Women 200lb+, Let's Be Adventurous This August!!!



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    check in for the week , down 2lbs
    meal plan for next week completed ..wings, salad, protein shakes, eggs, Canadian bacon
    groceries ordered for next week
    Still pushing through THIS week , drinking water, remaining in my calorie deficit and moving my butt
    hope everyone have a great remainder of the week and weekend. :smile:

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    edited August 2022
    One side of the argument: "My body should not be political."
    Other side of the argument: "Not murdering people for existing shouldn't be political."
    Whether you agree with either sentiment or think both are factually wrong, they are diametrically opposed viewpoints which both claim to have the moral high ground. Just like a pro-choice individual cannot convince a pro-life individual that the issue is not murder, a pro-life individual cannot convince a pro-choice individual that the issue is not stealing away someone's autonomy and control of their own body. Ergo, political. You have your deep rooted emotional belief over the issue, as do those who disagree with you. My belief is that this topic should not be broached on a thread about weight loss.
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    Noted✔️ won't happen again by me and won't argue about it if others bring it up. Unfortunately I can't unbroach it. This was a thoughtless mistake and I'll consider impact a bit more in the future. Topics directly related to weightloss only from me ✔️
    I actually appreciated you bringing it up in the first post. Would not have realised without being told so thanks for speaking up.
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    No problem. I know you were just talking about your day, but I've seen how seemingly innocent comments have hurt people unintentionally, especially when they can be seen as "othering" a group of people. Hope my comments didn't come off as aggressive!
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    All's good! My ego should never come above someone else's pain and calling someone out is an act of respect and kindness. You didn't assume I was beyond helping and now I can do better in the future.
    The second post made me pause but it was totally warranted based on my earlier reply. I was still in my feelings when I wrote it so while I did my best to apologise and not argue, it was unnecessary of me to bring it up again. I'd like to think I've done better in my third post. Now it's on me to stick to my word.
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    Good morning everyone!

    Friday weigh in day!

    33 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW: 200.4
    Halfway GW: 183
    UGW: 150

    SW 8/1: 186.2
    8/5: 181.8 (-4.4)
    8/12: 181.6 (-0.2)
    8/19: 180.4 (-1.2)

    🌞 August Goals! 🌞

    🧡 August GW: We're shooting for 183 again!
    🧡 New August GW: 180

    🧡 Log everything in grams ✅
    🧡 Do at least three pole classes a week ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅
    🧡 More than 100g protein every day ✅
    🧡 No doomscrolling after 7PM each night ✅
    🧡 At least 64oz of water a day ✅

    I'm very happy with this, I didn't expect to lose this much this week. I guess keeping myself between 1500-1600 and logging in grams is sufficient for this kind of loss. I guess the difference now from the last time I was doing this (exact calorie level) is, I'm going to the gym three times a week for at least 2 hours at a time, lol.

    Speaking of the gym, last night was fun. The classes were very sparsely attended for some reason, so we did splits and giggles, which is where we all gossiped while we did the splits exercises, and that did my heart good. It was really great to just gossip with some ladies, and my favorite instructor was leading the class. She showed us what should really be stretching during those exercises, and some of them, I hadn't been stretching enough.

    Tonight is pizza and beer with Whatsisface, and I feel 0 guilt about it, given my rate of loss. The point of having a weekday deficit as low as this is to have closer to maintenance calories on the weekends without stalling my progress.

    @bojaantje3822 @kenziestabes I appreciate the discussion about who this thread is for- people who want to lose weight and have support to do it. I obviously have Thoughts, but kenzie's absolutely right about the fact that, if this particular thread becomes a discussion where people might feel alienated, we're not supporting the weight loss goal. And we're not going to change anyone's mind, here, anyway.

    I am normally a very hard-charging and deeply political person by nature and because of circumstances *gestures around*, but I agree (reluctantly in this case!) that this thread shouldn't be the place for it. We have the entire Internet for that.

    So thank you especially @kenziestabes- it's not easy, in a very fraught discussion, to be the person who acts as a moderator to keep a thread on whatever rails it needs to be on to serve its purpose. And thank you @bojaantje3822 for taking kenzie's position about the rails of the thread into account so gracefully. I know it's hard, I completely understand.

    I would tag party, but I've got to get going, have a great Friday, everyone!

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    Congrats @CupcakeCrusoe 🥳
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    A gym friend wanted to do the open gym with me. Open gyms are for doing your own thing, though a lot of people still follow a coach's plan during them. I normally use them for the gymnastics homework, which I also did today, just afterwards, but we wanted to create our own workout for the first time. It required a lot of adjusting but it was fun to learn what goes into making a good workout.
    I once asked our main coach if he ever ran out of ideas for workouts and he said no. I believed him, of course, but I couldn't at all fathom such a reality. And now after this experience, I'm very glad I chose to use his programming because I totally would've failed if I had to figure it all out myself. A lot of people have the knowledge and experience and this type of creativity so they can do their own thing but I've learnt I'm happy to release some control and trust that the coach knows what he's doing. It was fun and we're going to do it again for sure. It might even become a regular thing after my vacation. And it's a nice way to get in some extra heavy-for-me lifting to safeguard some of this muscle.

    Dinner is gonna be these delicious mushroom burgers with fried paneer cheese on a bun with some ketchup alongside some oven-baked sweet potato chunks. So tasty.
  • I've been having a nasty fibro flare for the last 24 hours or so. The pain was bad enough in my left ankle (which does have some issues, but not anything that bad) that it kept me from being able to sleep for five hours, which has, needless to say, not helped my productivity today.

    Boyfriend got up and went to work on his own and it was okay and put the dog out on his tieout in the yard (the fence is not dog proof and getting it dog proof will be $$$ we don't have right now) and Girlfriend let him in and did not properly close the sliding glass door. Result: When I woke up in the late morning having finally got some sleep, the patio door stood wide open and no dog to be seen.

    However, when I went out to put the window locks on the sliding screens in front (he slid a screen and got out that way, once) I saw him frolicking around on the other side of the street. So I stepped in, grabbed a leash, and followed him until I was close enough to him that he saw me and came over, and I could put it on him. He never resists being taken home. I will say that he was tired enough to just walk most of the way home with very little pulling. He came home and went to sleep for several hours.

    He's out in the yard on his tieout at the moment. I got all the window locks put on, and this weekend we'll put a new latch on the screen door, and then start planning to replace all the screen windows he can get to with dog-proof screen.
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    Good morning everyone!

    181.8 this morning, I don't drink enough water on the weekends and ovulation is coming (I feel so crampy and bloated), both of which might be causing this.

    It's Monday, ugh. But, poles and pole-ography tonight, which is a choreographed poles class, which I'm excited for.

    I've got today's food all planned out and bento-ed up. I forgot to buy chicken breasts this weekend, so I get to have chicken sausages with spinach and feta for my proteins, with egg whites for breakfast and squash leftover from last night for lunch, with figs and a cookies and cream quest bar as my snacks.

    I'm excited for dinner tonight, I splurged on some roast beef deli sliced, and I get to recreate a favorite lunch of mine from middle school- a roast beef wrap with cheese, mayo, mustard, pickles, and tomato. I'm using an ole extreme wellness wrap to keep calories down, and then I have room for chips as well. And then my coconut water after my workout tonight.

    And I think I've got 100-200 calories left over, even, for a little sweet treat before class. We'll see.

    Tag party time!
    @bonniemcc4 thanks! How are you doing?

    @bojaantje3822 that mushroom burger sounds incredible. And open gym sounds like a great time.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 as someone who has had a Very Smart Pup, I feel this pain. It's exhausting. One time, my Roobear found a window I'd left open- on the second floor, mind- while I was gone, jumped down onto a nearby shed, jumped down from there into the front yard (I did have a good fence), and then got stuck trying to get back under the fence into the backyard. She always stuck around my yard if she couldn't find me, she just wanted to know where I was. 🥺🥺🥺 we don't deserve dogs.

    @sargemarcori congratulations on a new DECADE! Whoop whoop!

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    okay week 4 of August.
    Let's all remain focused we got this...I think..I hope..I believe.. :neutral:

    My goal for this week is to of course push through my 8 day work day stretch ..Healthcare workers you guys understand my pain..

    My goal is to stay under my calories and to strength train at 3 times this week. That will be my challenge this week to find the time to workout with my schedule. If I lose 1lb this week I will be grateful.
  • I'm good at the Eat Less element, but not so much at the "Move More" part. I have chronic pain and exercise intolerance.

    But I just took a thirty minute stroll down to the end of the street and back with Sgt Pickles. He pulled a lot at first but he's starting to realize that hey, we get there and you don't choke yourself if you match the human's speed. He also took a ride in the car to take my boyfriend to work, which he enjoys. I am totally unsurprised that he came home, had a drink, and is now chewing on his bone in his crate. He'll have another walk tonight with both of us tonight after dinner.

    I have baking to do so that I have the small muffins I eat for breakfast for next week. I haven't been able to eat a "proper" breakfast for about an hour after waking up since I first got pregnant, 25 years ago. However, if I don't eat at all, I'll get a migraine. Nibbling a small muffin with my hot tea gets some quick calories in to preempt the migraine without being enough "real food" to trigger the nausea. I usually eat a second one when I start getting hungry about three hours later. That winds up being 400 calories, and that's a meal that works for me and my weird body. I put them in the freezer and just get two out the night before as part of my evening routine.

    I think the next ones will be orange with spices and some fresh ginger. That will be really good first thing in the morning.
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    Happy Monday! My daughter and her BFF were so surprised at another quick getaway for a second weekend in a row. I think they especially loved that we never do things like that right after school starts and this weekend we went to the water park for Saturday & Sunday, stayed at the hotel, etc and they had a blast. However, after a second weekend away and being so far off my normal schedule I'm EXHAUSTED. If I didn't have to work right now I'd still be sleeping.

    I'm not even attempting Zumba tonight and I'm not sure what we'll eat for dinner. I'm about 90% sold on just going to pick up pizza after work because all I want is sleep. However, my girl is definitely living her best life and I am so happy for her to have experiences instead of sitting at home. I'll hopefully be more awake and focused to read and respond to things tomorrow.

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    Age 45
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 226.2
    GW for August 220
    UGW 145

    8/1: 226.4 lbs
    8/8: 224
    8/15: 223.6
    8/22: 226.2
    Total month loss:

    Weekly goals:
    -At least 2 day at gym - 1 cardio, 1 strength
    -64 oz of water each day
    -LOG FOOD!
    -Try out carb cycling

    Well I allowed myself pizza yesterday for my carb day. Overdid it but it was delicious and now in pain from overdoing it to make sure I learn my lesson. ha I tried a place in my hometown that I didn't think I ever tried. It was everything I've been searching for in a pizza. One of their specialties was a white pizza so was perfect. Due to that; wasn't surprised with the big jump up today. Food still traveling and sodium

    My gym friend got together yesterday so we'll be starting back with our routine a bit. I need to get into my overall routine that I've been slacking on.
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    I weigh in on Mondays.

    Started 2/5/22
    SW: 288.8
    CW: 248.6 (-40.2)
    GW for August: 243

    8/1: 248.6
    8/8: (doesn’t count)
    8/15: 248.4 (-0.2)
    8/22: 250 (+1.6)

    Goals for August:

    🍎 Keep eating 4-5 fruits and veggie servings per day, at least 5 days a week
    🧘🏼‍♀️ Work up to 4-5 minutes at a time doing Leslie Sansone workouts by the end of the month if able to
    🏊‍♀️ Start water exercise and enjoy the pool while it’s open
    👩‍⚕️ Have my next in person doctors appointment
    🦷 Make a dentist appointment (first time in 6 years)
    🛋 Hopefully make and have my first talk therapy appointment at the new office
    ⬇️ Lose 5 pounds (I’ll be happy with any loss though)

    Up in weight. I feel smaller so I think I’m just swollen from having a chronic illness flare up from taking my dog to the vet Friday. It was a whole day of events and hanging out with my niece after. It went okay though and I’m glad it’s done.

    Today is my first therapy appointment at the new place. I’m slightly nervous but I’m sure it’ll be good.

    Moved my telehealth appointment with my primary to tomorrow. I want to ask about a prescription for a shower chair and a walker with a seat for bigger outings. My niece wants me to go shopping with her at some point.

    That’s pretty much it as far as updates go.
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    Hey there! Checking in from vacation. I did NOT bring my scale, but am continuing to mostly log what I eat and am still attending OTF so in a fairly stable routine.

    Made my mum a birthday cake (the same she used to make us as kids) and am enjoying my reasonable portions with delight. :smile:

    The break from the scale is needed mentally, so I'm glad I didn't bring it. Focusing instead on hydration and taking care of myself.