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    palate apparatus is wreaking havoc. I have a nice sore on my tongue that won't go away so it is slowing my eating down a bit. Hoping it heals soon. A little upset at the orthodontist office for not being completely truthful. They claimed this would just be "uncomfortable" until I became accustomed to it in a few days. Nothing about sores and pain. Oh well, this too shall pass

    My youngest son had the same type of apparatus and he had a lot of sores and pain in the beginning, despite the orthodontist telling us it wouldn't cause issues. I think it depends on the individual and eventually callous develop. There is a degree of pain in every orthodontic procedure though - I used to dream that my teeth were falling out because of the pain. Use the mouth rinses, use the wax to coat the areas where the sores touch. I'm sorry you're going through this.
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    Thank you. Wax has become my friend as well as a tongue guard I found online that forms to the roof of my mouth and covers the expander. It has helped immensely. I use warm salt water to rinse. If anyone knows of something better, please let me know! I now have a new found respect for all three of my kids that wore braces and headgear. I know in the end it will all be worth it.
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    You are hilarious!
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    I am Dawn, 61, 5'2"
    I am in Southeastern BC, Canada
    Top weight: 207 pounds. MFP start weight 191 pounds, October 2018
    UGW 110-118
    I love the accountability of this forum : - )
    Tracking every bite is the key to success.

    May 01 - Going with my April end weight as I did for the last month. 135.0
    Monday May 02 - 136.8 - Ouch. Feeling leaner than that. Back to jumping around all over the place. My WW scale gave up the ghost months ago, and this new one...not sure if it really works. Very active days off, time for healthy food prep and eating. I truly expected a loss.
    May 03 - 135.6 - That is better.
    May 04 - 135.8 - Busy week, trying to have food prep ready for each dinner.
    May 05 - 137.0 - No reason for this at all. I burned more calories than I ate actually (due to long hours digging in the garden after work knowing that there would be rain to set the seeds today). I did drink more water yesterday, otherwise ate very well, worked out etc. I hate these jump ups.
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    May start weight - 135.0
    May goal weight - 133.0
    May actual end weight -
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    Maybe the calories are in the cheese and the toppings? Salt for sure Tina, so maybe just a temporary small bump.