Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    Angie, I took a look at your food intake and am probably no the best person to ask as not always sure my choices are balanced but I also eat rice cakes and whole wheat bread daily for starch.

    Yesterday I went way over ( Jamaican Black Cake) but today pressed reset. I think one thing I have learned form all the supportive posts here it really is a process and a journey.

    Its not not much about the falling down but the power in the getting back up

    Thank you for your response.
    I do like rice cakes and ww bread, but right now trying to cut that out as I am retaining water from bad choices over the holidays. I plan to try eat clean diet and drink lots of water and herbal teas. Once I get this bloating under control I can reintroduce a few other foods.
    I struggle with breakfasts now tho, my body has decided this past year or so that can't tolerate eggs. I used to have scrambled egg on toast every morning, not sure why now my tummy can't handle it. Today I made a smoothie and brought it to work with me. So, if anyone has breakfast suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
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    About 4, maybe 5 years ago, I was able to lose about 100 pounds and have since gained all of that weight back (even though I said I never would). I have struggled in these past few years to even get the motivation to start back up again, but finally at the beginning of December, I decided to go for it and not wait for the new year, because who knew if I would still have the motivation to start?! The holidays were tough but I made far more better choices than I expected of myself, especially just starting out! I lost 15 pounds in the first two and a hlaf weeks, however, I have kind of stalled out and not lost any weight in the last week and a half or so, so that has been kind of discouraging.



    I want to continue to workout consisitently and eventually be able to workout for longer periods, right now only doing 30 minutes of various cardio DVDs.

    I also want to work on my eating habits, which has always been incredibly difficult to me..I am a picky eater and dont really love to try new things. When I try to think of healthy food ideas my mind goes blank (what is healthy food?!) I sometimes dont eat after waking up until about 5 or 6 hours later, which I think really hinders my weight loss, so I really want to work on that as well!!

    Good Luck to all in the new year!

    Wow, congrats on original loss! I too lost 70lbs few years ago and sadly gained it back. Now I find it's a struggle to get back into it, but I know I have to.
    We can do this!!
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    Let me be honest, 2020 was rough. But my weight gain started while I was complacent and discontent with myself, then worsened into depression and the complete destruction of my confidence during the decline of my 6+ year relationship with my ex.

    I started my current fitness journey on November 12, with expectations of reaching my goal weight by 10/31/2021. What really pushed me to take it seriously is I'm 29 now, and I do not want to enter my 30's in my current state of unhappiness and unhealthiness. Also, with COVID-19 still an issue I kind of see this is as my 'last window' of opportunity to get my *kitten* straight before 'normal' life resumes and travelling/events start back up.

    11/13/2020 starting weight: 291.4 (this was technically Day 2 and my highest weight overall)
    01/03/2021 current weight: 269.6
    10/31/2021 goal weight: 199.90
    Ultimate Goal Weight? Not sure about the number, but I want my body-fat percentage to be 33% or less.
    Height: 5'9"

    Year Goals:
    - Gain back the rest of my confidence
    - Get off my high blood pressure medicine
    - Reduce overall weight significantly

    Monthly Goal:
    - I used a body weight planner to give me information about my caloric intake and physical activity to lose a certain amount by each date listed. By the end of January I should be at 266.4. But since I am ahead of 'schedule' I would like to hit an even 260 by the end of the month.

    Weekly Goals:
    - Stay under my net calories each day
    - Walk 10 miles this week
    - Drink more water (ATLEAST 64 oz a day starting today)

    I know you don't lose weight overnight, and I'm restricting myself, but not to the point that I will fall off the wagon. I'm thinking that by having all of the data that the body weight planner provides, I can see the small changes every day and will stay motivated, even if it's just .1 pounds lol. If anyone is interested I used expert mode on https://www.niddk.nih.gov/bwp for my weight loss daily data.

    Thank you so much for starting this accountability group!💛
    You certainly have determination and that will take you along your journey. I am going to check out that link. If you want you are welcome to add me as a friend.
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    Hello! I'm Diana from Indiana
    Age: 53
    Height 5'10"
    Highest Weight: 270
    Current: 253.6

    I have multiple health issues and I hope losing weight will help with some of those. Although those health issues also make losing weight difficult. My goal is to meal plan weekly, eat what I planned, and exercise as I am able. My goal weight is 175. So I would need to lose 1.5 pounds per week to meet that by next January. That seems reasonable.

    That is a very doable weekly loss. You can do it, and we are here to help encourage you. 🙂🙂
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    I just want to say I am so enjoying reading all your posts, I think this group is certainly going to help me. I hope I can help you all in motivating and cheering you on.
    Have an awesome day ladies!
  • All three of us gained a bit over the holidays. Both my boyfriend and my girlfriend want me to help them with portion control and sensible snacking so that they can lose weight.
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    Angief05 wrote: »
    Hello Ladies,
    I am new to this group.
    Angie 57 yrs old
    SW 265 lbs
    GW 165 lbs then will evaluate.
    I don't want to set monthly weight goals, as that has sabotaged me in the past.
    I did lose 70lbs back in 2017 it took me not quite a year. I worked out everyday, sometimes twice a day to the point I was obsessed with it. Well, I pushed too hard and injured my shoulder and leg. It took almost a year for my shoulder to heal, and during that time I went back to old habits and the weight started creeping back on. I gained it all back and now so angry with myself.
    I need to get healthy again, my knees ache from the weight, my calves, ankles and feet are swollen by end of the day.
    So, for January my goals are
    - drink my water( something I struggle with)
    - log all my food
    - start exercising at least 4-5days a week( slowly at first)
    - eat healthy, no more junk food
    - cut out alcohol
    If anyone wants to add me as a friend I would sure like that.
    I know I need to motivation and encouragement, and it sounds like this group will be perfect for that.
    2021 is our year!

    i will add you as a friend! 59 years old, and working towards a healthier lifestyle since I need a knee replacement. Exercise is my biggest challenge, along with being a sugar junkie!! I need all the support I can get, and will offer same.
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    Thank you for this!! I'm turning 40 the end of March and at 242 am the highest I've been, even through 3 pregnancies.

    My motivation is to not be ashamed of myself when eating in front of people. To show my daughters what healthy means. To see if my last year of laziness and low energy is from depression or not. To stray away from being pre-diabetic.

    I know I can't work a miracle by 40, but the confidence a little weight loss brings is truly amazing.

    CW: 242

    GW by March 25: 226 (5 lbs less than before the holidays)

    GW by May 1: 215

    GW by Sept 1: 199 (ONEderland! Haven't seen that in years!)

    UGW: 175
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    Happy New Year!! I am so happy to say good bye to 2020. For the past several years i have been working on my education and career as well as our busy family life. I love it all but i have let myself go physically. Time to focus more on my health. I have found accountability really works for me for motivation. I love reading everyone’s posts. You are all so inspiring!!! Praying we all have a much better 2021 and that we are able to become healthier.
    Here are my stats:
    Age: 44..but i turn 45 this month
    Height: 5'9”
    SW: 287 on 7/12/2020 BMI: 42.4
    CW: 256.2 on 1/2/2022 BMI: 37.8
    I started Mediweight loss in November at 274 pounds. BMI:40.5
    Jan progress: ( i weigh in on Tuesdays at my Mediweight loss appointments)
    1/2: 256.2
    1/5: (goal 252 as i know i have been carrying a lot of water weight this week.) weigh in on 1/5: 248.5 yay!
    1/12: (goal 244)
    1/19: (goal 240)
    1/26: (goal 235)
    GW for January: 235
    GW for February: 225
    GW for March:200
    GW for April: 190
    GW for May: 180
    GW for June: 170
    GW for July: 160
    UGW: 150 hopefully in time for my daughter’s wedding in late August!!