August 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    So sorry that you ended up with Covid : - (
    Were you vaccinated?
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    Hi all
    I am Dawn, 60, 5'2"
    I gained a bit of weight in both June and July, so my aim is to get that off and beyond.
    Before that I averaged a 1 pound weight loss each month throughout this journey.
    MFP start weight October 2018: 191
    UGW 112-ish

    Best of luck to everyone, and big thanks to @nikkit321 for providing this space to us and keeping us going.

    Sunday 8/01 - 132.9
    8/02 - 133.3
    8/03 - 133.3
    8/04 - 132.9 - Back to this month's start weight, now to hit last month's start weight of 131.8
    8/05 - 132.8
    8/06 - 134.2 - Up at 4am drinking water after going to sleep at 1am. Posting my weight anyway, tomorrow I hope will look better.
    8/07 - 134.3 - Lots of activity yesterday, maybe it will look favourable on the scale in a few days.
    8/08 - 136.0 - Wow, it took me 7 days to put back on what took 7 months to lose. Cruel. Hopeful that going back to day shifts this coming week will help.
    8/09 - 135.5 - Got to get this off
    8/10 - 132.6 - ?? - I'll take it.
    8/11 - 131.7 - I have still been eating late, because of added evening shifts into the mix. Today I finish at 3 and then get days off : - ) My huge activity day is now showing on the scale. Feeling relieved but will try not to get too comfortable lol. Planning some indulgences on my days off.
    8/12 - 132.9 - Back to my start weight. I am okay with that.
    8/13 - 134.0 - Kind of expected, I had a couple of indulgent days. I did not exceed my calorie goal, but the choices were not the healthiest
    8/14 - 134.7 - Up almost 2 pounds from this month's start weight. Up down and all around, that is apparently how I roll.
    8/15 - 135.9 - 7 days after my last big spike. Thinking that this is only temporary.
    8/16 -
    8/17 -
    8/18 -
    8/19 -
    8/20 -
    8/21 -
    8/22 -
    8/23 -
    8/24 -
    8/25 -
    8/26 -
    8/27 -
    8/28 -
    8/29 -
    8/30 -
    8/31 -
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    @txcatmom3 - Thinking of you and hoping that you bounce back from Covid19 and that the rest of your family stays healthy as well!
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    @txcatmom3 Hoping you will be okay during your illness. Sorry to hear you were exposed.
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    Nikki - 52, 5'5.5"
    UGW 140
    August goal - for the high spikes and the low drops to both get lower

    8/1 - 189.0
    8/2 - 192.0 yikes! ugly sodium weight and a weekend of looser choices. Planning a run today.
    8/3 - 189.6 workout tonight (actually 3.5 mile walk w/ the dogs)
    8/4 - 186.8 dropping the water finally. Walking with a friend tonight.
    8/5 - 185.8 1lb to go to get back to my 7/1 weight. Workout tonight.
    8/6 - 186.0 I'm determined to make good choices during the weekend.
    8/7 - 186.2

    8/8 - 188.0 apparently pizza w/ a veg crust last night wasn't a good choice. I wonder if it was gluten-free like I assumed. Note to self: ask questions at restaurants, don't assume.
    8/9 - 186.0
    8/10 - 186.6 up-down-all-around
    8/11 - 187.6 had a few tortilla chips with dinner last night; hungry day but I did workout so there's that
    8/12 - 186.8 I'll take it.
    8/13 - 188.8 'tis for me to not know why...but I sigh... LOL
    8/14 -

    8/16 - 191.6 yup I glutened did you know? And it was a crappy hot dog bun. Seriously. If I'm going to deliberately bloat up multiple pounds for days, it should be with something yummy. So today will be a ton of water to start to flush it out. Although I also have water issues. Not as severe as DeepWoodsLady because I do have water, but it's well water (smell, taste). The softener hasn't worked for a week and my hubby has been internet researching and trying to fix it but he gave up this morning and called The Culligan Man. He'll be out late this afternoon, so I'm hopeful I'll have a nice shower and my hair will feel clean again and I'll drink nice tasting water soon.
    8/17 -
    8/18 -
    8/19 -
    8/20 -
    8/21 -
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    nikkit321 wrote: »

    @deepwoodslady You have my prayers, Lady. It's obviously concerning and will be heavy on your mind until you receive biopsy results. I'm glad you were able to have multiple opinions and an immediate biopsy. There is no cure for breast cancer, there's always a possibility of reoccurrence, yet we live in hope. I'm just at the 5 year mark and am still wondering when it'll pop back up but trying not to live in fear.

    Please feel free to use this page however you need, we are hear to listen and offer support.

    @nikkit321 Thanks so much for your prayers and your support. No word yet on the biopsy but I remain hopeful. They are setting me up for liver CT and lung CT to revisit suspicious growths & activity. I am just waiting until my insurance referrals are approved.

    Congratulations on the five year mark. I remember when my husband had his throat cancer before passing away with multiple problems including cancer. When he made it to his 5 year mark they gave him a huge pin to wear that said "five and alive". When I hit my 5 year mark, I asked them for my pin since they didn't offer. They said that 5 years is not any sort of benchmark or safe place like it is with other cancers. I never got a pin. We women have got to do everything we can to help ensure they find a cure. It could be too late in our lifetimes, but for our daughters and granddaughters. And men can get it too! I, too, wonder all the time about my future and when it will show its ugly face again. Let us remember what JFK once said. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

    Thanks again for your kind words.