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    Bank Holiday here. Predicted to be wet, though it's dry at the moment. I woke up at 4.30, but it was a better night than the one before.
    I'm struggling with the return to 'normal' life. The lockdown was perfect for me. No feelings that I 'should' be doing things, going out, seeing people. The only thing we've done is sat down in a café in the park for a cup of tea.
    It's probably because I haven't done any writing for a week, but I've definitely got my FOMO back. Although we usually hide during BHs anyway. The weather will help.
    I'm just annoyed with myself for not being more proactive and putting things off.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Debbie- what a wonderful video..
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    Debbie. That video. Ingenious, inventive, inspiring! Thank you for posting it for us to view.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Typical Bank Holiday weather here, rain forecast all day. Going to sons house later, meet up with DGD whom we haven’t seen for over a year. Should be in garden but will be in the conservatory with doors open, they open up along one side. We’ve all had our jabs except DGD and I’m really at the stage where I’m past caring.
    Thanks BARBIE for new thread.
    ALLIE good for you stick to your guns
    DEBBIE loved the video

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Allie: - I agree with the others. Tom doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

    Winter has returned!!! Heavy rain and high winds set for the day. Typical Bank Holiday Monday weather. I see Leslie Sansone in my near future. 🚶‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
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    Debbie: Great video
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    Debbie - Just watched the video. What lovely parents. I'm so sorry about your dad.
    Love to you. <3<3<3

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: BP, dogs to powerline, in-person church
    Bonus: 14 mins wii balance games, 10 mins vacuuming DR, 5 mins emptying wastebaskets, prepped and ate the last of the freezer purge tofu.
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, USE those torture bands/do that BB&B video, call Thrivent with numbers, budget meeting notes, board meeting minutes, call D re: sticky keyboard, Norton and windows updates, watch for refund from Interpath for Joe’s labs paid on Feb statement call S, fire district: ongoing: input 2019 call sheets into NFIRS, work with chief on equipment letter, substance abuse policy, NFIRS mutual aid and other missing details, call Credit union re: credit card, ask for boots donator contact info, appreciation letter or certificate to boots donator, index mutual aid files; watch STAS Day 20, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (Do Your Thing, Pure Movies to Wine, Beer, Whiskey, I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One Margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant the last of the naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. Reconcile Joe’s EOB’s Thrivent shows only 2263.48 so far, next BGBS ask Terry about GB’s FD firetruck tax levy – contacts, media, advocate???, Reward: inventory seeds, plan this spring’s garden, wishlist replenishments (Milena F1 orange peppers).
    Meaningful May:
    2: Do something kind for someone you really care about: Gave L the gift of listening, even though we got off on the wrong foot.
    3: Focus on what you CAN do, rather than on what you can’t. Boy I needed this reminder!

    Scale surprise, down to 139.1 lowest in a loooong time. Won’t update ticker ‘til end of month but an encouraging start.

    Heather :love: the pic of Max and Edie, but how did they get up there? Good point to Allie, let the lawyers do the talking.
    Lisa What you said to Allie was spot on. Doing my happy dance to hear you feeling so much better and getting out to the farmers’ market, community center, and back to grant research. Bravissima!
    Ginny “… I don’t bully people in stores who aren't wearing masks-I just go to a different aisle” yes!
    Allie “He did the cheating, he can do the paying.” Atta gal! Couragia! Sending good thoughts for tomorrow’s blood work.
    Kylia if you ever want to get rid of that wii, I’d be willing to buy it for a spare…
    Barbie forgiveness vs pardoning – true words.
    Machka like Kylia said I appreciate your and Penny’s and Heather’s and pip’s and everyone’s pics. I used to travel, haven’t since marrying Joe. The pics fill that need. Thank you all!
    Katla running the letter past Allie’s attorney=good catch!
    Annie attagal for biking and waking up those quads.
    Tracey your motivational meme made me snort my water! :laugh:
    Debbie thank you so much for sharing your parent’s video. What a tribute to their self-reliance and happiness. “Healdsburg, “Geyserville,” “Mendocino” and “Goat Rock” make me homesick for the N. Calif of 50 years ago.. I lived in Ukiah from 1959-1968, went to Campfire Girl camp in Mendocino Woodlands, played on the beach near Goat Rock when I lived on E. Austin Creek Rd near Cazadero in 1972. Was so incredibly lucky to be in those places, then.
    Michele another good point about custody of and plans to care for Alfie (and Homer.) One of the many things I love about the gals on this thread is how we really care about each other and bring all our different perspectives, skills and ideas to bear on issues as they come up.

    Over 2K short of new step goal, this is gonna take some effort.

    Lighter, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    May: leaner/stronger/kinder than April.
    daily: sit with Joe:2 , weigh/wii: 2/1/14; steps>6362=4198 vits=2, log=2, CI<CO=2, CI<250<CO=2, Tumble=2, Shadow=2, mfp=2, outside=2, up hill=2, clean 10=2.
    wkly: BB&B,T’ai Chi or SWSY x3= rX x4=1 dance=, packwalk x2=1,
    wt=1/31:141.3 2/28:142.4 3/31:145.3 4/30: 141.5 5/2:, 5/9:, 5/16:, 5/23:, 5/30:.
    mnthly: board mtg=, grant=, 21 plan=, waist=42.5
    bonus: AF=2 play=1 sew=
    2021: choose to be leaner/stronger/kinder NOW
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    Debbie- Love, love , LOVE your parent's farm video! So wise and truly "good people"! Hugs to you!
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    Morning ladies,
    Got up and hopped in the shower and went for bloodwork. I have more blood work to be done but couldnt do one in each arm In one day..so will go tomorrow when i take Dan for his second vaccine.
    Both the pups are snoozing and will go get Dan to get him to work for 11.
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    Karen -

    "Do you like puns?" "Not nece-celery."

    Sooooo meta.

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    Karen: I love these: Romaine calm, Dill with it, Celery-brate, sage advice, spudmuffin, and Turn back thyme. :bigsmile:

    Lisa: “Do you like puns? “not nece-celery.” :devil::

    I’m up early and waiting for the coffee to finish dripping.

    Katla in NW Oregon

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    I need some peas and quiet