May 2022 accountability month for challenge & support



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    tinacuso wrote: »
    May 07 -169.8 - Stayed under calories but did not eat well. No exercise. Came down with covid and it
    feels like I have a horrible cold. Just resting
    May 08 -169.8 - Stayed under calories but did not exercise. I'm still just resting. Happy Mother's Day to all

    @tinacuso - Lots and lots of rest! GET WELL SOON!!! I hope that you pull through quickly.
    My husband, myself, my son, his wife, our granddaughter, and my sister all tested positive for Covid this past week as well. The 4 month old bounced back quickly. I was asymptomatic except for a headache one day ... and some fatigue. Everyone else had what sounds like you describe and felt better after 3-4 days. With the exception of my sister who is immune comprised ... she says her muscles under her ribs hurt from all the coughing when laying down at night.
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    I must have missed something. You are going in for surgery??
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    One more day until your birthday : - )
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    I am Dawn, 61, 5'2"
    I am in Southeastern BC, Canada
    Top weight: 207 pounds. MFP start weight 191 pounds, October 2018
    UGW 110-118
    I love the accountability of this forum : - )
    Tracking every bite is the key to success.

    May 01 - Going with my April end weight as I did for the last month. 135.0
    Monday May 02 - 136.8 - Ouch. Feeling leaner than that. Back to jumping around all over the place. My WW scale gave up the ghost months ago, and this new one...not sure if it really works. Very active days off, time for healthy food prep and eating. I truly expected a loss.
    May 03 - 135.6 - That is better.
    May 04 - 135.8 - Busy week, trying to have food prep ready for each dinner.
    May 05 - 137.0 - No reason for this at all. I burned more calories than I ate actually (due to long hours digging in the garden after work knowing that there would be rain to set the seeds today). I did drink more water yesterday, otherwise ate very well, worked out etc. I hate these jump ups.
    May 06 - 136.4 - I have had maybe too active of a week? Perhaps my body thinks that it must hold on to fat to save me lol. We got lovely rain yesterday to set my seeds into my garden : - )
    May 07 - 135.4 - All of that digging finally catching up on the scale? I'll take it.
    May 08 - 136.2 - Working late tonight, so it will be a late dinner.
    May 09 - 136.6 - I worked much later than even expected last night, so ate very late and was up too early. Not surprised that my weight is up today, and it might take a few days to level myself back out and settle into a rare 6 day work week.
    May 10 -
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    May 31 -

    May start weight - 135.0
    May goal weight - 133.0
    May actual end weight -
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    I must have missed something. You are going in for surgery??

    I am having oral surgery done on the 25th to expand my upper palate. Right now the metal expander has caused a few eating issues but I am starting to work through that. I have a feeling that there will be issues again after the surgery. After making sure three kids had their teeth corrected, it is my turn. Unfortunately because I was unable to have it done when young, it is requiring surgeries.