🌟❄️ January Daily Log-in and Weigh-in Challenge ❄️🌟



  • Juliexx00
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    Age 46
    Highest Weight: 172
    Most of adult life I was between 145-150. Went back to school 6 years ago to change jobs. Weight crept on then. It has been a yo-yo cycle since going from 157-170. This time I’m focusing more on it being about healthy living with the perk of weight lose instead of being all about the number on the scale. My diet can be horrible, tons of unhealthy junk (chips and candy) and processed foods I’m trying to eliminate as many processed foods as possible.

    January 1: 167.2
    January 2: 166
    January 3:164.4
    January 4:163.6 Number is good but I’m more impressed and proud that I have had no junk food and minimal processed foods 😁

    January 5: 162.4 a pound a day is ridiculous 😳 but I am eating my calories and I don’t feel hungry. I guess this is what happens when you don’t eat chips and pop every night. I have also been staying away from rice, pasta and bread. Feeling good and energized so I will carry on.

    January 6: 162.6 Ate within calories, my cardio has been minimal the past couple of days. Going to do a big workout today.

    January 7: 161.8 wasn’t a “big” workout but it did the trick 8km treadmill jog and hill climb 58 min

    January 8:160 1 week in!!!! Success!
    No junk food ✅
    Tracked all food and drink ✅
    Stayed under calories ✅
    Run mileage 29.25km 🏃🏻‍♀️⬆️
    Steps 105,350 ✅
    Strength workouts 2🏋🏻‍♀️⬆️
    Swim workouts 0 🏊🏻⬆️
    Pounds lost 7.2 ✅
    Inches lost 4✅
    Goals for week 2:
    Keep going!!!
    Add at least 1 more strength workout 3/wk
    Add swim workout 2/wk
    Increase run mileage

    January 9:
    January 10:
    January 11: