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    Talked my partner into going on a bike ride after work yesterday. Picked national cycle route 75, which lead to Uddingston (just imagine a questioning tone as I wonder if that's how you pronounce that and why would they call it that). The goal was to have a coffee and maybe a panini at the destination, but I found Uddingston nightlife somewhat lacking - the sushi place served tacos, the Italian place was eye wateringly expensive and the pizza place only did takeout. We ended up going to a tapas place, which was a very big adventure as my autistic boyfriend was very anxious about the unfamiliar dining experience as I assured him I'll guide him through it. Well after the first order arrived he absolutely loved it (it was goooooood) and we ended up ordering 2 more times and had a fantastic evening.

    The ride itself was also a success - we saw two cats, two foxes, a badger (?) and a rat. Also I'm finally fitter than him! It had always deeply upset me that despite having been to the gym exactly once before we met, he can run faster and longer than me, lift heavier things and cycle faster even though I've been exercising my entire life. Well no more! He had to cycle in the front otherwise he couldn't keep up with me. Win!

    I also expressed some unladylike opinions loudly and confidently toward a taxi that stopped right in the designated cycle lane. I will be sure to mention this fact of assimilation in my permanent residence application next month.
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    Age: 44
    Height: 5'10"
    HW: 290.6 (4/19/2021)
    SW: 287.4 (7/16/2021)
    CW: 211.4 (8/1/2022)

    GW for August: 205
    GW for 2022: 190
    UGW: 170

    8/5: 208.2
    8/12: 210.6

    I missed last week, and yesterday too. Thinking Fridays probably aren't the best day for me to check in, so I will be going back to Saturdays. Sadly nothing much to report over the last couple weeks. I have been working alot, from home, and having a hard time getting my steps in. Next week my kids head back to school, but I still have no idea what school they will be going to. I hope they get into the closest schools to us (about a mile away) so we can walk/ride at least occasionally as I really enjoyed that part of my day at my last house. Slowly getting back into the right mindset. Glad to see so many of you doing great with some amazing accomplishments!

    So, starting small again, my goals for August are:
    - remain within 100 calories of my goal at leat 5x per week ❌️ only 4
    - 8 glasses water daily ✔️
    - 6000 steps daily ❌️
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    Good afternoon everyone!

    181.6 again this morning, which is cool.

    The gym today was fun, we did a choreography where we did chair AND pole at the same time, which was both fun and terrifying! Here are some stills:

    My fan kicks are getting higher! And when I needed to come down from the chair, (from the butt shot, lol, to the knee-on the pole, one foot on the ground shots), I felt fine with my legs that far apart.

    I discovered today that I love a carton of coconut water (especially with pineapple juice in it) after my workout. Like an adult juicebox, lol. But it's a relatively cheap treat that I always feel I've earned on my drive home. Speaking of after-workout treats, I have just enjoyed an incredible cheeseburger I made, mmmmm.

    Tag party time!
    @bojaantje3822 you're absolutely right about progress not being linear. I'm naturally impatient, lol, so when I don't look as good at something as I feel (or don't feel as good at something as I feel like I "should" be, that impatience rears its head, lol. I am working on being kind to myself about my workout progress.

    I hope you're having a good rest, don't want to stress those wrists.

    @kenziestabes ooh, new place! Exciting!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 omg the baby! 🥺🥺🥺 so sweet!

    @KeriA that does sound incredibly busy! I'm glad you're getting this time to take care of all your medical things. It's so time-consuming, so easier to do now, before the new job.

    @mshawski looking back on previous meals that fit your goals is a great plan! Share your favorites, so we can all peep. :lol:

    @sargemarcori look at you goooooooooooo YESSSS

    @15822 you yelling at a taxi as proof of your residency made me lol. And all those animals you saw! Also yes, loving that feeling of being able to out-exercise your athletic boyfriend, haha!

    @lmgoff232 oh man, school starting up is always stressful! Hopefully you get some time to take care of yourself in all the craziness. :smile:

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
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    I'm having a restful weekend. I did some basic household chores and nothing else. It's been 32 degrees C both days so I've just been lounging with some books and tv shows and podcasts.

    I have been hungrier this past month or so and my calories have consistently been 2700-2900 so a little higher than usual. It's good to know so I don't expect too much loss after my no-weigh month. I caved a few days in and weighed anyway but since then I haven't felt the urge. I don't want to fear the scale but I don't want to obsess over it either and I noticed that it was getting a bit obsessive so this break was necessary. My gym performance has been great with these extra calories, even though I pushed myself a little harder, and my body is still changing bit by bit. Mostly I'm just enjoying hot girl summer feeling comfortable in my skin. I've mostly been wearing shorts and crop tops, the occasional dress outside and legging shorts and sports bras at the gym. It's gonna cool off next week so I'll go back to full length leggings and tops.

    I did order one more set of workout clothes... it's a work in progress.
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    Morning gang.

    Unsurprising to anyone who was watching my trip down the slippery slope last week, I completely crapped out, had an all the food weekend and while I haven't got on the scale, if I haven't undone every single pound I lost since I started back, I'll be amazed.
    But I'm determined to get back on track this week, I'm giving myself grace to not weigh until Wednesday, and that will be an official weigh in and plug it into MFP day.
    I realised I needed a bit of a helping hand and got back on my antidepressants, also.

    Goals for this week
    • 8k steps on office days
    • 20 minutes Ring Fit on non office days
    • Meal plan and stick to it Mon - Fri afternoon (seeing old friends for dinner Friday night so I can't really plan ahead)
    • Get back on track Sat and not let the weekend derail me
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    Good morning everyone!

    182.6 this morning, unsurprising since I ate pretty much at maintenance all weekend and didn't drink enough water. No big, back to water and deficit today.

    Tonight is a triple-feature at the gym, all chairs, all the time, lol, first the conditioning class, then the workshop/office hours type class, then the choreo class. I'm excited for all of them, I need to get ready for the showcase next month, and there are no chair classes next week.

    Tag party time!
    Mostly I'm just enjoying hot girl summer feeling comfortable in my skin.

    @Alatariel75 good for you for recognizing the need for a return to meds. There's nothing wrong with store-bought serotonin. :heart:

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    Age 45
    Height 5'4"
    SW 249 3/2020
    CW 223.6
    GW for August 220
    UGW 145

    8/1: 226.4 lbs
    8/8: 224
    8/15: 223.6
    Total month loss:

    Weekly goals:
    -At least 2 day at gym - 1 cardio, 1 strength
    -64 oz of water each day
    -LOG FOOD!
    -Try out carb cycling

    Carb and thus calorie cycling seems to be helping get the scale moving. Going to start trying my program's exercise sessions this week. My gym was closed last week for remodeling so couldn't go the one day I had wanted but glad I went Tuesday; especially to see they were closing for the rest of the week.

    Frozen musical was great. They changed one piece that's more prominent in the second movie but it works better for the musical than what does happen in the first movie. Also a joke that's part of the second.

    Mom had a tire issue so she'll be leaving tomorrow instead of yesterday. So a bit more back/forth for me. More restaurants than usual but going back to my usuals that were always helpful.
  • I've had a fibro flare all weekend, so I've just tried to keep the pain munchies to a minimum, and to keep moving to keep from stiffening up.

    We've started to take the dog with us for a car ride when we go to drop Boyfriend off at work or pick him up from work, and that's really fun. I look forward to the delivery of a better harness and short lead for him so he can learn to walk nicely, because part of the reason I wanted a dog was to walk with him. At the moment he pulls like a freight train, but I think a better fitting harness (he has a narrower hound neck and a mastiff chest and a mastiff head) will help. He's a good boy overall, though, so I'm not worried about it. I'll figure out a solution at some point that breaks him from the ALL THE SMELLS trance when he steps out the door.
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    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 - "I've had a fibro flare all weekend, so I've just tried to keep the pain munchies to a minimum, and to keep moving to keep from stiffening up."

    This is an interesting comment. I'm new to fibromyalgia (well, new to the label of it) and I've been trying to figure out how to word when and why sometimes I just need to munch on things during flare ups when talking to my rheumatologist, and I think "pain munchies" is the term I've been looking for. Thank you for sharing that. <3 I can also totally related to the dog pulling like a freight train. Our 11 month old lab mix does not care about dislocating shoulders when he needs to investigate a squirrel. LOL.
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    I overdid it today. I didn't sleep well last night due to the humidity and temperatures, was sick to my stomach (90% sure it's related to my period), I'm on my period and it sucks, I was somewhat dehydrated and all of those things conspired to also give me a headache.
    Then I did 2 workouts. The trainer told me it's okay not to do the second one and I should've listened but I didn't want to shuffle wednesday's schedule around to fit in the gymnastics class then.

    The first workout was tough but I pushed myself a little more than I should've but I'd honestly blanked on the gymnastics class. Normally I save some energy for it but due to my state of mind I completely forgot. And then we had a strength tempo part as well that was way harder than expected and I got a bit dizzy ngl.

    The skills part of the gymnastics class was fine.
    The first part of the strength part was great.
    The second part of the strength part got me questioning my life choices.
    The accessory part really had me questioning my sanity so I stopped after 2 of the 3 sets.

    I normally sweat a lot but this was next level. There was a permanent layer of sweat on my body, I was constantly wiping it out of my eyes and off my upper lip, my forehead and neck were dripping. I looked like I'd just been caught in a hige rainstorm but didn't dry up for 2 hours. I'm still sweating.

    I also kinda mismanaged my food today so I didn't eat nearly enough before exercising and I got so hungry I felt like puking. I'm gonna take some dextro energy and start cooking and hopefully that will be that. Then shower afterwards.

    I'm not proud of this evening but I think it's important to be transparent. I think I can get away with this behaviour because I'm young and very fit but it also shows I can be somewhat of a fool and things could've been disastrous if my circumstances had been less optimal.

    Oh yeah, one of the books I read yesterday was good imo and I wanna recommend it to fantasy lovers. It's Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan. I don't typically empathise with royals but I liked this book.
    Today I read Emma Lord's You have a match, which is lighthearted and cute, mostly. It does have some HP references that make me cringe but it was just an easy, turn my brain off read and that's what I needed. Her writing style matches my brain's needs so I'm mentioning it in case you see it for like a dollar or for free somewhere.

    I kinda sorta didn't do any work today because I finished all my work on friday and I have 2 weeks left at this place so I just relaxed and took it easy.
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    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 - "I've had a fibro flare all weekend, so I've just tried to keep the pain munchies to a minimum, and to keep moving to keep from stiffening up."

    This is an interesting comment. I'm new to fibromyalgia (well, new to the label of it) and I've been trying to figure out how to word when and why sometimes I just need to munch on things during flare ups when talking to my rheumatologist, and I think "pain munchies" is the term I've been looking for. Thank you for sharing that. <3 I can also totally related to the dog pulling like a freight train. Our 11 month old lab mix does not care about dislocating shoulders when he needs to investigate a squirrel. LOL.

    Oh, someone else gets pain munchies too! I thought I was the only one.

    I honestly think that his pulling is why my wrists are currently so very sore. It's kind of a vicious cycle; he pulls so much when we do go out walking that it makes me sore, then I can't do any walking while I heal up, and he gets all this pent up energy from not going out so he pulls again when we do go out....
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    I cheated today. I was feeling different but when I measured myself it showed me the top end of the range so at the gym I weighed myself even though I said I wouldn't. It said 122,5kg. I've officially lost 15,5kg and my bmi is now exactly 40. This is the border between 3rd class and 2nd class obesity so yay me. It's a low on the scale but I am on the last day of my period, I'm a little sore and I've eaten breakfast before weighing in so I think it's safe to assume I've crossed the border into class 2.

    For the lbs people, that's approximately 269.5lbs so down into the 260s, yay. My starting weight was around 303.6lbs so that's a 34lb loss.

    It took 28 weeks and 2 days to get here. I assume it'll take more time to lose to the next class, which is at 107kg/235ish lbs, another 15,5kg/34lbs away. (Funny that my heaviest known weight is proportionally above the 3rd obesity class as the difference between 1 and 2 and overweight and 1. It's a complete coincidence.) I should be down to class 1 around my sister's bday in april if I keep a 1lb a week loss. Very exciting.

    I do feel okay physically after yesterday's madness. Only my back feels a bit off and I'm a bit sore but I was energetic enough at my morning pilates class. Unfortunately work will be getting in the way of my morning pilates from next week onwards :( but it was always temporary.

    Tonight's oly class and I saw thar it would be power snatches and overhead squats at low weights (up to 70% of 1rm iirc) so I should be okay.

    Tonight's dinner is leftover wraps. I almost ate tonight's dinner yesterday because I was so hungry but I managed to stop myself on time. I sat with my hunger, had another liter of water, and woke up extremely hungry. I'm still hungry now. I had enough food on paper, both calorie-wise and amount-wise but I keep getting hunger cues that don't go away with drinking water so I'll try to eat little amounts throughout the day to still the worst of it and eat close to maintenance so I don't feel too bad. So frustrating. I think my hormones are to blame.
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    @bojaantje3822 go you! This is fantastic.

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    mshawski wrote: »
    I'm starting to get REALLY tired of my normal food. I tend to eat the same thing every day of the week, and probably only alternate between a few things between weeks. All of it is starting to taste like stale sadness, so I'm spending my afternoon going through my old food diary entries from when I had a lot of success between 2019 and 2020 to see what I was eating then and perhaps I've forgotten about something I like that would be yummy to put back into rotation.

    The other factor is all of my protein sources are either impossible to find, or like HELLA expensive right now. A carton of egg whites has doubled in price, and my meat substitutes are very hard to come by these days. I wish living on nothing but macaroni and butter was healthy, my accounts would be much happier.

    After posting this i came back to edit and say I realize it's just a random thought blurb and it's a smidge out of nowhere with no context, but that's all I'm mentally capable of today so it is what it is 😂😂😂

    I totally understand. I literally plan meals for every week. i try my best not to repeat the same meals two weeks in a row. I did eggs and sausage one month straight for breakfast i said nope switching up and I did i found bacon at sam's 4 pre cooked slices 70 calories they are thin as heck but I get a taste of bacon and eggs. I switched up chicken breast for chicken thighs. I will venture back to Tuna soon enough because it's better for my budget. I am switching between frozen veggies and canned veggies Walmart has bags of veggies between .88-.98 and it works perfectly for the budget. I switched stores. So I said all of that to say don't give out get out there do research and mix it up with both stores and food.
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    @sargemarcori gotcha totally get it. Good luck keep us posted.
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    @pamperedlinny hope you enjoyed your vacation I absolutely love Pigeon Forge, TN great relaxing tourist destination.
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    hello to everyone, another week to get under our belts
    My goal this week is simply to stay on track if that makes sense. My goal is to lose 1-2lbs this week but I am learning to understand the scale does not dictate my success but how my body is feeling. I think my last stall taught me that. I went two weeks without a drop then dropped 5lbs that next week. I think I will see that trend at times due to me focusing on strength training. I do cardio at times but my focus i strength training in hopes that I don't have that much loose skin as I lose weight and I want to look tone.