15 pounds to lose challenge August 1 - October 31, 2022



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    Not looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow. I was doing really well and was down 2Lbs earlier this week but I'm sure I gained it and more back. My problem is bread...anything bread like. As soon as I put bread in my mouth I gain weight.
    Going to have to get strict with my diet and cut out breads and see what happens.
    Let's see what happens

    Same thing happens to me, but it's any carbs(Bread is the worst). If I go over approximately net 30 carbs daily. Even if it's good low carb veggies. :-( My body seems to hold onto them. Even if it's a cardio workout day. My body doesn't seem to burn them. It could also be water weight that comes with the carbs. I read somewhere and my sons agree, with every gram of carb 4 grams of water retains with it.

    Same here. Carbs just don't work for my body. Ugh.