At Goal & Successfully Maintaining. So Why Am I Doing This All Over Again?

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Many of you know me from the boards. I’m going to cut right to the chase with a before (May 2018) and after (July 2021)photo. MFP works.


I wholeheartedly believe in MFP’s philosophy of CICO (calories in/calories out). I’ve been successful with it.

So why am I “starting over”?

During his annual physical, my beloved’s doctor told him that he’s medicating his weight, as much as his conditions and that weight loss could eliminate the need for some of his meds. Hiding my mental fist pump,I leaned in hard on doc’s words and whispered sultrily,”and I want Beloved by my side for as many more years as possible.”

Beloved said, “All right then. Let’s do this. Make me an account on that phone thing you use.”

I find myself in the very odd position of being successful at both loss and maintenance, yet “starting over”, temporarily assisting with a new account and a new goal.

I thought I would share some of my observations as an experienced MFP user, helping a newb find his way through through the befuddlement of getting started- which is the hardest part of the whole process.

I’m planning to update here, as we discover ways to make this more user friendly for him, and hopefully for you, too.

I sincerely hope this will help someone. Please feel free to post questions.


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    In all fairness, he can’t carry his phone during tai chi or the Fit Generation class he’s doing while the pool is closed again. He’s already making the connection.

    We’ll be getting him an Apple Watch shortly to track his workouts, and better record steps. Waiting to hear what new superpowers the 7 will have when Apple does the product intro in a couple of weeks. If it has the sugar monitor that’s been rumored, that would be worth waiting for.

    I wish Apple Fitness+ would include Tai Chi.

    Also? I am also hoping against hope for the non invasive glucose monitor. But I don’t think it’s going to happen this time around.
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    Seriously enjoying this thread! You are very amusing, thanks for the fun read.
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    Lietchi wrote: »
    But he’s already reached the “thinking about it” stage, and that’s awesome.

    that usually comes right before the 'pre logging' stage.

    but you and i know that ;)

    I bet he comes around to it


    Or perhaps not :wink: I've been here for two years, I still don't do it!

    sometimes i do, sometimes i dont. i usually know in my HEAD what im doing, if nothing else LOL but.... ive been here almost a decade at this point, so.... yanno .... whatever LMAO
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    Greetings All - I am new to the group and so inspired by Spring’s transformation! How fortunate your Hub is that you are willing to help. I look forward to sharing the journey!