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    Hugs Penny! Love the beautiful photos!

    Today I organized what I am eating today. Its going to be a lovely day of feasting and writing letters, listening to music!
    -nuts and a banana with coffee
    -chopped up tomato and 1/2 an avocado, chips, vitamins
    -2 egg omelet with spinach, 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, kielbasa sausage, and any remaining tomato/ guac mixture, Naked juice
    -1/4 of an apple fritter, coffee
    Window opening at 11am to 2 pm (21/3) schedule I stick to.
    Enjoy the day all!

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Hi Gals,
    I haven’t been really good about sharing and commenting.
    I have gotten both vaccine shots and May 8th with be my 14th day past shot and I will then consider myself “fully vaccinated” And I am finding it hard to get through this next transition. The transition to masks and social distancing was hard; but living in California was helpful as I was comfortable with masks, distancing, and staying home; and most of my circle were doing the same. But in the last week, I have been “bullied” by 3 folks none of them in my close circle of friends but folks that I have not seen in a year.
    An example: My garden club is “ready” to get together again, and I am not up for bigger groups, tomorrow is a garden tour about 75 folks wandering through 5 of the members gardens – of the 5 gardens chosen are small with only one exit/entry
    I am not attending, and the coordinator realized that I was not signed up, and decided it was appropriate to text me all the reasons I was being ridiculous. I can stand up for myself, but why can’t the statement, “I am not comfortable in doing this, so I will not be attending” just be enough….
    Yet there are things I am ready to do; my best girl friend and I decided to do a short vacation and spilt the costs as our Christmas gifts to each other. So last week that is what we did, we went to Aptos (a costal town just south of Santa Cruz) stayed 2 nights in an Airbnb and walked miles on the beaches, ate great food – all sea food and wine! Fish tacos, calamari, shrimp stuffed artichokes, grilled albacore sandwiches!!!! And took a boat tour of the Elk Horn Slough which has 4% of the world population of endangered southern sea otters – so darn cute and it is the time of year that the otters and seals have babies and we saw dozens of babies of each type
    Welcome to the newbies, best wishes to all! Sorry for such a long post.
    Smiles, Kim in Northern California

    Just point them to what's going on in India right now ... see snippet of article in spoiler ...

    "Human behavior is probably more to blame for the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic than the new mutants arising around the country. But the combination of these two is proving catastrophic.

    Every day for a whole week, India has reported an average of 340,000 new coronavirus cases; on Wednesday deaths exceeded 3,300. Many experts suspect that numbers could be even higher. The country now accounts for one in every three infections reported worldwide daily.

    “The major factor in the spread of the virus is the behavior of the people. Spread of the virus is largely because of us not taking care of each other. Variants are just taking advantage of our carelessness,” says Rakesh Mishra, director of the Indian Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

    This surge of COVID-19 cases comes three months after the Indian health minister announced "India has successfully contained the pandemic."" ...

    And more.

    Machka in Oz

    I'm sorry you were ridiculed, Kim. Our state just locked down to Extreme again because of the rise in cases/hospitalizations. Yesterday, I believe, we had the largest percentage gain of any state in the U.S. When people complain, I feel like just responding. "India."

    To be fair, it is possible not everyone knows what's happening. Fox news online has yet to say one word about what is happening in India. I don't watch their broadcast, but I presume it is the same.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    Barbie: Happy May 1st! Thank you for the new month. :heart:

    Penny: You live an adventurous life. I hope your new situation brings you good times and happiness. :star:

    Kim: You are doing what is right for you. I hope all goes well. Congrats on the air bnb getaway with your friend. :flowerforyou:

    Our niece is getting married in June and our daughter will be coming for the wedding. I am looking forward to our daughter’s visit and also for the wedding. Our niece deserves happiness. :heart:

    We are also looking forward to a family visit with the grandchildren. I can hardly wait to see them. Their other grandparents are bringing them our way, travelling by RV from Illinois. They will also be here in June. It looks like a busy month. :bigsmile:

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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Machka in the US this is a political issue not a health issue, I know that and I just don't want to believe it... I want it to be a health issue and to be treated like a health issue.... I am living in denial about this and that's really my problem. I know that when folks say these things they don't mean your health and the health of your loved ones is of no value - but it is what I tend to hear. What they are really saying is your politics are wrong and I will shame you because of that.

    sorry for my ongoing rant.
    Kim in N. California

    That’s how it has become in Canada too. One of my coworkers, a RN and educator for our home, took her three young daughters to a park on Good Friday. When they parked she noticed there were other children playing so she had her girls wear masks. Her and her husband sat on a bench to watch the girls play. They were only there for about 5 minutes when the mothers of the other children started laughing and pointing at her, saying “doesn’t she know we’re outside”, “why make her children wear masks”, she’s being ridiculous. Her husband told her to ignore them, but she couldn’t. She told her husband she wanted to go tell them how it feels to assist putting 29 souls in body bags in an 8 week span. He took her to the car and went back and got the kids.

    She said it ruined the whole day.

    This is really unfortunate. I don't wear a mask outdoors, but I don't ridicule people if they choose to. When I watch baseball games on TV, some of the fans are wearing them and some are not. I remember being in Hong Kong several years ago and seeing so many people wearing masks. It was part of their culture. I thought if we didn't, they may start giving us grief, but no one cared. They did their thing, we did ours.

    Tina in CA
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    Kim. - People can be poops, can’t they? Just remember all of us MFP gals are your pocket angels.

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    Afteenoon Ladies
    Brought Dan back and forth to work and took Alfie to visit Tom and Elena..
    Tom out mowing the lawn..stopped to visit and on the way out he said we really need to talk about what his retirement and how we are going to work it out..
    I told him right now I am living on the alimony and it could be quite awhile before I hear from disability..
    He said he has to retire before he turns 70 which is a year from August..
    He like i said wants us both to live comfortably, but he is raking in the dough now. He did have to use some of his 401k to buy me out and had to refinance the house has to keep an insurance policy on himself in case something happens.
    But when he retires he will have a 1/4 of the income..
    I told him he could buy me out 109,200 but he said he doesn't have that..so somehow we have to come to a happy medium..
    I told him we need to get together and hash this out..
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    sh0tzz99 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    Lagopus wrote: »
    Thanks for the new month, Barbie!

    Rebecca - I'm sorry for all you've been through recently. :s Many of you have shared similar trials and tribulations. I've never had a colonoscopy because they're not clinical routine in Scandinavia. Cancer screening is done on fecal samples. It's only if something suspicious turns up that patients have to go through the full colonoscopy. :sweat_smile:

    /Penny, feeling a bit nostalgic near the

    It's the same here too.

    Nice photos!

    In the U.S., it's recommended we get a colon cancer screening at 50 and regularly after that. I refused a colonoscopy and did Cologuard instead. I highly recommend that route. Non invasive, very accurate, and no prep.

    Tina in CA

    I have Kaiser and my doctor just has me do the FIT test at home every year- have never had a colonoscopy and just turned 59. I am fine doing the test every year, if something shows, then I will go in, until then, I will do my in home test.

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    Machka: I like action for happiness: Happier-Kinder-Together. :star:

    Barbie: When I was little I had a Godmother who would supposedly take me in if needed. She was my mom’s best friend. Luckily, it never came to the test. :heart:

    Pip: “Yo” back-at-ya! :bigsmile:

    Kim: Lovely trip, and I’m glad you were able to enjoy it. :heart:

    Where I live, Covid is a public health issue. Our county seems to have fewer cases than any nearby cities. Those who have caught it here were often people who worked in Portland or Beaverton. Both cities have much higher populations and likely a higher risk level, in my opinion.

    People here wear masks in grocery stores. They also tend to maintain social distances in public places. If DH and I go walking with our dog, we take masks with us and use them if there are others nearby. :star:

    Katla in NW OR
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    KATLA- u r my gurl!
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    Stats for the day-

    Zwift bike trainer-26.21min, 18.3amph, 213elev, 135ahr, 162mhr, 8.04mi= 279c
    Strava app = 164c
    Walk w/family- 2hrs 4min 9sec, 135elev, 3.39ap, 100ahr, 160mhr, 7.03mi= 727c
    Strava app = 851c

    Total cal 1006 there may b more
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    Wonderful family picture. In all the photos of Nellie, I would say that she is certainly Bea's best friend.


    Congrats on your weight loss. That was awesome!


    I am glad your parents made it out of the crash without bad injuries and know they hate it about the car. You are a great daughter for all the care you give to them.


    Thanks to all of you who share the places you live through photos! They are all so nice to see.

    Today was a beautiful Spring day in Georgia,
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    Okie- yes divorce is a legal binding document
    And I totally understand what your saying..
    I just dont want to lose what i have left to an attorney .he already has lawyered up he told me this months ago..
    And as you heard my attorneys daughter is in the childrens hospital and cant move her legs..
    I told him he could buy me out.but says he cant.. we shall see ,but i will not get raked over the coals for sure..
    I did that once ,I wont do it again.
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    Allie— I agree with Okie. Tom needs to maintain his alimony. He is, as always, thinking of himself above his legal obligations. You may need legal help to get your alimony.
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    edited May 2021
    started my day at Kaiser for blood work- Got there, they were on number 12 and my number was 49! I got there 30 min after they opened- I guess everyone else got there when it opened. Got done in an hour. Drove by two garage sales- no parking so kept driving.
    Husband is in Turlock - at Ohana Con with a coworker for the day. Nice to have the day here at home to do what I want.
    Son is home and used the big electric(batter) pole saw and cut a ton of juniper that is growing over from the neighbors- It will take a while to get it chopped up and put in the bins but he did the work I couldn't do. He is a little obsessive on how it looks- has to be cut evenly as possible. It is over my garden so needed as much cut as possible so the cucumbers and tomatoes can get more sunlight. I will get the ground in the raised beds(for the cucumbers and tomatoes) and all the big pots all ready to plant. I am hoping the plants in the greenhouse at mom's will be ready for me to bring home- If they aren't I will set up a little green house here at the house so I have them when they are ready to plant. I won't be going back up until 5/30 and that is for the service for my dad. I will only be going up for the day I think. I may spend that night there to visit with my older sister, depends on how many people are there staying the night.(if there is room for me) Hoping my sister and nephew get their shots before they come but kind of doubt they will- they are against them.
    I havent seen that sister in 10/2017 when we did a trip to Colorado Springs and drove three hours to have lunch with her. It meant so much to her that we would drive that far to see her. My younger sister wouldn't drive across the street to see her :( Hoping for no drama at the service- I am in charge of keeping the peace between them and also between younger sister and her older son- Mom doesn't need the stress. I will just wait and see how things go- I will have stuff to spend the night in my trunk but if I don't feel like staying, I will drive home- It is Memorial day weekend so I am off the next day.

    Need to take son over to pick up his girlfriends car from the shop- she had to go to work so he is picking it up for her.

    First of the month- time to get back on track- start tracking my food again. Not sure how to track the stroganoff I made(used ground turkey and it was SO good) and more mushrooms than meat
    edit- found it listed on here- I had never tried or even heard of using ground turkey but I guess others do and I sure will be doing it again.

    Have an amazing Saturday.

    Napa Valley CA
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    (((Kim))): I am sorry you are frustrated and unhappy with the way Covid vaccinations have been handled. Every state determines how to handle things within their jurisdiction. Oregon is included and set up an age-related /job-reated list for getting people vaccinated. Medical personnel and educators were early on the list. Older people were vaccinated before middle aged people. We were past 70, so we were able to get our vaccinations after the service professionals. Now Oregon is letting 50 and younger get vaccinated. The people who operate our gift-store/ice-cream store are 50 and have just gotten their opportunity to be vaccinated. I hope you are able to get what you need soon. Don’t give up. :heart:

    Katla in NW Oregon