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    June is shaping up to be a busy month

    • Pilates - about once a week.
    • Audax meetings - that's the long distance cycling club I'm a part of.
    • Designing another 50 km route for Audax. This one needs to be in southern Tasmania which is challenging.
    • Cycle a 50 km route. Plus shorter rides.
    • Run at least one 5 km distance.
    • Plant bulbs. I've got to get these things in or it will be spring with no flowers!
    • All-day work meeting tomorrow. :neutral:
    • A week off next week - some rest time, I hope! And cycling. I booked this week off to ward off the darkness. :)
    • Back to school! I'm taking a 5 week course called 'Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)' . It's all online and work-at-our-own-pace with no formal assignments, exams, etc.
    • Bees! My husband and I are booked for a course to build a Warre Hive at the end of June.
    • Plus, of course, my 2021 To Do List: getting organise, simplifying, etc. I've got 4 projects on the go right now and I "switch-task" between them.

    That's all in addition to work and caring for my husband. :)

    EDIT: Also ... the stair climbing challenge at work is to reach the height of Mount Ossa, the tallest mountain in Tasmania (1617 metres = 450 floors * 20 stairs/floor).

    • Attended regular Pilates classes.
    • Ran Audax Tasmania AGM. Attended Audax National Committee meeting. Working on setting up a Planning Meeting.
    • Cycled a 50 km route.
    • Ran/walked 5 km once and nearly 6 km another time.
    • Planted bulbs. Ran out. But then found and planted some more!
    • Attended the all day meeting at work.
    • Finished week off ... could go for another week off, as always.
    • Started short course about TBI.
    • Attended course on building a bee hive.
    • Attended a meeting with regard to my husband.
    • Climbing stairs toward the elevation of Mount Ossa (450 flights of 20 stairs) ... almost there!

      :):relaxed::grin::smile: :smiley::relieved::sweat_smile::sunglasses::tongue: :yum:

      I still need to design another 50 km route for Audax. This one needs to be in southern Tasmania which is challenging so I've been kind of putting it off.

      I'll talk about July in the new July thread.

      Machka in Oz
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    Did a body pump DVD today. I count the donation money at the church today so don’t think I’ll have time for a walk unless it’s after I get back. It’s cloudy right now so if it stays cloudy I won’t be going in the pool so I’ll go for a walk. It is humid (for NC). My glasses fog up when I get out of the car. The plan for tomorrow is to do a workout on the bosu

    Anne DE – We got water in our basement once, too. It was a pain in the ***. Glad to hear you got yours under control

    Allie – happy birthday

    Made chocolate bran muffins, then counted the money at the church, went to WalMart since it was on my way, went for my walk. Guess what I saw in the road? You have never seen me run so fast. A snake!!! I DO NOT like snakes one tiny bit. Humid (for NC) so I’m sweating a bit, cooling down now.

    Candy – you know what they say “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan”

    Allie – as they say “you’ve come a long way baby”

    I’m a bit sad right now because I’m not enjoying my job much. But then again, I’m too stubborn to just quit.

    Had dinner, went for my evening leisurely walk, then played mahjongg online out by the pool while I had my feet in the pool. It’s getting pretty warm.

    Michele NC
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    :) It is cooler here today and only got up to about 85. I walked early (5:30-7:00 ) with my friend and the dogs, then worked in the yard with Jake until 8:00. I was shocked at 5:30 PM that the temp was 72 so I took Sasha out for another longish walk and we both enjoyed the cool.

    :'( Leaving a marriage that isn't working is a difficult decision and I applaud all the wise words that have been spoken here.

    <3Rita, Deciding to stop drinking will be good for you but may have no effect at all on your husband but will certainly help you make a decision.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
  • Debbie I picked up some Melatonin at the local Walmart to try for now and will see how that works. I'm saving the link for the one you suggested though if this doesn't work.

    Katla I do ok during the day but at night is when it really bothers me, I have one of those bed fans and it helps but of course when the hot flash subsides, I get cold. It's a never ending battle, lol.

    And I need help with the initials....what does DH and BH mean.....Dear Husband and *kitten* Husband??
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    Just keep trying — I never tried melatonin. I waved goodbye at “the change” a long while ago and life after the change is very nice.
    DH= dear husband, darned husband
    or worse depending on his behavior. Kitten substitutes for bad words. 😘
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    Debbie I picked up some Melatonin at the local Walmart to try for now and will see how that works. I'm saving the link for the one you suggested though if this doesn't work.

    Katla I do ok during the day but at night is when it really bothers me, I have one of those bed fans and it helps but of course when the hot flash subsides, I get cold. It's a never ending battle, lol.

    And I need help with the initials....what does DH and BH mean.....Dear Husband and *kitten* Husband??

    for me, melatonin works BUT tends to leave me groggy the next day if I don't get plenty of sleep. The other stuff doesn't do that and works faster. They are quick dissolve so i keep my bottle on the head board so I can just grab them and not have to get up to take them

    For me- DH once in a while it is dear husband, more often it is damn husband ;)

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    For sleep I use ...

    Exercise - it tires me out, especially exercise that has got my heart rate up for a good half hour or more.
    An antihistamine allergy med - most of them make me a bit sleepy
    Valerian - I used to use this one every night but now I go on it for a little while then off for a while depending on how well I'm sleeping. I've been sleeping well for a couple months now because I'm just generally exhausted so I haven't been using it.

    Occasionally I'll use Gravol (Dimenhydrinate) but I use it sparingly because it's hard to get here and I just have a bit I brought back from Canada years ago.

    Also, my husband and I have split our King-sized bed into twins and have arranged the room so that our heads are at opposite corners. I use an eye mask to block out light and we both use ear plugs.

    For hot flashes I use ...

    Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake inhibitor (SNRI)
    Remifemin: https://www.drugs.com/drp/remifemin-menopause-tablets.html
    Evening Primrose Oil
    Ginger tablets for the nausea
    Panadol for the pain that goes along with each hot flash

    Plus a desk fan, running my hands under cold water, getting up and walking around when a hot flash starts (that sometimes wards off the pain), keeping the temp about 17-18C, and wearing tank tops even in winter.

    Machka in Oz
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    Busy day. Last frantic day of packing. Husband no help because of a leadership group meeting with 14 items on the agenda (vs normal 4). Yesterday his director blithely dumped a dignitary from the Ministry of Climate and Environment in his lap and told him to entertain her all afternoon. GRRRRRR!!!!
    Candy wrote:
    Thinking I need to find some non prescription, non-habit forming sleeping pills to help me sleep through the hot flashes and my husbands snoring. Anyone have anything to recommend?
    Candy in Louisiana

    As you can tell from my story, I usually have to deal with a snoring husband.
    Lagopus wrote: »
    Two 15-year-old girls who won a competition for "research talents" [...] were among the people who spent two nights sleeping in tents in polar bear territory. More correctly, they spent two nights NOT sleeping, listening anxiously for strange noises [...] terrified by the polar bear they heard approaching, snorting as it came. :laugh:

    It was my husband snoring a couple tents over.

    /Penny, still at the

    I've found that simple foam earplugs work very well! It's important to find the right size, though. Even if the bigger ones are easy enough to put in place, an entire night with oversized earplugs makes my ear ache.

    /Penny, back to packing at the
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    Karen - sending love and hugs. <3<3<3 Email or PM me if you want to chat. :)

    Cleaning with DH after lunch. Just an hour each. I'm going to do the bottom floor, he can do the midde and stairs. We will leave the top until next time as it will be before his sister and her boyfriend arrive, so will need a good clean then. Last time he made a magnificent job of the kitchen, but I've already told him I can't compare! :p

    Zoom with my girlfriends later.

    Love Heather UK
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    Morning ladies
    Well Alfie woke me up for breakfast so i fed him and hit the bathroom and am back in bed.. was awake 4-5 hours this morning...another scorcher today.. we are supposed to go out later for early dinner but its at an outside place and its still going to be in. The 90s and could have thunderstorms, but i guess they bavw a plan b.
    Tracy is 12 weeks along now so she has let the cat out of the bag so to speak.. so dont have to keep it a secret anymore.
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    ALLIE ~ Happiest of Birthdays to You!
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    Hello, all,

    Karen - ditto Heather's message, right down to the e-mail/PM if you need a place to blow off some steam.

    Allie - I love you, darlin', but I think your family treats you like a doormat. Don't you think it's time to start taking care of Allie first? People who don't appreciate who you are and what you do for them don't deserve your time. I could go on from there, but you know when you're being treated like ca-ca. The only one who can stop that from happening is you. On another note, I'm so pleased your daughter-in-law has made it to the 12th week.

    Quilt circle yesterday, and they really appreciated the lemon bars. Both my best friend and my husband are pleased I'm going, which tells me I was getting a little too hermit-like before.

    Have finally quilted all the outer rails for the quilt, and will get some sashing done today. Would love to get this completed this week and stop thinking about it! Quilts are such a process that, by the time I'm done with them, I am heartily sick of them.

    Later, y'all,
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    Aww thanks Lisa... its my daughter thats pregnant.. and yes i pray everyday that she and the baby are safe throughout the pregnancy...
    Your right about my brother and SIL will distance myself from them and hope they get there stuff together..
    Ive recieved alot of nice birthday cards...
  • Tried the melatonin for the first time last night, it had me drowsy as promised within 30 min of taking it and I fell asleep easy enough....woke up at 1:30am and had to pee so got up and took care of business. The dog heard me get up and decided he was thirsty so let him go get a drink then climbed back in bed to toss and turn the rest of the night. I must have ended up with enough sleep though because I feel fine this morning (fell asleep about 9pm and up at 5:30am).
    Got on the scale and weighed a pound more than I did yesterday, Grrrrr. But will wait to see what it says Saturday morning before logging it as I know it fluctuates from day to day.

    The high today is only 88 but they are calling for rain again which makes it even more humid. Depending on weather this evening will either go to the gym or walk the dogs then ride my bike around our neighborhood again.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Hump day and thanks for all the advice so far, you are greatly appreciated!

    Candy in BR, LA