Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 191



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    I am petrified about sharing good news here, for fear that you will ask me for a song to dance to. HA! Chalk it up to my phobia of public dancing. I have two left feet and one of them fell asleep.

    I am a heck of a toe tapper though.

    @_JeffreyD_ you never keep the previous days in your post so I’m always wondering exactly where you are at except for le fry resistance 😉. Now I know it’s been your plan all along to keep me wondering or force me to scroll 😂. I’m far from a good dancer but my living room and kids don’t judge too harshly. In fact I do well until my bumbly 183lb Saint Bernard gets mega excited and tries to join in. The point is to feel great about yourself and others while getting some movement in. I don’t know where you are exactly but I know you’ve been fairly consistent on that 199 journey. Feel free to give me a song & toe tap away!

    BTW, my previous posts for this round and my previous round history (the good, the bad and the ugly) are behind the spoilers. (Lyin' Eyes by the Eagles)
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    @DaffyGirl88 please hang in there Sue! I know it's hard but I agree with Jeffrey. No time like the present.