Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    @wanderinglight What a sweet precious puppy🐾 ! Thanks for sharing and many ((((hugs)))) during this time
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    @wanderinglight So sorry for your loss 💙
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    Friday Weigh-in:
    Age: 58
    Ht.: 5'3"
    My highest weight ever was 221 a few years ago.
    SW: 205. (7/5/21)
    Last week's weight: 194
    CW: 195
    GW for end of October: Under 188
    UGW: Under 150

    Up, down, up! I'm losing that drive I had during the summer. I had so much time to take care of me that I followed through on all of the different exercises that I did. And I loved it! Now being back to work I'm so focused on my job and I just come home and crash.
    Any help on how to get that motivation back would be so appreciated.
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    Went out for date night last night with my lovely wife. We chose a nice local restaurant that had loads of healthy choices on the menu. They even have a chef’s fitness special that is always under 450 calories for the meal. I went over my daily calorie goal but stayed well under my maintenance calories which was perfect for a splurge date night out! I am so proud of us for finding ways to feel indulgent while still staying in our goals. It was also fun to get dressed up and show off our combined weight loss so far (69lbs for her and 73lbs for me)!


    You both look fabulous, but that dress is FIRE!!!!
    I wish there was a restaurant near us with that type of special.
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    Starting weight: 270 March 2021
    Total loss to date: 55.2

    October Start Weight: 215.8
    October Goal Weight: 210
    Ultimate Goal Weight:TBD

    October 2: 215.8

    NSV I went into Old Navy yesterday to buy some clothes for my daughter. While I was there I picked myself up a new sweatshirt. I no longer need to wear plus sized clothing! It was a nice feeling being able to go into the store and pick something up for myself.

    While I am on the subject of Old Navy, I thought I would mention this in case any of you ladies are not aware. Old Navy has a body equality campaign. They are now selling plus sized clothing in the stores as well as online, previously you could only purchase online. The also are selling the same items in all sizes, plus sizes used to be limited in terms of style. The biggest excitement is they are selling the plus sized clothing for the same price as the other sizes rather than $10-$20 more like they used to. These were all of my gripes and frustrations with ON along with many other women. The company listened and made positive changes!

    I went back to work in September too. My eating has not been on spot but my exercise has been. My advice would be think about how you first got started on your journey. What were the changes you first started to implement? Perhaps you wan reimplement 1-2 of them each week? Or make a date with yourself. It may sound silly but put a reminder in your phone with "I am worth it!"

    I love that you and your wife went out for a date night. You both look fantastic! I also love you both are on a journey together to get healthy. Congratulations on both of your successes!

    Happy Anniversary!
    How is your pumpkin challenge going?

    I hope everyone has a wonderful week!