Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    CONGRATULATIONS! You made your goal already! Only better numbers to come.
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    5'4" 64 years
    SW- 9/14/20-255 lbs-Changed jobs without a micro manager since 9/14/20.
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs-Lost without really trying.
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212 lbs
    9/1/21-200 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    10/3/21-189.8 lbs Met a challenge goal for 11/1/21-190 lbs Not slowing down. Maybe I'll get to 180 lbs.
    UGW-122 lbs, was at that years ago (2009- kept it off for 5 years) after being at 255 lbs before. So I feel I can do it again. Just can't get lazy afterwards like before.

    Increased my usual 99 minutes Elliptical 3 days/week (my off work days) today to full 2 hours. Felt great afterwards!

    10/10/21-188.8 lbs. Upped my Elliptical a few days ago to 130 minutes.
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    @wanderinglight I'm so sorry for your loss. I've lost two of my sweet pups and it is awful. They bring such joy and love and silliness into our lives.

    @sandielewis2001 - you and your wife are looking smoking! Congrats on your weight loss and way to pick a restaurant that helps you stay on track!

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    NSV: Yesterday my daughter and I were home. I decided to utilize the time to go through both of our closets and pull out clothes for donation. To my surprise I had two laundry baskets both overfilling with clothing that is too big for me. I also found several items in my closet that now fit me - jeans, pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts. I was so excited. Now onto the task of washing everything and boxing it up so I can donate it.

    One thing that concerns me is I am dropping sizes rather quickly. When I started in March I was a size 24, now I am an 18. The new bras and shirts that I bought in August are too big on me and I have to buy new ones. At this rate I will not be able to afford to keep replacing my clothing as I shrink. I have been looking for sales when I can pick up things at a great price. Where are your favorite places to pick up inexpensive items that are still decent quality? I've been doing Kohls, Old Navy, and Target. I am in the states (NY) if that helps.

    The same thing happens to me. I've noticed if I jump on the scale mid week I get a much lower weight than I do when I weigh in on Sundays. I chalk it up to fluctuations and know that regardless of what the scale chooses to tell me I am making positive changes.
    As far as wishing it was easier to respond, I only do the forums from my computer rather than the app on my phone. When I respond I open the thread in two different tabs. One I read then then other I respond as I come across posts I would like to respond to. I don't know if my method would help you.

    I am working on lowering my A1C too.

    @seltzer_lover and @goal06082021
    Great NSVs!!!
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    One more question. I was adding new weight measurements to the check in section. While doing so I somehow managed to delete my entire fasting blood glucose information. All my data from March until now is gone. :'( Does anyone know if there is a way to undo this?

    I have all that data saved on Fitbit (I'm crazy and record it in two places) so if need be I will have to sit and reenter everything all over again. I was hoping there was an easier way.
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    @JNettie73 - Replenishing the closet after purging clothing is so hard. I have found myself buying the minimum that I can get away with since it won't last for long. My wife and I are losing weight together so we have double the closet troubles. I like Old Navy for basics (tees, tanks, shorts), Marshalls, Ross, TJMaxx for things like dressy tops, jeans and dresses. I have also found some really good deals on Poshmark (I usually have to search a particular brand than sort price low to high to find deals)
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    I should probably go through my closet and dresser and reevaluate the clothes I have. I'm sure there's some things I could stand to part with in there, and maybe I'll find a few new pieces to add to the rotation. I know I only wear like four of my tee shirts, my work wardrobe consists of about 10 items and I've got triple that just taking up space. I am mad about needing to buy new bras and underwear so much quicker than I was expecting, though.
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    @JNettie73 I've found second hand stores are FABULOUS to pad the wardrobe while you're on the way down in order to save the budget. I buy a few new pieces, and add in some thrifted finds (shirts are easier to find second hand for me. I'm 6').
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    @goal06082021 Oh my goodness, I'm keeping you and your husband in my prayers. Even when cancer is theoretically manageable, small, treatable, etc....it's still absolutely terrifying and overwhelming, especially in the beginning.

    I'm glad that you have family close by to help you through this in all the ways you'll be needing assistance. Sending positive vibes for you to stay as on track as you can right now. :heart:
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    @goal06082021 Big hugs! The "C"word is so scary to hear. Sending positive thoughts for a manageable course of action & quick recovery!!!