Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    Hi all and happy new year! I was part of the December thread and I liked the way we supported each other through the holidays, so I'm back for 2021!

    Age: 32 Height: 5'5"
    Highest weight: 320 lbs (end of pregnancy weight, June 2020)
    01/6: 291
    1st GW: 220 lbs, so I can change blood thinning meds (had deep vein thrombosis in October).
    2nd GW: 180 lbs (weight I was at in high school).
    3rd GW: 160 lbs.

    That's a 2.8lb loss since my last weigh-in on Dec. 31! I guess shoveling snow and continuing my deep-clean of my house is the perfect way to burn off calories. I also started dancing in my living room following along to YouTube videos under the watchful eye of my 6-month-old. She finds me hilarious (especially when I jump and make the whole house shake).

    We should be going back into full lockdown with a curfew tonight. Husband is an essential services worker, so it doesn't really impact us, except for the fact that we have to wait a little while longer to see our family. And that his salary might take a dip since he'll be making less tips. But we'll manage.

    You can do it, and we are all here to help each other.
    Where do you live thst going back into full lockdoen? Please stay safe and healthy.
    You and I have close amounts to lose, so would love to be buddies. I too love dancing around our living room. lol My hubby just shakes his head and laughs at how goofy I look. I am going to start a boxing type workout on Monday, so that should be interesting.
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    Oh my goodness, ya forget to stop in and read for a couple days, and there's a ton of new posts! Welcome to all the newbies!

    My weigh in isn't for a couple days yet, but I do step on the scale most mornings as a motivator, and I am happy to say I am down a couple pounds. I am sure it was at least part water weight as I did not go easy on the salty stuff during Christmas. My daily average calories skyrocketed as well, and I am working hard this week to get that back down to the 1700 neighbourhood. I think that this has been good for me to do, as I am staying slightly below my daily calories, so I am going to try to keep carrying on that way! My daily is supposed to be about 1600 for now, and I have been working my way down to that slowly but this may jump start me to get down there a little faster. (It's hard for me to exercise much due to arthritic knees, so keeping the caloric intake down is important.)
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    Happy New Year. I have been away from MFP for a couple of years. I lost about 40 pounds the first go around. Then over time it's all creeping back. I'm making a goal this year to just get healthy. Yes I need to drop the pounds to get healthy, but I am looking at this from a total balanced prospective. Healthy choices, more active. No fad diets, they don't work.
    So I am back and giving it my best shot.
    Ultimate goal is to get under 200 lbs this year and it's doable.
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    Wednesday weigh in

    Highest weight: 435 (11/1/18)--lost 50 lbs. by the end of 2018 but got off track and gained back almost 31 lbs.
    SW: 415.8 (4/17/19)

    12/31: 175.6
    1/6: 174.4

    Jan. GW: 172
    GW: 160 (then reevaluate)

    Weekly exercise goals:
    - exercise bike 5 times per week: 5/5
    - strength training 2 times per week: 2/2
    - chair yoga 4 times per week: 4/4
    - step ups on aerobic step platform twice a day at least 3 times per week: 3/3

    Finally got back into my exercise routine a bit better. I'm still getting over whatever bug I had but the congestion is finally easing up a bit so it's easier to breathe when doing the exercise bike. My parents are still trying to get their strength back after their bouts with Covid. They are very gradually feeling better. I'm so grateful they weren't hit harder by it.

    Welcome to all the new members here and good to see all the returning ladies. Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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    @MuttiNM I'm glad you and your parents are feeling better, and awesome job hitting your exercise goals!

    Welcome to all the new folks!

    I prepped enchiladas for dinner 3 nights this week. They came out a little lower-cal than I was anticipating (about 515 calories per meal, consisting of 2 enchiladas with sauce and cheese and about half a cup of Spanish rice on the side), which is normally the opposite of a problem. Except now it's even harder to talk myself out of chips or candy when I hit that 3:30 PM slump at work, because I do actually have the calories to spare and I know it...and I don't really want to save those calories for more disappointing mochi ice cream, lol.
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    We are almost a week into the New Year. Let's do a check in:
    1) How are you feeling?
    2) Are you getting into the swing of logging in daily?
    3) Planning your meals ahead of time?
    4) Sticking to an exercise routine?
    5) Getting the accountability you desire?