Women 200lb+, Let's Astonish Ourselves This April!!!



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    Unfortunately, I have faulty collagen, which is why my joints (and the rest of my body) have such issues. Collagen supplements aren’t recommended for it since my body can’t use it the right way. I did get some cream from my doctor called voltaren (I can’t take nsaids so this is an nsaid cream instead). I’m hoping it’ll help some.

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    @bonniemcc4 Wow, I'm sorry that's horrible, but hopefully the cream helps.
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    Good morning everyone!

    New profile picture! I got tired of all the random guys in my friend requests all the time, so hopefully this helps.

    I'm extremely tired and bloated, my period's coming (hopefully today), and I ate salty (delicous!) food yesterday, so it was no surprise when the scale said 193.8. But woof! lol. After eating the amount I did to maintain weight, I know better than ever now that I would have to make a truly heroic effort for this to be a real gain. :lol:

    Yesterday I had bibimbap and kimchi, and I ate some pickled mustard greens with my normal chicken for lunch. And had hot pretzels for a snack! Salt, salt, salt. It was good though, no regrets.

    Tag party time!
    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 As much as I love crab rangoon, I don't love it so much that I'd give up other things (like steamed dumplings! Or lo mein!) to have it, so I get it.

    @bonniemcc4 I hope they get to the bottom of your shakiness and that the new cream helps!

    @seltzer_lover pups and rain, the neverending story of how "we could just go inside if you would just pee!" lol. I'm glad the break is good for you.

    @justanotherloser007 that sounds so much like my experience with cholestasis of pregnancy it hurts. Nothing touched the itchiness, couldn't sleep, would do anything to make it stop. But my liver enzyme tests were never severe enough until the very end of my pregnancy, so they never treated me for it, just told me "preggos are itchy."

    Meanwhile, at the end, the enzymes were increasing and I finally put my foot down and told them that the baby was coming out. Because I was afraid that my labs would show too late that the enzymes were too high. And after we took bubs out the escape hatch, my OB came in and told me my instincts were right, the enzymes for the last lab came back too high.

    I was so relieved that the itchiness went away immediately after birth. Oof. I can't imagine having to try to manage that all the time. So much love to both of you, you and @jazzadesigns

    @_manny_702 mojo for your GP appointment! May they listen to your concerns and treat you with the respect you deserve.

    @NatashaA84 We all deserve treats all the time, we're human. :lol: Welcome to the thread! To tag people, put an @ in front of their username, and that will do it! For ease of finding the thread, go to the top of the page next to the thread title, and click the little bookmark, so you get notifications when new posts are made to this thread. :smile:

    @roz0810 back in the saddle again!

    Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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    I need to be back on the wagon. I dont even know where my wagon is.

    I am not going to lie, there were times in my journey I got a new freakin' wagon because a) I couldn't figure out where the dang thing was 2) couldn't get up enough energy to look for it

    I think other people call that "starting over" but personally, I am unsure. Starting over is what you got until you get in the habit of diligence and constancy - that was the habit I worked on that got me here actually.

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    @NatashaA84 I feel ya, on the rewards.. that was what I had to sort the most. After awhile I remember thinking, "why do I think I have to reward myself all the time anyway?" Then I realized, "Oh, because I don't feel like listening to my emotional talk I want my inner dialogue to stop being so needy." Seriously, I think I was basically trying to shut myself up? I stopped doing that, I listen now - and I also talk to God and He listens too. There is a lot more listening in general. It was as if I were a giant toddler that was crying and then I was all like, "if I give you a treat, will you stop?" That might work for a baby, but doesn't work for an adult female. My opinion might be wrong, I am with cupcake - if this is wrong.. ignore me. I am literally a group of 1 over here.

    @tlucas2017 It sounds like your body is still regrouping from being sick. For me, I can't push it when I am like that.. for me.. I am unsure what you are like. I have pushed it in the past till I ended up bedridden for months. I was very impatient and I paid for it. I would recommend listening to your body, being patient, and validate your experience. What I mean, is maybe less punishing self-talk and more build up talk? There is a time for tough talk, don't get me wrong. I have had to push through things, but for my body, there are times when a tough "push through it" is actually the wrong answer - and of course I don't figure that out until after I am suffering from some sort of medical mystery malaise.

    Of course, that leaves the emotional eating (the harder part, and also the bigger part weight being 80% nutrition 20% exercise according to my physical therapist). There are so many threads on this, I have perused some of them. I was more of a "reward" gal. I was always rewarding myself with food. So many special treats that were way too frequent. I bet if you asked people who "emotionally eat", what that means you will get different responses. I do recommend searching the community for "emotional eating". Because while I did some emotional eating, I was able to change my view of food to a view for "fuel" or "what does my body need" vs. "what I feel like having" or what I "want". I was able to hit it from that angle. I am certain everyone is different.
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    KeriA wrote: »
    Progress:She is still struggling with morning sickness in that lots of foods don’t sound good so she was happier staying home.
    Grandbabies on the way!! How incredibly exciting!!

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    @CupcakeCrusoe thank you so much for the warm welcome and for explaining to me about tagging! I thought it was something like that but it makes much more sense now!

    @cowgirlslikeus86 your comment about not knowing where the wagon is did make me smile - I feel exactly like that a lot of the time! I'm totally an all or nothing person - I'm either totally on the wagon or nowhere near the wagon! Hope you were able to do a bit of yoga and feel a bit better. Don't be too hard on yourself if not though.

    @tlucas2017 welcome - I'm new here too. Sounds like you've had a really rough time with COVID, sorry to hear that. Your body might need longer to recover. I know its so frustrating when you want to get on with normal life but feel like you can't. Probably need to just take your time though - little steps. Maybe try just some stretches to start with or a short walk? I know what you mean about carbs and sugar - that's often what I feel I need too.

    @justanotherloser007 I totally agree with you about the needy thing - good advice about listening more to yourself. I also agree about changing how you view eating - I've started trying to reframe it - instead of 'I deserve/need treats', thinking 'I deserve to put healthy food into my body' or 'I deserve to give myself time to exercise'...only works sometimes though!

    @rockitwell86 I love your goals and your positivity. I'm definitely trying to drink more water too as I think I sometimes confuse feeling thirsty and empty of water with feeling hungry and just end up eating more!

    @KeriA your comment about needing to parent yourself made so much sense to me. I think I need to do that too and just make myself get on with it when there's no reason not to. Well done on the exercise and meal planning.

    Good luck everyone for today, I'm on day 2 and determined to stay strong!
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    @bonniemcc4 great news on your triglycerides! Ps I LOVE cauliflower "mash", I like it as an alt to spuds
    @NatashaA84 welcome! I was firstly coming to say I see so much of me in your post and I just spotted you mentioned the home edit (love it!). I'm also an emotional eater, but as I'm doing more of "the work" on myself I'm better able to use other coping mechanisms, slowly but surely. Oh and if you want to tag folks us the @ symbol then type in our screen names. Hope that helps!
    @roz0810 you are flying it! whoop!
    @cowgirlslikeus86 *hugs* I know that feeling, like "what did I just do", I have no idea how you feel about fasting or if it might even be ok for you health wise but if it is I've found it a great help to get back on the wagon. If possible eat a bit cleaner for a day to two before and I'd start with smaller time windows, like fasting for 16hrs at first and maybe up to 24. Good luck, you got this!
    @seltzer_lover Ok, like my house is a mess BUT now my wardrobe makes sense again! :P - little by little!
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    Hi there!! New to this thread group. I really need help with my motivation. I used to love to exercise; now, I can't seem to get off the couch. I sit here and stare at my treadmill, stationary bike and unused fitness DVDs. I tell myself I need to get up and move, but I can't seem to find the strength to do it. I had Covid in January which left me with a post-covid bronchitis/asthma. After 3 months of uncontrollable coughing, my cough has finally stopped. I am using my inhaler as needed, but the need is getting less. Last week I was finally able to complete part of a workout. This week I completed one full DVD workout. I was super happy, but can't seem to get the energy to do it again. My body aches all over. How do I get through all of this? How do I get the strength to keep going when I feel weak and "frumpy"??? I've seen several comments about emotional eating; that is me!!! I eat whether I am happy, sad or angry. I eat good for a few days and then I feel like I need to eat unhealthy carbs and lots of sweets. I need help. I know I am late to the April tracking, but hoping I can at least get started with this group.

    I am 48. 5 ft 3. CW 204 1st GW 190

    April 20
    April 27

    Hey! Welcome. I wanted to comment specifically bc I also had covid back in March 2020 and it was Dec 2020 before I felt fully ok again (ps I'm not saying this will be your journey, I just learned a lot in that year). Please take it really easy with exercise as folks have stalled their healing post covid from pushing themselves, so you might be feeling the lack of energy because you have post viral syndrome BUT (and I know this feeling well) it could also be from lack of movement (IKR, it's a pain to figure out). The thing that's helped me is doing movement I love, which would be swimming or kayaking (very gentle versions of both). Do you have a type of movement you particularly love? and that is gentle enough to get going at? I'd say schedule it in, with someone you enjoy being around if possible and see how you go from there. and hugs!