Women 200lb+, Let's Get The Job Done This June!!!



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    I'm cheering us all on! We can do this!
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    This week saw a whoosh which was a welcome surprise after staying the same last week. I've been doing my usual walk of 3 miles per day but I didn't add in any other exercise this week. I've been drinking at least 2 litres of water daily and trying to eat all of my calories.
    My plan for next week is to try and do 50 squats per day and stick with my walking. The schools finish here next week so I won't be able to get my normal walks in every day but I'll still try and get a walk of some kind as well as using my exercise bike and I'll be doing work in the garden so hopefully that will help to burn the calories.
    Not long now till the end of the month and I hope you all reach those goals you set yourselves, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can hit mine.

    SW 8/03/21- 220lbs
    Cw 1/06/21- 196.2
    5/06/21- 196.2
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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.

    Starting weight: 257.8 lbs Jan 14, 2021

    June Start Weight: 228.0
    June Goal Weight: 224.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    June 1: 228.0
    June 5: 226.3 (-1.7)
    June 12: 229.3 (+3.0)
    June 19: 227.1 (-2.2)
    June 26:
    June 30:

    Heading back in the right direction! I guess I didn’t realize going off the rails for my birthday week would take 2 or 3 weeks to get back to where I was before. Ugh! This week I bought a kettlebell and a weighted medicine ball so I need to find some exercise routines to do with them. And I met my step goal 5 days (goal is 4). It sounds like everyone else had a good week! We can do this! 👍💪🔥
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    @goal06082021 Wow that’s a lot of food!!!! I hear you about the internet recipes. Last weekend I made protein waffles and they were horrid. And the recipe only made not even 2 full waffles. Also the serving size was only half a waffle! All the reviews raved about them though. I’ll never try those again. 🤣
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    edited June 2021
    I basically do check ins when I have made progress.

    68 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1/2020: 263.6
    10/19/2020: 245.4
    1/1: 251.2 gained after going back to work and being more sedentary
    2/3: 250.4
    2/6: 256.6 adjusted according to my new scale.
    2/7: 255 -1.6 lbs lost of extra new scale weight
    2/27: 254.8 -.2 but I went up to 257 so this is a loss of 2.2 lbs
    2/28: 253.4
    April low: 255.2
    May 1: 257.8
    May 20: 255.6
    Jun 5: 258.2
    Jun 6: 256.8
    CW: 255 (Jun 19)

    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    May Goal weight: Under 250.

    Weight loss Goals:
    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    May Goal weight: Under 250.

    Get 8+ glasses of water, log in calories daily, get enough sleep and stay under my calorie goal. I have worked on this. I got almost 10 8 oz glasses yesterday and 8 and 9 other days this week.
    Up N.E.A.T. (steps,stairs, cleaning, gardening, and cooking) Some improvement here. We did alot of cleaning the last 2 weekends
    Get regular exercise:
    1-2 strength training a week (1 with weights and later add back in 1 with resistance bands after a week or 2 if
    my elbow doesn’t start hurting again)I have been getting in my weight training each week
    5 days of walking I am getting more days of walking but not quite 5 but the days I don't walk are pretty active.
    Meal plan and make healthy meals at home. Limit take out to once a week (not junk food). Better but with my son in town it hasn't been perfect.
    Take another step towards lowering sugar intake.
    Wait to have breakfast until I feel hungry while I am working remotely. Yes I have done well with this.
    Up my vegetables and make sure I have fruit daily I eat vegetables but could eat more and I have done better but have more to go.

    My son has been in town but is staying with his wife's family. We have been busier so I haven't checked here as often but really worked hard this week and lost some weight today. Tonight we celebrate Father's Day a day early and early next week I will meet my son for a walk in the afternoon. Then I hope to get back to meal planning better. Today I will shop for Father's Day tomorrow with my youngest. I am hoping to be able to check in more here after this weekend. My mind has been on going back to the office. That is what they are saying but for me it isn't back. I started when all on my team were working remotely so this is almost like starting a new job in some ways but it will be a slow transition through the summer starting with 1 day a week until we are full-time in the office this fall assuming all our COVID 19 metrics keep looking good. King County is doing great with vaccinations and our COVID 19 cases are going down. However the Delta variant is on the rise here so I worry for those unvaccinated. We got our hair cut recently. We don't go out to restaurants except when we were on our weekend trip and a few small special occasions with our son here like tonight. We will finally have a family gathering on the 4th at my brother's who has a nice back yard for eating and visiting and a big house. All but a few kids are vaccinated and rates are low.
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    Couldn't read all the posts I missed but read the last 2 pages.
    @sandielewis2 Congrats on 50 lbs lost!

    @girlinkaz scale and NSVs yay!

    @CariTJR since I have missed some posts I am glad to hear you have found place to move to. Not surprised you are losing during this process.

    @tuddy315 I will have to get a new knee eventually too. Best at getting under 200 by surgery.

    @goal06082021 I had to look up Pelmeni. Hope the cooking goes well.
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    So after my gain and looking towards a more typical week I decided to set a couple goals.
    Work out 3x at the gym (that requires two early mornings
    Drink at least 2 full water bottles a day ~100oz
    Make smoothies at least 3 days

    On the upside hiking in the heat I did pretty well, I have learned wearing spandex stops a lot of chafing
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    Nessas_Mom wrote: »
    I am starting again, I weigh myself twice a month
    June 11 265
    June 17 -TBD
    Age 51
    Height 5'5

    I started this journey and went the wrong way, I find myself giving up... this time Im hopefully going to get to my first goal weight (only small bits at a time) 230 lbs

    You've got this!!!