office opens up again. Right now we are working remotely and only a few have seen me in person (1 site visit and picking up equipment with my boss).
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    Hello! It's probably my 4th time reinstalling MFP app and I'm really wanting to stick around this time.

    I have gained about 25 pounds during covid. My life has gotten very sedentary since I was laid off in June from a job that I absolutely loved (company sold). I've taken regular afternoon naps and have binged watched alot of TV while laying and eating snacks on the couch during the 2nd half of 2020.

    I've done good this week so far by recording my food in the diary and watching my calorie intake. But I still cannot find the motivation to get my butt off the couch! I think to myself, "hey go for a walk today" but I just don't go through with it. I'm hoping to get a little nudging through here!

    Age: 39 on Friday 1/8!
    Start weight 1/1/21: 251
    Goal Weight for January: 240
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 200

    Please add me as a friend, thanks!

    I was put on furlough in May from a job I loved too. I waited it out but in late July I was laid off. I was doing okay on unemployment. It was a struggle at first but when I wasn't working I slowly started to exercise at home. I missed aquafit alot which was what I did as my base exercise. I also concentrated on eating better and what helped was healthier breakfasts since I wasn't commuting anymore. I had to meal plan so we could limit going for groceries. I lost weight last year. However I started looking for a new job. The one I found turned out to pay more, had the job title I should have had before, had great benefits and we are working remotely. Now my problem is working full-time at the computer I have a hard time getting in exercise, meal planning and cooking now but I am working on it. I gained some I lost last year. So I am too having a hard time getting motivated to get out and get that exercise in. I hope this year goes well for all of us.
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    Gosh, it isn't easy to get back into daily discipline after the holidays!! It doesn't help when we still have biscuits in the house, I haven't had any so far but I'm resorting to drinking rooibos tea, which is a herbal tea to just take the edge off.

    Here's wishing you all a healthy weekend, good luck with good choices, and let's keep moving!

    I am glad that most of the unhealthy holiday goodies are gone now. I asked my husband for dark chocolates in small pieces for our anniversary so this is all that is left. I find I don't binge on dark chocolate that isn't as sweet. I am having withdrawals now but hope to get to where I don't miss the sweets so much. I did make myself some chai tea but that is gone now. Tea seems to be the go to for avoiding snacking.
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    pamiede wrote: »
    Happy Saturday❣️

    Height: 5’4”
    SW: 4/2018 307
    CW: 175
    GW: 175

    I’m still not able to weigh on scale. My weight is based on when I left the hospital 11/7. I’m still using the skills I’ve practiced over the past two years. I’m eating more due to supporting my health but I’m trying not to overdo it.


    💚 Continue hydrating
    💚 Work on rehab exercises
    💚 Continue to improve - walk by the spring (Lord willing)

    I welcome on our newcomers. This group is AWESOME❣️ I encourage you to add everyone as friends, including me 😊

    I’m hoppy to assist anyone and provide encouragement. I plan to check in more often. I feel weird not posting my weight 🙄

    You have a lot to offer and it is generous of you to offer that now. You have inspired me a lot with your weight loss and getting fit.