Women 200lb+, Let's Get The Job Done This June!!!



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    @kaybee1188 and @jslehmer Welcome! This is a great group to be in!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Great NSV! Way to go!

    I just did my morning dance workout and feel really good! 🙂
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    azalea4175 wrote: »
    Still no scale activity. We've had some very bad personal family news (my SIL) and it's been a tough couple weeks. I am wearing yet another pair of capris from last year I couldn't wear and they are LOOSE. So even though the scale isn't moving my body composition has changed, so I need to do measurements again. I am continuing to track my food every day (every bite!) but admit the past couple weeks I've allowed ice cream to creep into my diet instead of veggies on a couple occasions. Something about summer and ice cream.

    what do you do when summer ice cream cravings hit??

    Great job! NSV are awesome, the body speaks more than the scale. I think clothes are the best tellers. :D

    I feel you on the ice cream.. I've been getting Chloe's pops from Costco (60 cals a bar). But if I really want something creamy I will splurge and get a medium vanilla cone from DQ and log it (330 cals). As long as I stay within my limit I'm ok.

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    azalea4175 wrote: »

    what do you do when summer ice cream cravings hit??

    Drumstick brand makes "mini drums". They are 80 calories each and about three bites, and ideal for "I want ice cream in a cone" without blowing the calorie budget. They suggest four as a sensible portion, but one after a meal honestly works really well for me.
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    Age 43
    Height 5’4”
    Starting weight 282 (09/20)
    Current weight 274 (06/21)
    GW 168

    I’ll weight in and report on Friday’s

    Focusing on NWV at moment as my weight loss plateaued a bit - so ensuring I’m drinking 8 cups of water and want to complete three lots of 30 mins strength exercises this week.

    So nice to meet you all and hear it as it is in the world of changing habits around food and exercise.
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    @JNettie73 Thank you! Congrats on meeting your monthly goal! 🎉👏🏻👏🏻