August 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    Well done on controlling your stress eating. That is one of the main things I struggle with and I would not have been able to put the snack away. I wish continued success for you. You've got this!
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    My name is Tina, Height: 5'6" Age: 54
    MFP starting weight: 149.2 (3/30/21)
    July results: 1 pound loss
    August starting weight: 134.8
    August goal weight: 130
    Ultimate goal: 128

    Goals for this month are to get back into regular exercising, better sleep habits and more protein.

    8/01 - DNW out of town, no scale
    8/02 - 134.8 Up almost 2 pounds from end of July. A weekend of no control. I was hungry constantly and didn't choose wisely. Time to kick it into gear and meet my goals this month.
    8/03 - 134.2
    8/04 - 134.2 Surprised by this. Was quite a bit over in calories yesterday. Hoping it doesn't show up tomorrow.
    8/05 - 134.0
    8/06 - 133.4
    8/07 - 135.4 Way over in calories. Serves me right

    Week 1: +.6

    8/08 - DNW
    8/09 - 135.4 Glad it didn't go higher. Tried hard to stay focused after Saturdays weigh in.
    8/10 - 134.8
    8/11 - 136.0 Yesterday was a hungry all day kind of day. I just could not get my belly satisfied. I think I ate half a watermelon last night after eating way too much at dinner :(
    8/12 - 135.6 not much but still in the right direction. Shouldn't have had ice cream after dinner :#
    8/13 - 135.4 Did not do well at all this week. Really need to have a good weekend.
    8/14 - 135.4

    Week 2: 0, +.6 for month so far

    8/18 - 133.4 YES! Now to keep it here or lower
    8/19 - 134.2 Never fails. No matter how hard I try, I ALWAYS gain on the weekend. I got out and walked Saturday and Sunday and watched my eating closely. I must have miscalculated yesterdays calories. So hard to guess when someone else cooks and you don't know what exactly is going into the process. A little frustrated.
    8/20 - 135.2 Ate out last night. Got a taco salad and did not eat the shell bowl. I really wanted to eat that shell! Thought I was doing well. Kept calories under, walked and still up a pound this morning. Trying hard not to let frustration get me. Hopefully tomorrow.
    8/21 -
    8/22 -
    8/23 -
    8/24 -

    Week 3:
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    Nikki - 52, 5'5.5"
    UGW 140
    August goal - for the high spikes and the low drops to both get lower

    8/1 - 189.0
    8/2 - 192.0 yikes! ugly sodium weight and a weekend of looser choices. Planning a run today.
    8/3 - 189.6 workout tonight (actually 3.5 mile walk w/ the dogs)
    8/4 - 186.8 dropping the water finally. Walking with a friend tonight.
    8/5 - 185.8 1lb to go to get back to my 7/1 weight. Workout tonight.
    8/6 - 186.0 I'm determined to make good choices during the weekend.
    8/7 - 186.2

    8/8 - 188.0 apparently pizza w/ a veg crust last night wasn't a good choice. I wonder if it was gluten-free like I assumed. Note to self: ask questions at restaurants, don't assume.
    8/9 - 186.0
    8/10 - 186.6 up-down-all-around
    8/11 - 187.6 had a few tortilla chips with dinner last night; hungry day but I did workout so there's that
    8/12 - 186.8 I'll take it.
    8/13 - 188.8 'tis for me to not know why...but I sigh... LOL
    8/14 -

    8/16 - 191.6 yup I glutened did you know? And it was a crappy hot dog bun. Seriously. If I'm going to deliberately bloat up multiple pounds for days, it should be with something yummy. So today will be a ton of water to start to flush it out. Although I also have water issues. Not as severe as DeepWoodsLady because I do have water, but it's well water (smell, taste). The softener hasn't worked for a week and my hubby has been internet researching and trying to fix it but he gave up this morning and called The Culligan Man. He'll be out late this afternoon, so I'm hopeful I'll have a nice shower and my hair will feel clean again and I'll drink nice tasting water soon.
    8/17 - 189.2 still bloated but feeling better. Walked last night on the treadmill so as not to provide a feast for the neighborhood mosquitoes, planning on a visit to the Y tonight.
    8/18 -
    8/19 -
    8/20 -
    8/21 -
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    langstontl wrote: »

    It is a scary thing and I pray too for a cure. I found a lump 7 years ago and had it removed. I was told it was pre cancerous and that I am now high risk. Twice a year I am checked. A mammogram every June and an MRI every December. I live life now in fear of what the next test might find. I watched my grandmother die from throat cancer and it was very difficult. I fear my kids having to go through that and also knowing that my being high risk now increases their risk. No family history of breast cancer, but it has to start somewhere and it's scary thinking I'm that start. I pray your biopsy results come back clear and that your CT scans come back fine. You definitely should have received a pin. Five years is a benchmark regardless of what kind of cancer you have. Take care of yourself and keep us updated.

    @langstontl Good for you for keeping up with your tests. It is so important. I have thought about doing the genetic testing so I can assess how this may affect my daughters. The University Hospital where I am treated is 4 hours away each way but, in the end, it would be worth it. I think we are too close to winter here in northern Michigan to begin the lengthy process. Perhaps by spring I can begin. I would like my daughters to know more and to have choices. Thanks for your support. It means the world...
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 60 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.

    Starting Weight (from July 31st): 192.4
    Goal: 187.4 (Five lb Loss)
    Ending Weight:

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    08/01 – 191.4 (trend 194.6) Didn’t have much time to eat yesterday and dinner was very late (within 1 hour of bed). No water here since yesterday morning due to well problems. Seal was fixed (???) but no one can get the pump primed. Perhaps the check gauge went out when it was turned off? IDK but this is horrible!
    08/02 - 189.6 (trend 194.1) I am likely dehydrated due to low water consumption while the well is broke and no water is coming into the house. I’m being very conservative for sure! However, I did have a very good day yesterday with over 2600 calories burned overall. All my fitbit circles were green and completed. I was in the green with my calories on MFP. So I am hoping that at least part of this new weight number will stick.
    08/03 - 190.4 (trend 193.7) Finally clean beautiful water flowing out of my well again. I expected this uptick when I rehydrated. I was so hungry yesterday! After losing weight 2 days in a row my body decided it wanted the fat back! I caved in and ate some cheese pizza (I threw the crust away). Clearly, guzzling water and eating pizza is not a good combo! I stayed within my calorie and carb goal however. It was a good day overall. I managed to avoid some serious temptations and I am hoping to get back into the 180’s now that I’ve touched them Even if I touched them shriveled up and dry as a bone and I move forward all plump with water, I will do it! !
    08/04 - 191.6 (trend 193.5) Traveled yesterday and ate a rich meal. Brought home half and will finish it today, but without the long travel today I should get in more movement and more water. Dr. appointment tomorrow so you can be sure that today will be a carefully planned day that I shall tiptoe through.
    08/05 - 191.2 (trend 193.3) Down a bit from yesterday so that is good. My well went out again yesterday morn so I am living in a nightmare right now again. I hope they can fix it right today! I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I am going trick or treating in a little bit to beg for a shower from a neighbor. Better days ahead I hope.
    08/06 - 191.0 (trend 193.1) That is an unexpected drop after making some bad choices yesterday. I ate all my calories back from exercise. Although I was in the green, it showed only 79 calories left (I ate about 1690). I must stop eating my emotions! So disgusted with this well situation although he finally came by yesterday evening and got it going even if it is loud and kind of rattling/banging. Now, this afternoon he has cancelled the replacement appointment for this weekend saying his schedule is busier than he thought. He is aiming for next week. I pray this prime on this well pump will keep the water flowing until then. Last time it last about 1 ½ days. My mammogram and oncology appointment down in Ann Arbor Michigan (about 4 hours from home each way) is coming up next Thursday. What I weigh now is very close to what I weighed last time I saw them (pre Covid). Thank goodness I reigned it in. Keeping my weight down is actually key with the type of breast cancer that I have (in remission). All the more reason to just keep going……
    08/07 - 190.0 (trend 192.8) A nice little drop that I was hoping for after I overindulged the other day while traveling. Aiming now for the 180’s. I briefly touched the hem of it once recently.
    08/08 - 190.6 (trend 192.6) Self-Sabotage kicked in last night at 3:00 AM. I ate today’s lunch (my leftovers) and ended up in the red by 46 calories. Yes, I felt hungry for sure but could it have been psychological? I am famous for making my own journey harder than it needs to be. Kicking self in butt today but today should be easier to stick to plan since I’ve failed and not succeeded. Sad but true!
    08/09 – 189.6 (trend 192.3) Thrilled I am dipping my toe into the rushing warmth of the 180’s. However, I won’t be completely confident until I hit 187 point anything as my weight can easily fluctuate a few pounds either way. However, I really feel this is possible! Major travel on Thursday which will probably derail me for a minute. I’ll use that day as a refeed day to keep my metabolism moving right along. Feeling good today!
    08/10 – 189.6 (trend 192.0) My clothes are beginning to fall off of me due to my weight loss since May. That makes me very happy that I have to start wearing things from the stored stuff. Win!
    08/11 - 189.6 (trend 191.8) Third day in a row. No matter how much my body fights me, I’m still the boss and will win this war!
    08/12 - 190.0 A small uptick due to very late dinner and very early weigh-in after 3 hours of sleep. Traveling today for the annual breast cancer check-up and mamm. Meals will be out and there will be plenty of sitting. Tomorrow won’t look good on the scale but I will deal with that over the weekend.
    08/13 - 193.2 (trend weight is 191.7) I obviously did not practice any restraint whatsoever at the golden corral during my medical traveling yesterday. I am on top of it today! News a little worse than I expected. I need a liver scan due to multiple lesions that showed up in the corner of my last lung CT scan in 2020. Due to covid there has been delays (some on my part) on everything medical. They have also ordered a CT scan for my lungs again. The last scan showed a nodule had grown from 1.7 to 2.3 cm. That does not mean cancer from breast has metastasized yet. It could be a benign growth because they considered that a small change in a 6 month period. I Missed 2 scans 6 months apart for rechecks so I will have to go have it checked soon. Making the appointments today on the phone. My breast mamm was good but my manual breast check with the oncologist showed a small growth in the skin (not in the breast tissue itself) very near the surgical sight. She said it did not look good. She had a general surgeon look at it who didn’t like it either. They had a plastic surgeon come in and check who didn’t like it either. They found a dermatologist who hadn’t left for home yet who didn’t like it. She asked to do an emergency biopsy which I agreed to. I was moved to a procedure room, numbed and the entire thing was fully removed. If it is cancerous it will not be skin cancer but, rather, breast cancer metastasized. No cure but can be treated (whatever that means). I have 2 stitches which I can have family take out later to avoid another long trip back. I am still waiting to hear the results. I have 2 other smaller bumps that looks just like it that they didn’t touch. If the big one they removed is okay, they should be okay too according to the doctor. Hoping for the best!

    08/14 - 189.6 (trend weight 191.5) And back down again the weight goes. Goodbye Golden Corral buffet during my travel Thursday. Well went out again Wed night as I slept. Thur morn no water before appointment. Neighbor wasn’t home but I have a key…..Thanks for the shower neighbor! Well man attempted to fix it on Friday to no avail. He’s back today cursing and slamming doors. This is really starting to wear on me. Please God, we need water. Happy that the scale is back down though!
    08/15 - 187.6 (trend weight 191.1) Still no water. They can’t help today either until (at least) Monday. I’m continuing to focus on my meal plans and getting in as much activity as possible. I don’t want to begin eating my emotions!
    08/16 - 187.2 (trend weight 190.7) Still no water. I am hoping that something will happen today that will fix it once and for all now that the weekend is over. I have been watching my meals carefully and fitting in whatever extra activity that I can. Babysat for DGS #4 last night (age 3). It is always a joy to be near him.
    08/17 - 187.8 (trend weight 190.4) Trending down but an uptick on the scale due to some pretty bad choices and eating times yesterday. I’ve earned the badge of shame but I will do better today! Honestly, happy the uptick wasn’t worse!
    08/18 -
    08/19 –
    08/20 -
    08/21 –
    08/22 –
    08/23 -
    08/24 -
    08/25 -
    08/26 –
    08/27 –
    08/28 –
    08/29 –
    08/30 –
    08/31 –
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    I couldn't imagine having to travel so far for treatment. I understand the Michigan winters. Lived the first 21 years of my life in the southern region of Michigan. Don't miss it much, lol. I understand wanting the genetic testing. I have trouble keeping up with the cost of regular treatment. Had an aspiration done a few weeks ago and insurance covered very little of it, but it had to be done because of my "history". Fortunately all was good and didn't have to follow up with a biopsy this time around. As of now I just let my daughters know to keep an eye on things and if anything seems "not normal" have it checked out, even if they are young. I'm glad to show support and appreciate your letting us into your private life. Take care
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    @deepwoodslady & @langstontl
    My mother and sister both had breast cancer. Mom when she was 50 ... now she is 84. My sister 14 years ago stage 4. She too is doing fine (but takes a cancer meds daily). I paid my sister's bill to do the genetic test because her oncologist said it would be best to do her instead of me since I had not been diagnosed. It was negative. He said my mom & sister did not have the genetic gene. So are we free and clear? Nope ... annual checks. My daughter found lumps when she was in her 20s ... biopsy negative but she has to be more diligent from what my sister's oncologist told us. Lucky we are in Houston near MD Anderson med center and Kelsey Seybold head of oncology is responsible for my sister.

    There is hope. I have them all still with me as well as my best friend ... and another friend's husband who is a 3x breast cancer survivor.

    @nikkit321 - I love your comment! "It's not an automatic death sentence even though the very word strikes terror. Enjoy your kids and live life to the fullest. Cancer is something we deal with, it does not define who we are."

    Thinking of you! Keeping all of us healthy is one of the reasons we are here focused on losing weight and improving our health.