Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 189



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    @SheilaBoneham I can access my Progress tab from the main dashboard but I have to scroll down to get to it. If you click on the graph it also gives you the breakdown list with pics and on the top right you can adjust the time frame. Hope this helps you.
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    @eaper64 MFP has some strange rules for posting. Several months ago after an “update” I lost the ability to post and when I try I get “you do not have permission to do this” or something close to that. So frustrating!
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    @eaper64 you might research KT tape. I was having trouble with foot pain and used it - you tube video showed where and how to apply and it worked! DD#2 had given me a piece to try as all 4 kiddos were involved in sports at the time.
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    @goodhealthbestlife When I did WW back in 2008-9 they “allowed” up to 50% to be eaten back. Since the WW “plan” of free fruit lead to a gain of 30#, I quit. LCHF works much better for me. I don’t remember who mentioned bacon but bacon and cheddar cheese are what got me on the right (for me) path. FAT is very satisfying and makes you feel satisfied much longer. Personally, I could never see the point in “eating back” calories. Someone also mentioned time for weighing. I think the best time is after you wake up for the day - mine varies from 5:30am to after 8 but I’m retired. I got to the bathroom then step on the scale, no matter the time.
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    @SheilaBoneham Don’t you LOVE all of the MFP “improvements?” NOT!!! I haven’t been able to post pics for months but the only replies I get from “tech support” have nothing to do with the issue. Or they say my phone needs to be updated which it is.
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    ROUND 188
    starting a little late: weighing every day will be difficult, i usually only weigh in on sunday. i've been bouncing back and forth with my weight, a tiny gain, a tiny loss. think i will add a little exercise to the dieting plan.

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍

    SW: 179.2
    5/29: 179.2 30 minute walk @2.5mph 1691 calories
    5/30: 178.6 1193 calories
    5/31: 176.6 30 minute walk @ 2.5 mph 1254 calories
    6/1 : 178 1100 calories (and there is the bounce. not letting it bother me, 'cause my normal weigh in is sunday. when i report my weight on sunday i'll still have lost some). not sure if i'll be walking for a little while. i have arthritis in the hips. the walk yesterday i wasn't sure if i would make it home. healthy weight must come with a healthy body.

    6/2 : 178, 1538 calories. going to have to do better. i caught myself "boredom" eating. i will be sure to set higher standards of myself tomorrow.

    6/3 : 178.2, 1224 calories not a bad day. disappointed with my sandwiches. i used to make them with joseph's flax, oat bran, wheat lavish bread. the grocery store didn't have that when i went shopping. decided to buy pepperidge farm very thin whole wheat. it'll be excellent for toast, but for sandwich? naaah. making a mental note to buy extra joseph's when they're back... i'll freeze it.

    6/4 : 178.6 1609 calories. was my calorie intake poor choices? i don't think so. it's disappointing to see my weight continue to go up.... but there's other things to consider. i haven't been able to walk for several days, and my quitting smoking has been going very well. i am still using the step 2 patch, but sometimes i forget to replace it, and when stress triggers the "i NEED a cigarette" i'm able to fight past the urge. maybe i'm seeing things right/wrong. i've consumed 350 less calories this week than needed to "maintain" without the exercise, so my weight is probably right where it should be.

    6/5 : 180.2 1037 calories. hmmmm. not really understanding how the app keeps telling me i'll weigh less in 5 weeks, but my weight keeps going up. it's proving to be quite the disappointment.
    ROUND 189

    SW: 180.2

    6/6: 179, my eating was a mess today, macro's messed up, calories exceeded. i did get a good 2mi. walk in @3.0mph. i have also graduated to step 3 with the nicotine patch, that was a difficult experience also (yay me.... i didn't give in!) i'd like to go for another walk tonight, but worry about the arthritis. maybe a nice slow stroll around the community.

    6/7: 178.8 my eating is still a mess, macro's still messed up, now i have seriously lagged in calories. it was too hot to sleep last night, so when i finally got to sleep i ended up waking up too late to take a walk. heat and humidity do not agree with me. i'd like to go out now to walk, but sometime tonight the county is spraying for mosquito's (not even sure if my area is being sprayed, just don't want to get caught in it if it is). every thing seems disappointing today, but i do have a beautiful cucumber in my garden that i will pick tomorrow morning!

    6/8: 178.2 that's not a true weight loss. previously, i have been weighing myself at all different times of the day, so my weight would vary. i think i have found the perfect time in the morning to get on that scale. hopefully, i can continue to hit the scale about the same time in the morning to get an accurate weight gain/loss. calories today were pretty good. macros still terrible. took a 1.5mi walk @3.0mph, so i'm feeling good that i got that in. cigarette cravings are still high, and a couple times today i replaced smoking with food.... not good.

    6/9: 178.2 way over in my fats, way under in my carbs, protein just about perfect. bacon is one of my weaknesses... i just couldn't resist those 2 extra pieces this morning. i had planned on just one. today was a hectic day inside the house. the AC needs replacing ($$$), and i was bouncing back in forth between chores to stay out of the tech's way. it's my off day from walking which i am glad of. surprisingly, it's not arthritis that's giving me trouble, it's pain in the arch of my foot (i believe it to be plantar fasciitis, but have never had it diagnosed). have it wrapped with ace bandage so pressure is applied. maybe tomorrow i will get out and purchase duct tape to wrap it in (believe it or not, it works!)


    You are doing wonderfully beating two big things at once (smoking and food). Impressive.