15 pounds to lose challenge August 1 - October 31, 2022



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    Hi. I'm 75 and after being retired for a year, felt there was still "more" to life, so entirely switched occupations and now work as a server at an Assisted living Sr Home. Work is hard but saves going to the gym! I live in central B.C., Canada
    I'm usually not very successful at challenges but hope to focus on the thoughts and situations that trigger my evening over eating habit.

    Recent lowest wt: 156 ( Aug 2021); at first a slow backslide, but it picked up speed over the past 10 weeks. Now yo-yoing between 166.6 and 163.

    August 1st: 165
    Aug 8th: 166.2
    Aug 15th: 165
    Aug 22: 165.4
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31st:
    Wt change for August: ____
    15# off by Oct 31st, 2022 Challenge:
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    Hi I am back and more or less ready to switch to maintaining, but a bit worried that adding additional calories back in will lead to weight gain so I am sticking with you all for another round though without a major weight loss goal, just accountability.
    I am a grad school professor on the East Coast. 5’8” mid 50s

    Height 5’8” (used to be 5’9’’ but shrunk !)
    Aug 1 - 127.2
    Aug 7- 126.8
    Aug 13- 124.4
    Aug 19- 122.4

    Still losing weight from stress without wanting to— actually faster than when I was trying to lose weight. My stomach is in knots and total gastric distress (can’t keep any food down and i feel like I have my period even though I have been menopausal for 5+ years). My aunt calls me constantly and alternates between yelling and crying, she undermines my ability to help her do the things she has asked me to do by either cancelling them after I have set them up, not following through on things she has said she would do, or telling people who I need to talk to that they are not allowed to share info with me (contrary to the terms of my durable power of attorney for her). She has asked me to help her move closer to me and I am doing that, and paying for all of it, but I am also losing lots of money I can’t afford to lose because of her shenanigans (like 18K in the last week on lost deposits and renovations). I am a professor and don’t have that kind of money to just throw away and I am not that far away from needing to support myself in retirement too.

    @Sinisterbarbie1 My heart goes out to you. I will be praying for your Aunt to be touched with kindness, compassion, cooperation and understanding during this time. I will pray that you will be given relief. Sending all the good vibes possible your way. Trust and have faith. God and all the powers that be know your problems and your efforts. I don't mean to be overly "preachy" but someone like you, who is trying so hard to be a good person and a good niece will surely be blessed!
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    Step counts for the week:
    Sunday- 8,432
    Monday- 11,690
    Tues.- 14,141
    Wed. - 16,237
    Thursday- 13,437

    bike riding
    strength training classes

    I also logged my food and drink nearly every day this week- I logged it all- the good, the bad, the delicious.

    I have not gotten on the scale yet this week, because what if I see my weight go up after all this diligence. I may weigh next week instead.
  • RubyRed427
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    Going camping for the weekend. I planned a menu and hoping to stick to it. I packed extra fruit and veggies so hoping I won't snack as much on the junk food. I'm down a little bit since Monday's weigh-in and don't want to gain it back. We usually do a lot of walking so maybe I can burn off any extra calories I eat😉

    I haven't gone out for my daily walk for over a week now. The weather has been too hot and I've just got lazy. No excuse for not getting out as our local arena is open during the day and has a walking path I can use on the hot days.
    I will get back to it on Monday...funny thing though is since I stopped walking my weight has gone down and when I walk it goes up. Could just be a coincidence. I will have to keep track and see what happens next week.

    Good Luck Everyone...Enjoy your weekend

    Enjoy camping~~ sounds like a great plan that you packed fruit and veggies. You will probably walk a lot each day.