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:) Welcome to a friendly community of women who support and encourage each other on the journey to health and fitness. We hope you will join us.

:) I have made and maintained huge changes in my life because of the support of this community.

:) Share a bit about yourself, come back daily to read what others have written, and join the conversation.

:) Don't forget to bookmark this thread so you can find it again. Also sign your post with a name or a nickname and a location, specific or general, so we can all get to know each other better.

<3 Barbie from NW WA

My word for 2021 is "lighten up"---weight and outlook on life.

The reason most people fail instead of succeed is that they trade what they want the MOST for what they want at the MOMENT.

"The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials."
Lin Yutang


  • exermom
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    Katla – yes, we trust Jess and Colby. They’ve stayed here while we were gone, so I know that they’re responsible.

    Carol – I think Lexi can see, I don’t see her stumbling, she jumps up on chairs, etc. Vince gets this newsletter from Tuft’s University where they asked about 10 questions about if your cat has dementia. Unfortunately, we had to answer “yes” to 7 or 8 of them. Well, she seems happy. Yes, she walks around the house doing her “meow” multiple times but that’s because she’s deaf.

    Beth – loved how you used the M&M theme!

    Making dinner for Vince right now, then I think I’ll put the ribs back in the oven. I already cut the second rack of ribs and will probably make them another day.

    We asked Denise to call us. Of course, she hasn’t.

    Going to eat dinner early since t&t starts at 6

    Hey, I'll put the other rack of ribs in.

    Michele NC
  • pipcd34
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  • Machka9
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    Thank you, Barbie

    Machka9 wrote: »
    October Plans

    - Lots of cycling including at least one 50 km ride.
    - Walking ... as regularly as possible.
    - Pilates and strength training at home.
    - Climb Mt Wellington - Hobart's Mountain - virtually as part of a stair climbing challenge at work. It's a smaller mountain but I've got quite a bit of time off work in October so I won't have the days to climb more.
    - Audax: we're hosting a weekend of cycling later in October. Plus I've got some Communications work to do.
    - Events: a play, a film festival, bees, seeds, family, and maybe a little travel around Tassie.
    - Medical: there is some of that with my husband of course, and will likely be a bit of that with me too now.
    - Plus, of course, my 2021 To Do List: getting organised, simplifying, etc. - specifically, I'm getting rid of uni notes etc. right now.

    - quite a bit of cycling including one 50 km ride
    - not as much walking as originally planned. Pouring rain is a deterring factor
    - some pilates and strength training
    - yes, I climbed Mt Wellington virtually
    - we hosted the set of events and I'm working on catching up with everything
    - the play was cancelled, we went to the film festival, we've got the beehive and need to build it, I've weeded the garden in preparation for the seeds, we visited family early in October and did a little bit of travel around Tassie
    - lots of medical appointments
    - worked on To Do list which just seems to be getting longer rather than shorter!

    M in Oz

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  • KetoneKaren
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  • Whidislander
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    Made chicken fried rice tonight. Its a two cast iron pan meal, and protein packed! 5 eggs, 7 chicken tenders, 3/4 package of bacon, 12 cups of sticky rice. Its a workout mixing my Bulldog tonkasui sauce in it! I always leave a couple "slugs" in it (totally white blobs of white rice). Son and husband enjoyed!
    No trick or treaters, but there were a lot of "trunk or treat" places.
    Thanks Barbie for starting our month out on a positive note.💖. We appreciate you!
  • Machka9
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    Machka - I am more than a little envious of you. I had just made it to the 6 month mark and have had to restart the count again.
    I’m with you on the mail, I rarely even check ours anymore.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    I made it to 8 months last October, and thought that I might actually be done ... and then I wasn't so I had to start the count again. This time, I've made it a full 12 months!! :) Any restarts now mean that I need to visit my Dr because something has gone wrong.

    I've still got hot flashes but not as much as I did at one time. At my peak, I was getting one an hour or occasionally even more often than that. And they were horrible with nausea, dizziness and everything.

    Now I'm down to about 3 a day. I don't know if it is the medication I'm on (serotonin-based anti-depressant) or if the number is naturally reducing. But whatever it is, I'm happy it is less.

    Nice photos, costumes and Christmas decorations!

    M in Oz

  • skuehn48
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  • grandmallie
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    Well ive been awake since 12:30 and wide awake at that.. must have gotten my allotment of sleep over the weekend.. or maybe just the anxiety of the guys coming to do the windows and patio door, plus the guys from here who want to check to make sure there is no rot ,so there will be guys hoofing in and out all day.. luckily Alfie will be over at Toms and ill just leave my door open so they can go in and out..
    But geesh i dont like having people trotting through my place making a mess..
  • bananasandoranges
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    BARBIE Thanks for starting us off and setting up the framework for exchange as always! So precious!

    LISA again congratulations for the SV!

    MACHKA great job on the to do list! You are really tending to your health.

    BARBARA I hope you feel better after a rest.

    HEATHER Very rare tuna is great too.

    MICHELE your cat is lucky to have such a kind and caring family to live with

    PHONE BUDGET agreed its hard. At one point I had 25 euros a month in monthly computer an also for scooter, (calculating repairs, insurance, replacement, resale value).
    But they are getting higher and higher (phones and computers are more expensive and don't last all that long)

    NICE HALLOWEEN PICS to all those who posted them!

    Julie France
  • bananasandoranges
    bananasandoranges Posts: 2,281 Member
    weight is not going in the right direction.
    writing is plugging along.
    I aim for up to 8 hours a day but often it's less.

    Today I did some pre-writing work for maybe 30-60 min in the early hours.
    I had to print, fill out, scan, send some related admin stuff, and correct and resend another not received. And composed a list of parts of chapter 1.
    Now going to café to reorganise and cut parts on chapter 1 (all read through on the weekend) before final 1st full draft rewrite.
    I have about 100 pages of writing from past bits on this subject and need to get it down to about 25 pages or so. Doable, it just takes time an organisation.
    Under time pressure, but so be it. That's sometimes how things go.

    Today is a public holiday, All Saint's Day. a day many people (even non-religious people) visit the graves of those they had lost.

  • Katla49
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    edited November 1
    Barbie - Thank you for the November thread! I appreciate the gift of each new month. :star::heart: :star: