Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 191



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    I made good food choices while I was at work, but once I get home that all goes out the window. I decide to have a couple of beers and snack until dinner is ready. I think I need to up my protein during the day so I'm not starving when I get home.

    @cnovak1084 I hear you! I get so hungry before dinner. That's when I'm likely to go off plan. I'm trying to add a low calorie snack around that time that will hold me until dinner.
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    @deepwoodslady - hope it all goes well for you and the stress test turns out to be not as stressful as you are expecting xx
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    @GrandmaJackie is in the middle of moving house at the minute. I’m sure she will be back when she gets settled in.

    That's such GREAT news! So glad she's healthy, just busy! Thank you, Terri, for letting us know.
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    63-year old female; 5’5"
    Highest Weight: 213
    Lowest Weight: 143
    SW: 189.7
    GW: (for now: 165)

    Round 186—EW: 173.6; -.6
    Round 187—EW: 172.2; -1.4
    Round 188—EW: 172.6; +.4
    Round 189—EW: 172.6; even
    Round 190—EW: 173.6; +1 (vacation)

    6/26 No scales
    6/27 176.6. Back to work! I really need to just not take the foods I’ve been taking on trips with Dad. Gotta find some things he likes that I can control my consumption of.
    6/28 175.8 Got in a nice walk yesterday. Headed back in the right direction, albeit slowly. Gotta start making choices that are best for my body again and be consistent about it.
    6/29 175.4 Lots of steps yesterday and did a good job managing food intake.
    6/30 176 Dinner out at a Mediterranean restaurant. Feeling really bloated. Taking healthy lunch to work and have a Skinnytaste recipe ready for the crockpot for dinner. Hoping for a drop tomorrow.
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    @KayHBE It is water. Look at your sodium intake. I always see a jump on the scale when I have a high sodium day.