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Women 200lb+, Let's Aim For The Sky This July!!!



  • pamperedlinny
    pamperedlinny Posts: 1,597 Member
    @CupcakeCrusoe Thanks. I feel better just knowing someone else gets it. Having had an amazing doctor who would give a number, a small goal, this is temporary, be realistic type of mentality then having this doctor is killer. I don't know that I'll ever find someone like my previous doctor again but I really need to try before the next 6 months is over. My weight has been dropping lately and my fasting numbers have all been ok. My at home check of A1C until this one have been decent. She won't listen to any of that if the numbers in her lab aren't perfect. I'm going to try not to stress but I'll probably fail in that a lot until the 20th.
    Also, I had gestational diabetes but when I was diagnosed with type 2 she acted like I had never been down this road. I explained that I had gestational diabetes, had a bad batch of insulin that didn't do a thing and within 3 months of her birth I (admittedly with metformin) was back to near normal numbers. Instead it was like I hadn't done any of that. I hate doctors who don't listen.
  • bonniemcc4
    bonniemcc4 Posts: 129 Member
    @bojaantje3822 woohoo on lost cm! I hope your night issue clears up soon!

    @mshawski and @gbj4120 welcome!

    @karilbrandt hugs!
  • sarah12277
    sarah12277 Posts: 212 Member
    @pamperedlinny UGH I don’t like hearing about the doctors that are like that, especially when you are working on changes. Definitely see about a new dr. Since you got your numbers down before, I hope you can be strong enough to advocate for the 1 month trial for yourself. You did it before and had some things come up that affected that you’re aware of. Maybe see if you can show your tracking to show the dr what you’ve been eating and have the conversation for her to review. They don’t have much knowledge about nutrition but sometimes just seeing that can be sufficient. I go back & forth on how pushy dr’s should be about weight but do think that if you’re actively working on it they need to back off. I realized how clueless they can be when I lost weight the first time around and they were asking me for advice to share with patients.

  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 578 Member
    edited July 2022
    @pamperedlinny I am so sorry (((hugs))) I hope you can find a new Dr. soon. I would definitely get a new one that would be able to prescribe generics. Since you are making progress on your weight I would ignore the shame (shame on the Dr. for dishing out any freakin shame!!!!!!). Seriously, since when did shame help ANYONE lose weight?? I am not the type that responds to that, it seems like it would generally have the opposite effect: shame, stress, feeling out of control, weight gain. No one needs that. That is why we have this space here, to try to come to grips with the little steps needed to change our lives and deal with emotions that will come up in the process.

    I hope that given time your numbers will start looking better. My hubby is diabetic and when he found out, he lost the weight (he is on the line of underweight now) and he didn't need to take meds for 10 years. He has to take them now, but I think if he ate a little more and walked he might be able to put it off a little longer - but I do NOT stress him about it or nag him about it. I just off handedly remarked a couple of times that walking might help him. He doesn't seem to be able to have the energy to change his life, and I certainly understand that! It is hard to change what you do daily.

    If you are the sort that doesn't want to fight with the Dr., and I mean who wants to pay a Dr. just to argue with them?? I wouldn't even go in for the appt. You know how this will go down, and I don't know how far in the country you are, but it seems that there should be at least one other Dr to check out. (((hugs)))).
  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 578 Member
    edited July 2022
    48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277 ((in 2021 lost 57 lbs from May 1- Dec 31))
    July goal: keep some sort of deficit daily
    Ultimate Goal weight: 141 (normal BMI) No goal date, since I am struggling so hard with the prednisone

    1/1 172.2
    2/1 172.2
    3/1 165.8
    4/1 161.4
    5/1 156.8
    6/1 156.8
    7/1 153.0
    7/8 154.4

    🕊️Recuperate from illnesses and prednisone/hives. If possible, continue fitness journey and always be thankful!.
    🕊️Be patient! Remember that increments are where it is at, and focus on habits.
    🕊️Remember: Total loss of over 120 lbs!!

    So I am on my cycle, and I was really thinking that my water weight would be more. I just have no idea what my real weight is right now.

    So, these past couple of weeks my breasts specifically decided to “shrink”. I feel like Carol Burnett’s character that looked like she had a couple of oranges in her dress and her boobs hung down to her waist. So, I asked the hubby to take me to the store to buy a couple of bras. I don’t know what I was thinking, between all the skin, the brightest lights you done ever saw, and dealing with the whole situation I barely avoided a nervous breakdown. I almost didn’t answer the hubby when he asked "what is the matter?" But I said, “I am a shar pei! All the bras don’t cover enough to get the skin tucked into the actual bra.” I left with zero bras, and yet another horrible shopping experience. It is totally laughable.

    I do remember on the thread “what people don’t tell you about losing weight” that many said when you get to your goal weight it is hardest, and it will be your lowest point - because of all the changes. I tried to be ready for it. Whew, it is a little harder than I thought! My hubby said I just need to be patient. But, in the back of my mind - I will have this excess skin for years (forever?). I will get used to it though, that is what I keep trying to tell myself. So that is a nice thing. It is just shocking to go through all this change, and then be all like… blech!! I will still continue to the normal BMI, but I just wanted to do a little ranting now that I am not at the moment covered in hives and blabbering in pain. Thanks for listening ladies, you can do it!! Hang in there!! Have a truly blessed rest of the month!!
  • pamperedlinny
    pamperedlinny Posts: 1,597 Member
    Thank you everyone. I really am considering calling a different office and trying to get in with a different doctor associated with a different hospital system altogether. I feel so stressed right now.

    @justanotherloser007 my youngest brother lost a ton of weight in a short time when he was prepping to join the army... like over 100 lbs in about 12 months. His personal trainer was the army recruiter and one of my other brothers was going into the Marine reserves at the same time so there was competition and full on basic style training happening all at once. Anyway, the Army paid for him to have the excess skin removal surgery and he said it was the most pain he has ever felt in his life and he would have rather had the excess skin and possible side effects of that than to have the surgery. I think about that a lot as I know if I ever get my weight down I'll have all that extra skin too. I'm almost more terrified about shopping with the extra skin than about shopping now when I'm fat.
  • kenziestabes
    kenziestabes Posts: 338 Member
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 246.9
    Current Weight: 189.9
    Goal Weight July: 185
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165-170
    Weigh in Day: Friday

    7/1: 189.9
    7/8: 190.3 (+0.4 pounds)

    1. Do something social once a week
    2. Walk every day
    3. Work out 3x a week
    4. Go to gym once a week
    5. Dedicated 30 minutes a day to hobbies
    6. Dedicated 15 minutes a day to cleaning something
    7. Take puppy on 15 minute walks on non dog daycare days
    8. Eat out 3x a week or less

    Ergh. Don't like seeing the scale go up.

    Goal successes: 1 (went out for Independence Day), 3 (mostly walking but definitely got steps in), 7, and 8.

    Need to work ons: 2, 4, 5, and 6. Puppy isn't feeling too well and roommate was super busy with work, so I didn't make my way to the gym or go on walks with roommate too often. 5 and 6 are the result of me being unproductive once I'm done with dinner.
  • bvbblegvms
    bvbblegvms Posts: 50 Member
    Hello All!

    I am finally getting serious about restarting my journey to a healthier lifestyle this month. Throughout the year I've been saying I want to start taking my health more seriously but never really stuck with it or held myself accountable but trying to make strides this month to stick with it!

    Age: 28
    Height: 5'7
    SW: 247 lbs (June 2022)
    CW: 245.3
    GW for July: 240 lbs
    GW: 165 lbs

    💫My goals for July:

    🌟 30 mins of Ring Fit/Walking x3/week
    🌟 Log food every day of July
    🌟 Stay within calorie limit
    🌟 Order DoorDash/Eat out only on weekends
    🌟 Perform skincare routine every morning & night

    We got this!!
  • LisaLethal
    LisaLethal Posts: 37 Member

    Age: 33
    Height: 5'7"
    SW: 244 on 06/06/22
    UGW: 145

    July weigh ins:

    7/1: 233.5
    7/8: 231.9 (-1.6 lbs)

    Overall, happy with the loss considering 4th of July weekend I kind of derailed. Didn't go to the gym but one time this week, but mostly kept within my calories. Felt hungrier, moodier, etc. this week so wondering if it's that time of the month? I have an iud so I never really know lol- just try to base it off my moods.

    Went to the gym last night, and plan on going tonight.. even though I have a headache and don't feel like it. I ALWAYS feel better after I go.. it's just getting there that is the tough part.

    Haven't expressed to my coworkers the fact that I'm trying to lose weight and getting lowkey annoyed at all the times food is pushed upon me... like literally food dropped off on my desk. Is it sweet? yes. BUT I feel obligated to eat it, and then selfishly annoyed that I'm "spending" my calories on things I would not have chosen for myself. First world problems, right? Not sure what has worked for you guys?

    Goals this week:
    Go to the gym 3-4x.
    Buy a decent pair of gym shoes (working out in my work shoes is not working out anymore)
    Engage my daughter in an active adventure this weekend (hike, walk, bike ride, etc.) instead of a non- health based reward. Trying to make this a lifestyle and that means changing up the things I used to do for fun (i.e., eating out, baking cookies/desserts)

    My goal this week is to get to the g ym
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    I went for a long walk Thursday with my youngest and not a bad walk Friday too. My husband left that morning for Hawaii to see my MIL who has just been put in hospice. She is such a sweet lady. My youngest left to visit her today for a long weekend. I will stay here to look after the cats. It makes me glad we went for a longer time this spring for a family wedding.

    My youngest went to the drs and they need to be off salt and red meats and get more exercise. We only have lamb once a week and avoid beef. Every 2 weeks or more we will have pork. I also avoid turkey since it has too much iron for me. So I need to shift my meal planning and start having more go to vegetarian dinners. No more take out the Dr said. That will be good for my weight loss so okay.

    I get the feeling I am going to get a job offer next week. He said in the interview that the next step is checking references. If he said checking my references I would know for sure. I got the feeling they hadn’t gotten many applications. I know my references will give me good reviews so if he checks mine I should be getting an offer for sure.

    @bojaantje nice progress with the measurements. I ordered clothes online based on the size I have been wearing and measurrments and they were all at least a size too large. Good luck figuring out clothes sizes. I liked what you said about trusting the low. I actually track my high and my low and make sure they are both going down. However on here I record my latest low. If I vary I wait for the next low and record it on here. Most people can’t drink coffee or caffeine after 2 PM without it keeping them up. I find that if I have enough coffee everyday drinking it later in the day doesn’t effect me. But if I drink too much I will get a caffeine withdrawal headache. So I am careful to stay in the right zone so I can have an occasional coffee drink later in the day. I stay away from drinking my calories for the most part. My husband is a storm water quality engineer. Hope your work changes go well.

    @Cupcakecrusoe last night I went out to a restaurant we haven’t gone to since the Pandemic began so I am back up a bit too. I plan to do some house cleaning while my family is gone. At least it will stay straight until they are back. Nice you are having a lunch together. My husband and I worked remotely together for more than a year and didn’t take lunch together although we discussed leftover lunch options a bunch. When we worked in the same city we got together for lunch every week or 2. I miss that. Congrats on the headstand.

    @justanotherloser007 Hope for your recuperation and slow loss might work well as you approach your goal weight. Lots of NSV you are experiencing anyway. Praying for you. I agree with what you said about weight management.

    @cosmiccurves good luck with the last unpacking. We moved from a large house to a small house and I eventually gave up trying to find places for everything. Now that kids are grown I am trying to get rid of things they left behind or don’t need. My youngest is still living with us and keeps bringing kitty things home for our cats.

    @mshawski You will. However the way to get your brain to help you get there is to tell it you are there already so it works with you. Vision your future as a reality so your brain knows what to do. I am trying to do this but not there yet. This is the only alternate truth I believe in. Sorry about the pain. I used to do Aquafit before the pandemic. I am waiting for the COVID rates to get to a low level before going back to the YMCA. Think it might work for you. From what I have seen 3-5 cups are good for women. So best getting that down a bit. I love coffee but drink more like 1-2 cups a day. Welcome.

    @karibrandt I do not drink usually either and agree it is a challenge to fit it in when I do. Now that I am older I usually can’t drink more than 1 anyway.

    @pamperedinny Hope your lab work goes well.

    @JAC581 I thought you had COVID and felt it was a false or too early test but wasn’t going to say anything. Glad you checked again. Sorry.  Hope it is mild. Take care.

    As to eating bad foods: I think the jury is out on the idea that calories are the only factor in weight loss. Some feel that the studies made in this country in the past years were biased with blinders on and were not conclusive as to how best to lose weight. Many other approaches to studying weight were not even done. For me calories are important but I was on a plateau for more than a month eating under my BMR at times and upping/then changing up exercise and it wasn’t until I took a diet rest and started to eat better that I started to lose again. I lost really fast when I started to up my calories -faster than I had ever lost when I was eating at too large a deficit with the exception of the day I lost 4 lbs after drinking 10 glasses of water the day before. I did go back on a more reasonable deficit to lose the rest of the next 20 lbs. When I went back to work fulltime and had a hard time exercising, logging and cooking healthy foods at home. I started to gain back the 40 lbs I had lost. I tend to not lose when we eat out too much whether the calories are low or not. Yes deficit is important but it doesn’t explain everything. However perfect doesn’t work for me either. I have to have some joy in my meals. However I have found that making some favorite foods special by having them less often works too. I lost 20 lbs while going to Starbucks every weekday eating a pastry and latte but eventually I was exercising too much and eating too little and it didn’t work anymore. So I agree that deficit is important and eating favorite “bad foods” now and again is okay. However I think what we eat is a factor in weight loss. I also think that sleep, water intake, and regular exercise play a part. I do think you can lose without exercising. However I am losing for my health and exercise helps me. I mentioned that my youngest just went to the doctors and they 1st want to try her losing weight and eating better before they have to do a more invasive test. She actually wasn’t overweight until she went off to college. The doctors didn’t mention calories. They mentioned cutting out take out, and red meat, low salt and getting more exercise. Only the exercise relates to calories. So don’t worry about an occasional weekend eating less great food or going out while on a vacation but I think to lose we need to not just watch what calories we eat but what we eat, drink, our activity level, sleep and water. I think that highly processed and most foods eating or taking out are not going to help our weight loss or health.
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    @pamperedlinny I wasn't able to read the last posts before I posted and just read your latest now. My youngest has just been diagnosed with PCOS this year. Your post helped me understand a little some of the health issues they are facing now. So far they aren't pre-diabetic. They didn't have any issues with taking the vaccines but due to a work related event they did get COVID but it was mild. I think you are right to be very cautious with medications if you can manage issues otherwise. My husband's PA wants him to take cholesterol medication even though he is low only due to his age. He avoids going to see him. I hope you can find a doctor you can partner with.
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    edited July 2022
    It took me so long to post that I missed some later posts because mine was too long.

    @CupcakeCrusoe When my daughter was little I noticed that many girls were very skinny. I actually was thin until after an ectopic pregnancy when I couldn't eat or keep food down, my metabolism changed and I couldn't get the pregnancy weight off. I had lost all my pregnancy weight after my son was born. As a girl I would put on a little in the winter but it would fall off once spring came along.

    As a baby my daughter was thin and long. But when she was older but still little my daughter looked chunky in a lot of clothes but I knew she didn't have any fat on her. Later she played soccer, softball and danced. She had her father's broad shoulders. When we were shopping for clothes with my mother she agreed that my daughter wasn't overweight. They talk about big bones and I am the 1st to admit that I am not big boned and my daughter has small hands and feet like I do but she has a larger skeletal frame than I do. I have skinny shoulders. We both have long torsos but like her Dad hers is even longer but she is medium height like me. Her body is more like her Dad's side of the family. In track she was good at shot put, and discus. She didn't really have a runner's body. In soccer they didn't think she ran fast enough to be a mid-fielder until the day the mid-fielder didn't show up and she was given the position somehow my daughter would get to that ball and get it down the field so the forward could make a goal if she couldn't. She became one of their choices for mid-fielder instead just defense. Mid fielders are the ones that play both offense and defense and they are constantly running up and down the field. In fact the forward stays on one half of the field and the defense stays on the other half.

    She wasn't overweight until she went to college, when she could eat whatever snacks she wanted. But I find out later that her Dr gave her a hard time even when she lost a little weight she had gained from studying so hard in Senior year. She told her to lose more. This girl danced almost every night she had lessons and was in the dance company with rehearsals and performances. No she didn't have that tall skinny ballet body but she wasn't fat. Yes, her weight was more but it was all bones and muscle. She just didn't have that body that many girls have. I was flat in high school and she was not. She had my grandmother's and my sister's body except she wasn't as tall as my sister. I realize now that she thought she was fat. People's version of the ideal shape of girls/women is a real problem. Yes and Doctor's have it too. I think they cause the problem sometimes. So far your daughter probably doesn't have to face the stupid doctor and I hope she never will. My daughter didn't believe me when I told her she wasn't fat. I feel if she had she wouldn't be overweight now.
  • karilbrandt
    karilbrandt Posts: 55 Member
    I stayed on track yesterday in that I ate good foods. My calories were higher than I wanted, but at least they were healthy foods not junk. I think that makes a difference. Today will be a challenge as I am going to lunch out with the family. It will be hard to eat well at a restaurant as I have a hard time not picking something that sounds delicious even if it is unhealthy! I have reviewed the menu and am trying to decide before I go what I will order so that I don’t make a bad decision!

    • Sticking to my plan 95% of the time. Only small variations.
    • Lose 5 pounds (down to 246)
    • Start more regular exercise again. I was doing something every other day, but I got out of the habit and need to get back.

    7/1: 251
    7/8: 252

    Tag Party:

    @Pamperedlinney – It sounds like you definitely need a new doctor. It is never good when they don’t listen! Mine listens and has given me time to get my A1C under control. I am currently on quite a few drugs and hope to get off 1 or 2 if my A1C is in better shape this go around. Good Luck with the doctor and with standing up for yourself.

    I second everything @CupcakeCrusoe and everyone else said! Also, in general, doctors (MDs) aren’t actually really trained in nutrition or weight loss. They don’t know anything more than the average person usually.

    Glad that you found someone else. I am sorry that they can’t see you until October though. But that gives you a few more months to get everything under control before you see her/him.

    @JAC581 – hope you feel better soon! That is a horrible way to lose weight!

    @KeriA – I agree with you that it is not just about calorie deficit. Many studies have shown that eating unprocessed foods helps with weight loss as does eating more fruits and vegetables. So it is not all deficit but also what you eat.

  • justanotherloser007
    justanotherloser007 Posts: 578 Member
    edited July 2022
    I remember someone asked what veggies they eat for a more unprocessed nutrition ((sorry I can't remember who)) I use frozen veggies that have no seasonings of any kind. This makes life soo much easier! I love my veggies, and if they are already cut up how I like and I can put them in a pan it makes nutrition faster, fresher, easier. AND I consistently include them. Less "I don't know if I have time to cut/prep"etc.

    I think I eat my weight in onions, and vary out broccoli, okra, peppers etc. lols. I LOVE onions with just about everything except fruit!
  • CupcakeCrusoe
    CupcakeCrusoe Posts: 1,383 Member
    edited July 2022
    Good morning everyone!

    185.2 again this morning, which is fine. Better than fine, if it's preceding finally getting below 185, lol. We'll see.

    Today is just poles class, and I'm going to crumbl cookies beforehand to bring to the gym, to thank whoever it was that brought the personalized bottles. And then after, I'm going to check out a zero-waste store near to my gym. It'll be the first time I've gone to a zero-waste store, where you can bring your own containers and fill up on cleaning supplies and stuff. I'm excited for that. Then groceries, and home to clean and relax.

    No idea what I'm making for dinner tonight, lol. I probably need to make something that uses tomatoes, some of ours are starting to get a bit squishy. Tomato season! Haha. We'll see what speaks to me at the store.

    Tag party time!
    @JAC581 I'm so sorry to hear COVID is making you so miserable. It sounds like the worst. I hope that it passes quickly, and that you feel better soonest. Take good care of yourself, and eat as much cinnamon applesauce as you'd like. Some people say that Indian food wasn't affected by their COVID smell and taste problems? Something to try, maybe.

    Ooh, I could make a curry with my tomatoes, that sounds like a great idea...

    @mshawski this is infuriating. :angry: I'm so glad that you didn't take them seriously, that is so irresponsible.

    @sarah12277 they asked you for weight loss tips, lol. Doctors! :lol:

    @justanotherloser007 you probably follow springlering's posts, but she says that she looks extra "melty" before her skin tightens up some. Give it time, it will probably end up less bad than this at the end.

    Frozen veggies are a lifesaver in the winter, especially. We freeze our produce from the summer, then I can enjoy them all year round.

    @pamperedlinny I'm so glad you've gotten an appointment with a new doctor, so all you have to do is survive this last appointment with this one, don't make waves if you don't want to, just organize with the front desk to have your records moved over, if it's a different system.

    @kenziestabes it's such a small number, though, might not even be real. You've got this.

    @bvbblegvms Hi, welcome! You've got this! look forward to seeing you around!

    @LisaLethal you're progressing well toward your goals! I get coworkers trying to be nice and being so mad at them, lol. If you really don't want to spend the calories, take it with you out of the room and throw it in a trash can far from your desk. I know we're all conditioned not to waste food, but in this case, if it really doesn't fit your goals, it's better in the trash. There are times I go ahead and eat the thing, and times when I do this instead.

    @KeriA I'm glad your job hunt is nearly over!

    Experimenting with vegetarianism will be fun! I've heard good things about the cookbook East, by Meera Sodha, and I've had my eye on Hot for Food: Vegan Comfort Classics by Lauren Toyota. I need to go find those, actually...

    Thanks for your story about your daughter. This stuff is so hard.

    @karilbrandt I understand your position, wanting to eat healthy foods as well as keep a deficit. I just want to be clear: unless you are going to eat only healthy foods for the rest of your life, I think it will help your weight loss efforts toward habit change for your life to find a way to "fit in" some level of not-as-healthy but delicious foods to enjoy time in events. Idk, everyone's different, this is just my approach.

    Looks like I have a dinner plan thanks to my tag party. And I need to see if I can find some cookbooks. Have a good day, everyone!


  • bojaantje3822
    bojaantje3822 Posts: 257 Member
    @KeriA that's exactly what I think about myself. If I wasn't pushed to diet all throughout my childhood and teens, when I was slightly overweight (like 5kg maybe) but swimming 3-4 hours a week and cycling everywhere for about 13-16+ hours each week, I would not have had such a horrible relationship with food for so long and such horrible self-esteem that I got to the highest category of obesity. And I had to work through all this mental stuff and fix my relationship with food and remove a bunch of stress from my life, including learning to speak up for myself and tell people off for giving me stress about my weight or body or health (especially because my health has always been good, I'm only clumsy and break bones but I don't get sick sick often) before I could lose any weight at all. It's working now because I have minimal stress in my life so I have the headspace to deal with this.
    I know it's not 100% the fault of other people because I ate all those extra things but I do think the main reason I needed a coping mechanism was the stress from being told I was fat all the time.

    Let's see if I can post a picture of me then.

    +1 for East cookbook. It's fantastic.

    Good point about tracking the highs too. I don't write any of it down but I would be very concerned if my weight suddenly went above 130kg again. So I am sort of tracking the highs too, at least in my head. I feel a 5kg/11lb upwards fluctuation is normal for me so I don't worry about that.

    Clothing sizes are so stupid!!! I always fit into stuff that's supposedly 10cm too small for me everywhere and when it comes to sportsleggings it's a complete mystery. But seeing the new numbers did lead me to try on some old jeans again and I could close them! They're a W34 from Levi's with loads of leg space so I'm looking forward to the time they'll look good on me again. Now they give me extreme muffin top so it's a no. I tried on another W34 from Levi's I still had with skinny legs but my calves didn't fit. They're thick, 51cm iirc, so they'll always be a problem, as will my thighs, but I noticed with this weightloss that my waist is lagging behind on losing because my belly's behind so that's more and more the deciding factor of whether something fits. Very interesting.