May 2022 accountability month for challenge & support



  • TinaLeigh67
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    Welcome! Located in IN myself. Best of luck on your journey. This is a great group of people
  • ashleycarole86
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    My name is Ashley, Height: 5'9" Age: 35
    MFP starting weight: 293 (1/28/21)
    May Start Weight: 165.8
    Mat Goal Weight: 163.8
    UGW: Maintenance range of 160-165

    May 1 - 165.8
    May 2 - 165.6
    May 3 - 167
  • nikkit321
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    hey hey hey
    Jasmine from IN

    Im so in on this!

    Hi Jasmine, I'm also in Indiana - Huntington to be precise, just down the road from Fort Wayne. Glad you've joined us!
  • deepwoodslady
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    sw 300
    cw 263
    gw 150

    goal per week .5-1ib

    losing weight to manage my health better and feel more comfortable in my body! There is too much I have missed out on in fear.

    @LilithReigns Me too! It's time that it stops. Life is short and we should be enjoying every minute of it and sharing time with as many people as we can OUR WHOLE LIVES. Welcome! I love your insights already!