Women 200lb+, Let's Get The Job Done This June!!!



  • jazzadesigns
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    @uyister I’ve been doing some dance workouts on youtube and lifting dumbbells. I just haven’t been as consistent as I’d like.

    Welcome to all the new people! 🙂
  • MaryRose1180
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    @MaryRose1180 Welcome! Just like it says in the OP, you can jump in any time and if you think you belong here, you do! I love this group, it's a good combo of regular updates and just good conversations throughout the month. You don't have to post your full stats block if you aren't ready to share, it's enough that you're here, but we'd all love to cheer you on!

    I love seeing all the new faces every month, I hope to continue seeing you all going forward.

    I have to admit I didn't read carefully, but you're right, it is a very welcoming post! Thank you!
  • girlinkaz
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    Welcome to everyone who is new! I’ve only been here for four months, but I have to say that this is one of the most inspiring, encouraging, uplifting groups of strangers that I have found anywhere on the internet! So glad to see all the new faces and best of luck on all of your journeys!