Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!

🎃Happy October, ladies! It's the spookiest month of the year!

🎃There might be lots of temptations lurking around corners this month. What are your strategies for avoiding or turning these down? Do you have any special October indulgences you will definitely be treating yourself to this month?

🎃Are you trying to accomplish anything in the three months left of 2021? How has this year been treating you overall? Have things gone more or less how you've expected them to go?

🧡 If you've never been here before, please know you are welcome to join at any point in the month. All you have to do is post something, and then BAM! you're one of us.

🧡 In this group, we post our weekly and monthly goals and provide support and motivation to each other as we share our triumphs and our struggles. This group is all about accountability.

🧡All are welcome and, if you think you belong here, you do! No matter how much you currently weigh or how you measure (or don't measure) your weight, we'd love to hear from you.

🧡Victories, both scale and non-scale, are great to hear about, but, conversely, we know that weight loss isn't all sunshine and roses. If you're going through a rough patch, please feel free to be honest and vent your heart out. The struggle is real and we're all here to support each other!

🎃Let's be Boo-tifully Fang-tastic this October!🎃



  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 498 Member
    @kenziestabes Sounds like you have a good plan! If you are working out and being active, and trying to get your protein in (also at your height and age) - pfft you totally got this! I bet you can lose at 2k calories for a while. Depending on how active you are, maybe even until you get to goal weight!! Not everyone has to cut calories so severely (*cough* only if you are short and older like me). You can definitely do it for a few months, get a feel for it - and see if you like how much you are losing with the 2k. You can reassess later if you feel like losing faster.
  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 498 Member
    @pamiede when you can't move, losing weight is almost all cico and there is no squidgy calories that you can "work off". I have seen some with mobility issues do arm machines though - because they couldn't stand or walk or bike. I don't know if that is possible for you, I think you were in an accident? When I was bedridden, I gained 100 lbs because I didn't know what I was doing, and I was really really young. I should have immediately gone to a 1200 calorie a day diet, and then when I got to a nice weight maybe upped it to 1450 or maybe a little less. But I didn't know anything at all about anything! So I gained and kept gaining until I just thought that was my lot, and I felt very helpless to do anything about it (especially when you add the meds like prednisone). Eventually I was able to move a little bit, but it was very fits and starts. Sometimes I could move, sometimes I was waiting for the hubby to come home because I was thirsty and couldn't get water. I love your determination! ((((hugs))))) You can do it Pamiede!!
  • FushiaKat
    FushiaKat Posts: 402 Member
    Height: 5'4"
    Age: 61
    SW: 245
    CW: 203
    GW for Oct: 195
    UGW: 145 is my BMI healthy weight, but I think 165 is more realistic.
    My weigh in day's are Tuesday's
    10/1: 203

    October challenges:
    🎃 Keep moving as much as possible.
    🎃 Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.
    🎃 Eat under 1200 calorie limit per day.
    🎃 Create more meal plans.
    🎃 Fit into an XL blouse.
    🎃 Start back in on my hobby, Scroll Sawing
    🎃 Teach our new 8 month old kitty his name: Mr Snicket
    🎃 Get a Covid Booster shot.
    🎃 Find at least 2 Gifts for my husband for our Anniversary in December (32 years)

    A BIG Thank You to @RavenStCloud for getting this thread going.
  • sarah12277
    sarah12277 Posts: 191 Member
    October Challenge Weigh In Day

    Age 44
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 220.4
    GW for October 215
    UGW 145

    10/1: 220.4
    Total month loss:

    Weekly goals:
    -Continue logging on MFP
    -Work out 5x per week – 3 cardio & 2 strength
    -64 oz of water each day
    -Take some moments during the week to declutter
    -Follow Paleo plans as best as possible; 1-2 meals off as necessary for socializing per week or as symptoms allow
    -Anniversary goodies only on the day (10/20, 4 years)
    -Pick Halloween goodies that I don't care for and limit purchase for the smaller amount seen

    Weight going down today. Starting my paleo food I had delivered and confirming that I can make it on my own; today's at least. Just needing the inspiration mostly to confirm what I already know with that based on past experiences following that kind of plan/way of eating.

    My mom ended up having me come over to her house. She got injured somehow so I may be at her house for the few days at least. We haven't figured out the full need there yet so we'll see.