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    Yesterday's lunch with the friend from the gym turned into lunch + drinks + shopping + a movie at the cinema. She sounded a little homophobic or at least heavily promoting the standard gender norms we're trying to dismantle so that was a bummer. I know I mentioned attraction to all genders last time we spoke so idk if she just missed that part of my identity or if she deliberately tested my patience but it was not cool. Overall she's okay so I'll see how often I'll wanna hang out with her... such a bummer :(

    The movie we saw was The Black Phone. The first half was a little dragged out and I'm not patient but the second half was great and I had fun. The whole cinema screamed at the same time every jumpscare 😂 the ending was fantastic.
    Before it they showed a trailer for a horror film about smiles and ghosts/mental illness and it looked terrifying. When walking back we saw a chihuahua with the same kind of smile by the bus stop and I screamed.
    I had nightmares last night but they weren't really similar to these storylines. I dreamed about a really bad storm and my family getting separated and a child serial killer and it was just bad.

    I wore my favourite shorts again. I grabbed the button and it just came off in my hand so I sewed it back on while still wearing the shorts. I always feel like a competent adult human being when I manage to sew something. I'm not good at it and I have no training (my mum is an amazing seamstress and my sister is very good too but they never taught me so all I was good for was finding the eye of the needle) so I just improvise but I think this was my best work yet. Not super neat but I tucked the mess behind the button and on the inside so it looks normal. I'm quote happy with myself. I also looked fantastic.

    Now I'm omw to help my sister move. I'm wearing a light green shirt that completely washes me out but it's so comfy idc. And a pair of leggings that's getting too big. The back pocket is half ripped so this will be the last wear. I decided not to train this morning because I felt too tired. My eyes hurt.

    @shadowheart3 welcome! Your milestone sounds exciting!

    @CupcakeCrusoe omg!!!!! Congratulations!! It's so counterintuitive that eating more shows weightloss on the scale better but I guess when you exercise a lot you have to eat more. So happy for you!
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    Good morning!!!!!

    I forgot that we were signed up for Lasanga Love and that our delivery was last night. The lady that delivered was so sweet and added a salad, warm Italian bread and brownies too. It was such a HUGE blessing. The website if you could use a free meal is https://www.lasagnalove.org/

    Also, my neighbor who works for Jersey Bagel Brothers sometimes brings home bagels when they haven't sold out for the day. Yesterday he brought me a dozen bagels. It was a great day for free food (maybe not calorie and carb friendly aka diabetic friendly foods) but given how things financially are strapped lately it was a major blessing.

    With all the free food we didn't do the sliders. Instead my picky eater child made sloppy joes (or sloppy Whoppers in her case.... do you remember my post where I said she puts all the Burger King Whopper toppings on her sloppy joe?) and today we have leftovers of all the things. It's going to be sad to track or check my blood sugar with so many carby things on hand but, again, so crazily thankful. I have Zumba tonight which will help counter some of that at least.

    Another big plan is coming up.... my 40th birthday is the last day of September. Since that is also the day that Hocus Pocus 2 comes out and I'm a big nerd I told my husband and best friend I think we need a Hocus Pocus themed birthday party. I don't care that it's a Disney movie birthday party for a full grown adult. I just want some fun and to feel like a kid for a day (although one that will need a designated driver to get home :D ). First we have our mini vacation in another 10 days, back to school, labor day... but I can start coming up with a plan now. If you have budget friendly ideas or simple themed party food ideas please share them all!

    Tag Time
    @KeriA Congrats on the 2nd interview!!!! My husband still goes into the office 3 days a week and we always give a quick kiss on his way out. On the days he’s home we don’t really have a time we do that either and I do miss it on the work at home days.

    @Alatariel75 Eek on the cold shower. Hopefully it stays lit so you can have some hot water after work.

    @CupcakeCrusoe your pasta looks fabulous! I’m so glad my trick worked for you!!!!

    @bojaantje3822 I can’t watch anything horror related. It doesn’t bother me too badly during the watch but I have vivid dreams and after every one of those films those vivid dreams pull from the scary stuff and replay for weeks. Not worth it. I need my sleep.
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    @Alatariel75 @CupcakeCrusoe I'm going to a 4 day music festival. So it's going to be mostly fried food. lol. But they said there would be vegetarian options, so I'm hoping vegetarian = actual vegetables. One of the four days, there's really only one band I'm interested in, so depending on when they are playing, my friend I'm going with said she'd be cool if we left early and went to a restaurant with "real food" for dinner. That, or eating a healthy lunch before heading to the venue.
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    @Mshaski – I hear you on the scale. I’m so sodium sensitive that I have to remind myself that I didn’t eat enough over maintenance to gain the 5 lbs that showed up that day; maybe 1 or 2 if I was over for 2 days; definitely not the rest. Happy Birthday!

    @KeriA – I very much agree with making weight loss sustainable for you. I’ve lost quickly in the past – 60 lbs in 1 ½ year; but I didn’t do it the best nor thought through if I’d really keep up the exercise that I was doing to get there. I’m quite slow now but it’s the best plan of action for me to keep for life. Good luck with the job interviews!

    @Bojaantje3822 – Sorry about your friend. You may have to call her out if she does it in the future to acknowledge it hurts your feelings when she’s pushing her agenda to you seemingly. Definitely watch for it if she continues. Glad you liked Black Phone. I’ve been sketchy on it. I might wait for streaming. I don’t think I’ve seen a trailer for the smiles movie yet but I anticipate I might have nightmares from it myself. I can do some horror but if it starts to be more realistic I just can’t.

    Started back with my Daily Harvest box. Using it to help with a semi – elimination diet. Otherwise I love having their smoothies. I might have to take my blender to mom’s house when I go back to keep these up.
    Yesterday I went to a baseball game that work supported. It was nice being out, especially when I’m low with tasks at the moment and got to meet one of my coworkers that I hadn’t met yet.
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    My sister moved! I went through 3 shirts,I sweat like crazy, and I lifted a lot of heavy things, we got a little bit of help from a nice new neighbour, she got help from her old neighbour and some good friends so I'm happy. Managed a slight deficit and had almost 4L of water but surprisingly I fit into one of my sister's oversized shirts, a Nike men's medium! It's a little tight around the hips but who cares.
    Don't remember if I did a check in this morning so sorry if I doubled up today

    @sarah12277 totally wait for it to stream. I liked it well enough but I don't think it's worth my money or yours. I don't like horror that gets too real either and this plot was borderline okay because it had some supernatural stuff. It is set in the 70s and they use the f slur. There's also on-screen child abuse from a parent that I wasn't ready for at all, it didn't show in the trailer. Some violent bullying and some gender norm bs too so definitely look at the TWs and see if it's something you can watch. If I'd known I wouldn't have watched it but I was okay and liked it well enough.
    I will for sure, it just caught me completely by surprise so I'll be on the lookout next time we meet. I'm just so disappointed. I know that some people think like that but I didn't expect anyone to be loud about it to me. I usually don't give off those kinds of vibes so idk what happened.

    @Zombella welcome! Sounds like you've got a good plan.

    @sandielewis2001 love to see your progress!
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    Scale went down a smidge today, so that was good. Emotionally trying couple of days at home, so I spent much of yesterday day dreaming of potato pancakes at the Polish cafe near our house and I'm quite happy I've resisted thus far.

    I'm also happy I finally found my goal skirt! I had ordered a goal dress in a medium that I'd had my eye on forever, and the medium fit. I am not a medium. At my skinniest I'm barely a medium, as I'm built like a defensive lineman. It had one job, to not fit yet, and it failed. (It's still really pretty though). I love short plaid skirts, and had a ton in HS and college when I was last at my goal weight, but I sold them to a consignment shop a few years back because I figured if they ever fit again they would be too short to be age appropriate. I miss them. A lot. I wanted them as my goal skirts. Enter Poshmark. I found a skirt I had in the 90's in the same size I had it in the 90's - it's a 10. Not a today 10, a 90's 10. They are not the same 10's. (When I wore a 10 in HS I was 165lbs, I can fit in a 10 now and I'm 210.) So goal skirt ordered, and I'm now anxiously awaiting it's arrival. The beauty of working from home is no one sees my bottom half so I'm going to wear that skirt to work weekly and no one will know it's far too short for a 5'8" almost 40 year old. LOL.

    @sandielewis2001 - That is quite the transformation for both of you! Well done!

    @Bojaantje3822 - I'm sorry you experienced that with your friend. Hopefully she's willing to learn and make changes <3 You have earned a whole not of good karma helping your sister move. Moving is kind of the worst.

    @kenziestabes - I've found most vegetarian options at things like festivals are fried eggplant or mostly cheese. Occasionally it's awesome and they have falafel. Also fried, but devine. Fingers crossed for you for vegetables!

    @sarah12277 - Daily Harvest has always intrigued me. What elimination diet are you doing? (Sorry if you've mentioned that before and I missed it.)
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    Morning all. At least the scale came down a smidge today, first time in August it has come done and not gone up!! I'm still retaining fluid like a B - I have epic sausage fingers. I even took a couple of water pills last night but they are old and I think they're ineffective because I'm still retaining and I'm not hitting the bathroom any more frequently. SIGH.

    Working from home today so incidental exercise is low, I'll walk at lunch. I do have a sore throat this morning which irks me - it's enough that if I didn't have covid 2 weeks ago, I'd test. I'm sick of being sick!!!
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    Good morning everyone!

    Friday weigh in day!
    33 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW: 200.4
    Halfway GW: 183
    UGW: 150

    SW 8/1: 186.2
    8/5: 181.8 (-4.4 holy *kitten*)

    🌞 August Goals! 🌞

    🧡 August GW: We're shooting for 183 again!✅
    🧡 New August GW: 180

    🧡 Log everything in grams✅
    🧡 Do at least three pole classes a week✅
    🧡 More than 100g protein every day✅
    🧡 No doomscrolling after 7PM each night✅
    🧡 At least 64oz of water a day✅

    Looks like I'm shopping for an ice cream maker. I'm thinking the Cuisinart ICE-21. Give me opinons if you have them about ice cream makers!

    Today is pizza day, I'm looking forward to not cooking when I get home, just relaxing.

    That's really all I've got, lol, so tag party time!
    @bojaantje3822 It's too bad about your friend. It's always hard when someone you are getting to like suddenly has a *kitten* opinion about something that really matters. I present my own personal bi-con Rosa from Brooklyn 99 about this:
    And you are very much allowed to have whatever kind of relationship, on your terms, with this person, even if that's just a nod at the gym, if that's what you need to do.

    @pamperedlinny I looked into lasagna love! Such a great program, I might volunteer in the winter when I feel like turning my oven on, lol.

    @kenziestabes a 4 day music festival omg 😍😍😍 have lots of fun for me!

    @Zombella Zumba is a great workout! And welcome!

    @seltzer_lover if you've been consisten in your logging, did your maintenance number decrease? I know mine recently did, I found out the last month and a half or so that it's closer to 1800-1900 than 2000 anymore :cry:

    @sarah12277 I too am interested to hear about Daily Harvest

    @sandielewis2001 that's a big change in both of your faces! Well done!

    @mshawski I 100% wanted one of those plaid short pleated skirts as a kid. Maybe pole dance is my excuse to get one, hmmmmm. We're all out here living our Britney Spears dreams, lol.

    @Alatariel75 recovery is hard, and I know COVID can return under some circumstances? So just keep an eye on yourself. :heart:

    Have a great Friday, everyone!

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    I just weighed-in at the doctor’s office at 227. I wonder if my scale needs new batteries? I trust their scale more than mine. 🤔

    @CupcakeCrusoe - I use the adaptive TDEE calculator and it’s kept me in the same range for awhile. It’s been spot-on before so I don’t have a reason to mistrust it. I’m seriously wondering about my scale batteries based on my visit to the doc this morning!
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    Random post on a random day off from work! I really need to get going because I’m making my way down to the shore via public transportation, and I still need to pack, shower, etc.

    This is a “gift” day from my manager. Due to the vacation blackout in June and July, she gives us two free days as a thank you. Today and Monday are those days.

    Anyway, reading through the posts, a couple of things I wanted to note:

    @mshawski – I am “stopped” with Chasing Cupcakes, too. At her first list of questions. I think they’re excellent journal prompts and I want to take them seriously. In the meantime, and I may be the last person on this thread to pick this one up, I am reading Shrill by Lindy West. It is filled with responses I’d love to post in the “’Things People Say When You Lose Weight” thread with a comment about how if people are treating you differently when you’ve lost a lot of weight that maybe the problem is really you, formerly fat person. I follow that thread because it is mostly relatable but from time to time someone pops in with that gem of a thought and it is seriously triggering.

    @cupcakecrusoe – congrats on the whoosh! Hard work does pay off! I have a Krups ice cream maker – the kind with the huge cannister you have to freeze before you make the ice cream. I haven’t had any specific issues with it. I haven’t used it in a long time, because I don’t have room in my freezer to store the cannister. I’m considering getting the Creami because it looks more convenient.

    Also – I think our dear Cupcakecrusoe’s progress is a good illustration of the saying, you’re not really plateaued unless your scale weight has not changed for six weeks while following your plan. It’s really important to stick to plan and try not to stress about the day-to-day fluctuations. In addition to the regular water retention due to sodium issues, I’ve found that every time I’ve had tomato sauce I retain water too. Tomato sauce has a lot of potassium, and could potentially cause retention. Fiber intake also impacts my weight too. More fiber generally means lower scale weights the next day or days.

    @pamperedlinny – you are like me with the cooking. I love to cook and bake, it’s actually fun and relaxing for me. People say they like food and cooking and that’s great but, I always think I’m pretty sure you don’t like it in the “I made puff pastry from scratch, all by myself, when was eight because I felt like it” way. It’s rough when you’re trying to lose weight and people tell you to do something fun. My first thought is I’d like to bake a batch of cookies because that’s my idea of fun. It’s one of the reasons I knit, obsessively. I’m glad you liked the “red light” analogy.

    I collect thoughts and phrases from things I read and listen to because they summarize a whole behavioral change process I’ve internalized to help me in my quest. Snacking is an issue for me, and it’s so easy to go off track for the day if I don’t have the quick defense to stop me before I consume a hundred or more calories in the blink of an eye. One of them has been the prompt to ask myself before I have a snack, in addition to “Am I really hungry,” is, “Is food the answer to my problem?". The only problem that’s solved by eating food is hunger.

    I’m also on a mission to dissociate food from exercise, I’ve banished any thought of food being a reward for exercise. Or of exercise being a punishment for eating food. Whenever I exercise, as soon as I start thinking about eating extra food I remind myself “You are not a dog. Do not reward yourself with food.” I certainly realize I can eat more on days I’m more active, and do because my body needs the resources to recover and repair.

    @KeriA – good news about the second interview! And congratulations on the grandbaby! As for cars, I had a Mazda, too. For thirteen years, I drove it for 130K miles, only one transmission that needed a repair. Before that, I had a Hyundai Scoupe that I abused drove for 6 years in South Florida for 110K miles one transmission. By abuse, I mean I worked in Boca, went to school in Miami twice a week, and lived somewhere in between. I don’t know where metro Miami ranks in terms of the worst traffic in the country now, but only L.A. and Washington D.C./Northern Virginia were worse than Metro Miami when I lived there. I lived 20 miles from my office in downtown Miami, and when I had to go into the office it routinely took an hour and 15 minutes during rush hour to get there, provided there were no accidents. And rush hour in Miami is 6 AM – 11 AM. Further abuse: I drove through a flood area with the car and stalled while water started filling the bottom of the passenger cabin. By some miracle, I got the car started again and home, grabbed a shop vac to pump the water out of the passenger cabin. I essentially let the car dry out, did not get it checked by a mechanic, and drove it for another 60K – 70K miles. Also, I was rear-ended twice in that car, once by a fully loaded dump truck. For the Nissan, I took pristine care of this car. Even the last dealer I took the car to said they could see it in the repair record. I’ve been rewarded with having to replace the transmission not once, but twice in 80K miles and 9 years of ownership (only driven for 8 years). I am beyond livid. I am grinding my teeth, talking about it to anyone I come across in conversation, and considering filing a complaint with the state’s consumer agency (about more than the transmission but that really has to do with the dealer), my congressional representatives, and NHTSA. I know that was a long rant, if you’ve read this far I thank you for your attention!

    @bojaantje3822 – So many people are rejecting people because they disagree on one thing. I think there’s room for disagreement. But I think it’s most helpful to think of relationships in terms of standards and expectations. People who don’t meet your standards don’t get to be in your life. If you establish a standard that those who are included in your circle must respect your gender preferences, maybe this person isn't going to be a close friend or someone who's not in your life at all. With expectations things may be a bit more flexible. This pandemic made me realize how many true friends I have. Which is none sadly. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone by phone other than family since the beginning of the pandemic. All this to say I appreciate how hard of a time people are having with friends right now. Personally, I’ve been trying to figure out who’s a close friend, who I keep at arm’s length, who I say hi to if I come across them in the street, and the ones who just belong on the planet Hoth. (For those who don’t know Star Wars, that’s the ice planet the rebels retreated to at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back.)

    @kenziestabies – if you’re allowed, bring snacks! I always think of fruit because it’s portable and easy to grab. Fruit also helps keep you hydrated. I went to the flower show here back in June, and it’s the same deal. This reminded me of a passage in the book I’m currently reading (noted above): “A music festival is a kind of collective hangover in which people who are cooler than you compete to win a special kind of lanyard so they can get into a special tent with unlimited free Gardetto’s. The only food available to non-lanyarded hoi polloi is expensive garbage dispensed resentfully from a shack..”

    Well, I better get to going about my day before it gets too hot. And end this very long post!
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    I’m seriously wondering about my scale batteries based on my visit to the doc this morning!

    Last time I got weighed at the doctor's they were actually quite a bit off because they estimated the weight of my clothes incorrectly. Perhaps put something you know the weight of on the scale and see if it's off? Like a big bag of rice that's got the weight printed on the packaging.
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    I skipped my workout this morning and slept 3 more hours for a total of 10,5 hours. I'm still fairly exhausted but no longer from lack of sleep. I took it easy and only picked up my bike from the repair shop and then got groceries with it. I forgot how easy it is to get a lot of groceries by bike vs on foot. My hands actually feel okay.

    I'm thinking of getting myself a new bike when I get below 100kg bodyweight. My current one has suffered my weight for years and I expect it to last a few more years but I can get a new bike tax-free due to a work thing so I've been considering it. I just don't want to buy a new bike now and have it endure all this extra weight and it would also make a nice gift to myself if I buy one that's a little more expensive than my current second hand one (I can't remember if we got it for free or if I paid like €100 for it). They also make you get bike insurance from the se budget so it would be a good investment.

    I'm about to head off to have a drink with a former coworker. We hung out a few times and she's pretty cool.

    I hear you all on the friend advice. Homophobic tendencies are very much a dealbreaker for me. Sometimes people just don't match. It took me years to learn that and figure out where my boundaries are and why but I think I got some solid opinions on things that are important to me and are dealbreakers if a potential friend disagrees and there are things I don't have strong opinions on that aren't dealbreakers at all if they do have strong opinions about. I'll try to see how deep it goes for her and if she's willing to keep an open mind and just take it one step at a time.
    I see other people in my life complain about their friends and even confide in me that it's friendship from convenience and that just seemed sad and frustrating to me. While it's hard to make new friends as an adult, I don't want to let that hold me back from accepting who's right for me and keeping loose acquaintanceship with those who aren't right for me.
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    Itty bitty step down on the scale, but still 7lbs higher than I was two weeks ago which I still call shenanigans on.

    @mmdeveau - I never considered using her questions as journal prompts, I think that is a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing it. I shall also look into Shrill. I'm getting a reading list going after joining this thread.*

    @seltzer_lover - Scales are weird, I bet you just had on more clothing weight than you thought you did <3

    @CupcakeCrusoe - Yes! Buy the skirt! You don't need a reason for them, they're just fun. I'll be wearing mine in the confines of my office only so it's really only just to make me feel good about fitting in it. LOL. Side note: I have had Oops I did it again stuck in my head for the last two hours since I read your post. 😂

    *Any and all other book recommendations welcome. I'm a big "This book is kind of garbage literature wise but it's light and fun and an escape" kind of reader, so those are most welcome too.
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    @Mshawski – No worries. I hadn’t mentioned in a while. I have eczema issues and was tested a long time ago for food intolerances. When I’ve gotten a bad flare up I have to really pare down and remove everything on my lists. Dairy is on there but doesn’t make me flare up; I just don’t heal when having it. I’ve just been having a hard time with the soreness so thought I should do a round recently. Daily Harvest has made it easier for me where I’ll have their smoothie for breakfast, a soup or harvest bowl for lunch and then dinner on my own.
    Daily Harvest is very nice. It’s vegan. Lots of options. All the ingredients are listed. I’ve stuck with favorites now but initially when I first started I tried everything that I could have. I love their smoothies. I do have a Vitamix that makes everything easier though. I did like their oat & chai bowls initially but after a while I couldn’t get into the texture; still very good though. Flatbreads are fairly new (last few years anyway). I’m not a big arugula fan but tried the 1 flatbread I could have (arugula & pear) and it was pretty good. Ice creams are great and I don’t feel guilty having them; their calories are pretty easy to fit in. I add one in on occasion when I still have smoothies in the freezer. I had their Sweet Potato & Miso soup yesterday and I think I’ll need to stay with those for a while; it was great. They have these coffee pods that were based on a mushroom that were very good but I didn’t want to waste using an item on it for the week (initially they weren’t as flexible as they are now with the items); but I saw they now have 2 pods instead of 4 so definitely not a great option anymore.
    I’ve tried Splendid Spoon and Green Blender in the past as well; both everything ended up tasting the same so I’ve kept with Daily Harvest, though mostly just during the summer months. They’re pretty reasonable price compared to other boxes as well but I do end up going every other week. Overall helps me supplement with my local produce pickup that I’d use for dinners.

    @15822 Amazing you were able to do as much as you did on that ride!

    Books – I’m expecting to buy Radical Love by Zachary Levi soon. I just love him but love the thoughts on the book for how he’s described. To help those needing self-validation, self-compassion, self-acceptance and with past trauma. With it being deeply rooted about mental health and since I lost my brother to suicide I thought it might be helpful reach those spots still needed healing deep down.
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    Softball game got rained out. Glad I walked this morning, so I got some activity in. Still planning on going out to eat (meal 2 of 3, with Sunday being 3 of 3), but I will skip the kid's sized milkshake. lol.
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    Softball game got rained out. Glad I walked this morning, so I got some activity in. Still planning on going out to eat (meal 2 of 3, with Sunday being 3 of 3), but I will skip the kid's sized milkshake. lol.

    Great planning everything counts . I say however if your calories allow enjoy the kid size milkshake