Women 200lb+, Let's Be Adventurous This August!!!



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    Good morning everyone!

    My kid is developmentally delayed, and it's rough navigating the minefield that is pop culture as it changes and evolves! Not saying it's not worthwhile, it very much is, just that things I like because I liked them when I was younger...I have more complicated feelings about now. Like, I'm a big buffy fan, but Joss Whedon is a terrible human. That kind of thing.

    I hear ya! Serenity fan on the JW front, and also I work at a school for kids with autism. Getting them NOT to throw words they hear in pop culture at each other is quite the feat sometimes.

    I'm only up half a pound over yesterday! But I had another fast food cheeseburger for lunch (oops) so we'll see.

    Cheering us all on!
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    I am so sore. I don't normally train this much, this week is an anomaly. I feel everything but the most awkward part is the butt and thighs region. It makes it so much harder to get off the couch 😂 I inherited my couch after my grandma died and she was tiny, 5'4 at her tallest, so the seat height is tailored to her, not my 5'9 self, so getting up off it is always a little challenging, I need to lever myself with my calves against it.

    Today's just work from home, a quick grocery run, an annoying assault bike and heavy jerk workout and an hour of pilates to get everything stretched out a bit.

    I'm obsessed with touching my midriff. I got used to what my arms look like and got to expect the changes in my legs but I still marvel at how my midriff feels. I'm still somewhat familiar with the 109-123kg weight range so I'm trying to focus on what that might look like. I haven't had experience being below 109 since 2016 and that time is just kind of a blur so I'm a little intimidated by it.

    Also yesterday I was talking to a guy from the gym and he lost a ton of weight, from 108 to 95 before he started working out with us, then down to 80kg and now back up to 84kg but his goal is 70kg apparently. And like I believe him because why would he lie but he doesn't look like my idea of 84kg right now. I know that 85% of what he does is cardio with only a little bit of strength stuff but he also seemed to think 108kg was something I was supposed to be shocked about and that confuses me because that's still 15kg below my current weight. Why would I be shocked at that number? He's a little shorter than me so 70kg is a very reasonable goal for him and it's also a very reasonable goal for me but I haven't weighed that little since I was 11 years old and about 5'5 (I know I haven't grown in height since I was 13 and hit 5'7 when I was 12).
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    Weekly weigh in this week ...
    Down 2lbs I will take it I am not complaining at all.
    I will continue to work hard not just to lose weight but to build a better me.
    I will continue to set a daily goal and simply focus on reaching that one goal for the day and simply take it one day at a time.

    Hope everyone is having a good week.
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    Good morning everyone!

    181.8 this morning, back to my last Friday weight, even though I ate closer to maintenance yesterday! Let's see what I can do tomorrow. TOM started, so it's all up in the air as of yet. I'll keep drinking my water, and we'll see.

    Yesterday afternoon was tough, TOM began so I was weepy, I had to deal with awful health insurance labyrinths that never got resolved, and so when I got home I immediately poured me and whatsisface a glass of wine while I made dinner, lol. But I logged everything, the ice cream I had after dinner, the halva I ate after that, lol, and only came in over 1800, so not terrible.

    Plus, MacroFactor raised my TDEE estimate with this direct evidence that it's obvs not in the 1800s, lol.

    I think I've decided what I'm wearing for showcase regardless of what fits from Dolls Kill, either I can wear those things if they fit, or I've got some things that will work if those things don't work out. And I think I've decided I'm not trying to do my routine in heels. It would look better, and I could clack to the music if I could navigate heels, but as I can't, better not to do that, lol. I might bring something to bang against the floor to simulate clacks at the right moments, lol.

    Tonight is a class that is new to me- it's a pilates-esque class with floorwork involved, so I'm going to learn to shake my *kitten* on the floor. And then after that, splits class. I'm excited to see how it goes. Dinner will be leftovers- it worked out that we've got plenty, on a night I'm going to the gym, so that's nice.

    Tag party time!
    @15822 you go! Progressing like a champ!

    @kenziestabes I think your plan is both reasonable and doable. I like it a lot.

    @sargemarcori oh man, I like serenity, too.

    @bojaantje3822 I hear you on weights being weird. I've weighed 150 lbs or more since I was in like, sixth grade? lol. So for me, thinking about going below that seems absolutely out of the question. But we'll see what happens when I get there- I've still got a ways to go.

    @ktilton70130 Great loss! And one day at a time is a great way to approach everything.

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    @CupcakeCrusoe thank you! I am tracking progress in so many ways, I've got something to celebrate nearly every day.

    and the 1800 calorie thing - I can relate to logging all the excess and seeing it's actually not that much. Logging a 'terrible' day and then realising it's still below TDEE is a great feeling.
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    Heh, yeah. My calorie totals have gone down since I convinced myself eating later at night screws with my sleep. I am very VERY fond of good sleep...

    yesterday my dinner was not terribly satisfying, so I ate more dinner, and then more. Sigh. But I was highly amused bc when I went from MFP (where I log calories) to Fitbit (activity tracker) the estimate for calories burned yesterday was EXACTLY the number of calories I ate. I'm happy to call it even!
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    Good morning everyone!

    Friday weigh in day!
    33 years old

    SW: 220ish
    Re-SW: 200.4
    Halfway GW: 183
    UGW: 150

    SW 8/1: 186.2
    8/5: 181.8 (-4.4)
    8/12: 181.6 (-0.2)

    🌞 August Goals! 🌞

    🧡 August GW: We're shooting for 183 again! ✅
    🧡 New August GW: 180

    🧡 Log everything in grams ✅
    🧡 Do at least three pole classes a week ✅
    🧡 More than 100g protein every day ❌ I think I was only under one day this week, though
    🧡 No doomscrolling after 7PM each night ✅
    🧡 At least 64oz of water a day✅

    I'm happy with this loss, given last week's was enormous. I'm just glad I'm not bouncing around right now, pretty steady.

    Last night at the gym was a tough workout, that floorwork class. Tiny little muscles, that one worked, so I'm sore again this morning, even though the workout wasn't as high-impact as some others I take. I'm having a hard time seeing the progress in my splits, although I'm sure there is progress. I need to practice more at home, outside of class.

    Tonight is pizza and beer! I'm so excited, can't wait. And I don't know yet what I'll do to unwind today, but I have lots of options: knitting, playing Bear and Breakfast, catching up on my Youtube Watch Later list, playing Destiny, doing all those things at once, etc lol. I do know I want to run my routine a couple times through before I relax, to see if a couple points can be improved.

    I talked to my gym friend about the chair instructor who said such nice things to me the other day, and my friend said that the instructor had pulled her aside just to make sure she got what she needed out of the poles class. So the instructor's compliments aren't for everyone, she's not, like, smothering everyone with compliments, which I thought when it happened- that she was complimenting everyone in her classes to ensure we stuck with it.

    Which is kind of a weird thing for me to think, I guess. I don't trust when people compliment me. I should probably do a therapy about it, lol. But so, because of my talk with my gym friend last night, I trust that the instructor's compliments to me were genuine, which makes me happy. And I mean- she didn't say I was doing amazing or anything, just that I worked hard and was enthusiastic, which, fair.

    Also, my gym friend is going to do a routine for showcase, too! So that's exciting. She's going to modify our instructor's latest routine to fit a different song, and she's thinking about props, lol. I'm excited to see what she does with it.

    @15822 definitely! I used to freak out about going over calories, and now I'm like, meh, still under TDEE tho, lol.

    @mshawski Past You was planning for this scenario, lol. Nothing like a cute new sports bra! Or two!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I hear you on being up late and wanting to snack. Lack of sleep makes me soooooo hungry.

    @sargemarcori I hate when dinner doesn't quite hit that "satiated" spot. I hoard recipes that I know do hit that spot like treasure, haha.

    @TeacherMamaJen mini golf sounds so fun! And it's so cool that you and your sister are both on the weight loss train at the same time, you've got a built in accountability partner!

    Have a great Friday everyone, almost to the weekend!

    geez I haven't checked in with Hula Girl in a while, look at her go!
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    I have a little under 3 weeks until I change jobs and I have one big paper to finish before then and a presentation to make on what I've done that I'll talk about on the 30th. I just finished version 2 of the paper so my boss can have a look and give me some feedback and then I'll use her feedback for one more version that will go to my supervisor who will give me feedback on the 29th so I expect it to be some last tiny nitpicky changes and then the presentation and I'll be done.
    It feels a lot like university, except we're encouraged to plagiarise as much as possible. I work for the government so some of our stuff goes to the ministers/politicians in charge and they like consistency. If you say the same thing in the same words time and time again, it will stick. If a colleague wrote something perfectly before, you leave it as is and only modify it to fit into your piece. It took a while to get used to this but I like it. I always hated needing to paraphrase long quotes or summarise whole chapters because the author wrote it down so well. Now I don't have to.

    This timing also means I have nothing to do between now and thursday morning. I could work on the presentation but that's maybe 3 hours of work and then maybe one more hour the day of or the day before. I'm no good at memorising, I need to understand the topic and then just talk about it. I typically have notes that create some order in the chaos but there's nothing of substance on paper. The weather is lovely so maybe I'll just hang out outside with my work phone and a nice book.

    Now it's time for the gym. 2 more workouts for a total of 9 this week. I didn't get enough sleep so I'm sleepy but most of my muscles feel okay or tired, not really sore. Only my triceps feel really sore. I did a scaled down version of box dips wednesday and jerks yesterday so that's no surprise. My wrists are also not in the best shape but they could be worse. Next week I'm back to max. 7 workouts so this is okay. I'll rest this weekend.

    I'm also totally about that 'if the weekly average is below TDEE, I'm good' kinda life. Any loss counts, right?

    Time to get dressed, good thing I pre-wrote the tags. Have a nice weekend everyone!

    @mshawski 100%. I had a short coworker once guess 90kg... when I was well over 110kg 😂 she was omfg no way.

    I'm really curious to find out what my bone structure actually is. I have a feeling I'm kinda wide and with wide hips too because I can feel all that stuff there and I'm still big but I have literally no data on what I look like at a "normal" weight except when I was a baby, or below 90kg as an adult. I have old pictures but not that many since instagram only got widely used starting 2012 and I wasn't immediately on trend so I have very few full body shots of my teen self or even my adult self. I had a few measurements from I wanna say around when I was 18 but that only captures about 2 months of my life and I don't remember where I put it. This was also a low-exercise year for me so it's not at all useful.

    @CupcakeCrusoe omg a new low again, congrats!
    Progress with splits is a lot like weightloss, not linear at all. Some days you're stiff for no reason and you get nowhere near what you normally can do, sometimes you seem to plateau in the same spot for days/weeks until suddenly you can go much deeper. Practicing more at home is a good idea but not seeing progress isn't failure. I hadn't done much stretching for a few weeks and suddenly when I got back my split was deeper than it was before my break. I guess try to be patient.
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    Heh, yeah. My calorie totals have gone down since I convinced myself eating later at night screws with my sleep. I am very VERY fond of good sleep...

    yesterday my dinner was not terribly satisfying, so I ate more dinner, and then more. Sigh. But I was highly amused bc when I went from MFP (where I log calories) to Fitbit (activity tracker) the estimate for calories burned yesterday was EXACTLY the number of calories I ate. I'm happy to call it even!

    just remember your fit bit is giving you only an estimate . Just like apple watches numbers are off. I wore two trackers to experiment and both provided me with different numbers. Just a friendly reminder to remain mindful .
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    Thank you @CupcakeCrusoe
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    So my lease is coming to an end in November, and a place I'm seriously considering has a start date in October (about 1 month overlap). It's about 0.8 miles (1.3 km) away from where I currently live, so I decided I'd just walk over and check out the neighborhood. It's cute! Have a tour set up tomorrow morning and planning on walking to the place again. Got to get in an over 1.5 mile walk this morning too!
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    It has been a while since I have gotten on here and I did read all the posts since last time I posted so I didn’t try to tag everyone and in fact wasn’t planning to tag at all but did some.
    Life seems to be picking up (pace) lately despite being unemployed. I have applied to enough jobs that I have been getting interviews. As to the 2nd interview I felt good about it. I knew I was #2 going in to it and wondered why I even got an interview. It turns out they interviewed the top 2. Now they are asking for my references which would ordinarily be a good sign but I think they could be doing that for 2 people though usually employers only do that for the top candidate. Either the top 2 are very close or they just think that is the way to go or maybe I did beat out the top one. I felt my interview wasn’t so good as to knock the top candidate out of the running and that they would need to have blown theirs for me to get the job. Anyway yesterday I took a 6 hour online training that will help me get the job that is opening up this fall at my last place of employment so I am ready for that. I have an interview while I am in Hawaii for the funeral for some other city. In the mean time I have been going to the dentist (already went to the eye Dr) but my teeth cleaning isn’t until September! Next week I have a Drs. appointment and a lunch with a friend before I leave. So this weekend I will be packing. I need to get my surface pro ready for the trip. I bought it while I was working since I think my old laptop is dying but it is easier for me to use since I am used to it and it is all set up. So I have to pack my new laptop/surface for the trip since I have an interview while I am there. Usually my kindle and my phone is all I take on a trip. I am not even employed so why work remotely while I am gone? However you need your own device to watch movies on the flight with this airline so it will be good to have it. It fits into my big travel purse. My youngest replaced my ear phones for me since they were always borrowing mine.

    I asked my son about when we could come and meet our grandson after they get back from the hospital. I suggested the original due date which is almost a month and a half after he would be born. I wanted them to have some time. His mother-in-law is there to help out. He said that December was better and he wants us to quarantine for 5 days before interacting with the baby and be without masks. So that sounds like an exciting Christmas. I may even have a job by then and might need to work remotely while in quarantine. It is a different world but I think it is good to give this new family a lot of time to transition. They plan to move back here eventually so I am fine with waiting. I have a lot to do like remodel our kitchen etc. so they can visit here when they move. I guess I am prioritizing getting caught up with health care visits before fixing the house. I was starting to do this last summer but that is when I found the breast cancer so I had to concentrate on that.

    As to weight loss I am staying low in general but when we get heat waves the exercise is not happening. I am not cooking as much but when I do it is pretty healthy. I am making some of my recipes without salt and leaving out any red meat. I left the Italian sausage out of the spaghetti sauce and due to the salt I didn’t replace it with chicken Italian sausage. I am looking ahead as to how to make my chili when the fall weather starts. This weekend I will be making avgolemeno soup. The homestyle version has a few more vegetables and I use a whole chicken so it isn’t just rice in it. I also will use brown rice. So it should be healthy. I think that is one of our favorite soups. However thinking about it makes me remember tortilla soup. That may be my next attempt at no salt/no red meat recipe transitions once I am back.

    @mmdeveau I did read your car rant to the end. I kept thinking about how we barely use our cars now that we are working remotely etc. We have to take our new Subaru in for its 1st check up and it is way under mileage for the number of months. I remember we were always over mileage on our Honda Odyssey not only did we drive it from Houston to Seattle but we had long commutes. That is something I am considering in the jobs I am applying to. I can see why you are upset with this car. Our car issues have always being hit by others and having our cars totaled just after we had paid them off! Car insurance doesn’t reimburse you for what I good car that doesn’t have car payments is worth not what it takes to replace such a car. Anyway we have one car paid off but since we don’t drive as much we haven’t been hit yet. There are 3 drivers in our household.

    @tahitig glad you had a good trip to Alaska. The thing is not to compare yourself with others. This is true for weight loss but for almost everything in life. Do you look better, fitter, healthier than the last wedding you went to? That is what is important. It is a race you are running by yourself for yourself and against the old self with the wrong unhealthy attitudes and habits. It isn’t a race with others who have nothing to do with your progress in life or have the same genes, history, body type, family situation etc. See yourself now the way you want to be. Tell yourself you are that person you want to be or the wedding guest you want to be. That tells your brain how to help you get there. Make a goal and vision for yourself that is based on what you want for yourself not by comparing yourself to others. If the wedding motivates you, good. But don’t let it make you feel bad about yourself. If it isn’t helping to motivate you, use something that is more positive to help motivate you. It isn’t really about motivation as much as just doing it. Don’t wait for the wedding to be who you want to be. Be that person now. Be now who you want to be. Hopefully, it is a person who loves themselves to take care of themselves and makes small improvements every day or every week or every month. Improvement is really what it is all about not comparisons with others. You met your goal for your trip to Alaska. Yay! Enjoy it and keep going.

    @kenziestabes the heat is definitely a factor in my exercise lately too.

    @Alatariel75 I hear people who get COVID recently and are saying it wasn’t so bad just 2 bad days. They don’t seem to take some of our concerns about getting it seriously as before. They don’t wait until they are not contagious to go out. What I have said was yes you got away cheap but not everyone does. I am glad that our rates are finally going down here and we just got into the low range but the hospitalizations are on the increase. They are lagging behind right? However this surge is lower for deaths. So I really don’t want to be the one going to the hospital or the one who is exhausted for weeks and weeks after. So I have stayed vigilant. When you get sick you need to stop and deal with that. When you are feeling better you need to really listen to your body and take the time it needs to recover. The weight loss is not on the forefront. If you are taking care of yourself, you are eating right and you are doing what exercise your body is ready for. That isn’t going to hurt you in the end to do that. That is what losing weight is for, getting healthy so this is not really any different. However it is disappointing to have a stupid bump in the road. Just keep on taking care.

    @CupcakeCrusoe I like that you have dealt with making your calorie goals more sustainable. I do have really low calorie days sometimes. They are days when that is easy for me. Often I have a good breakfast and don’t really need much until dinner. However my calorie goals are similar to yours. Yesterday I went over my calorie goal quite a bit but when I checked I was under maintenance calories. Yes my weight was up today but like you I know it is just a part of my normal variations and it is a lower high than I was having a week or 2 ago.
    @sargemarcori I think I like the girl who has finally lost one pound since May.
    @mshawski l loved the ordering clothes online story. When I ordered I got something I didn’t order and one thing was missing. Everything was too large but most I could wear and they might shrink over time but 2-3 things were way too big and too long?!? I am regular height and I don’t remember ordering anything tall but who knows. Some things I ordered I didn’t like as much as I thought I would but I knew they were an experiment and it was my bad. Then I had to go to the store for a dress for this upcoming trip. My size is getting a bit loose for me so that answered some of the above and I was able to get what works better for me than the experiments. Much better outcome all around.

    @AlexxandraFindsHerself I have had weeks this summer I mostly just concentrated on the calories in and not the calories out since we have unusually hot weather here. Sleep is important though. Cute new dog!

    @TeacherMamaJen What I liked about your post was you were honest about your challenges but it seemed that you are doing the right things to address them like revising things in a healthier direction, getting together with friends and working on weight loss with your sister when you feel lonely. Blessings to you too.
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    I'm starting to get REALLY tired of my normal food. I tend to eat the same thing every day of the week, and probably only alternate between a few things between weeks. All of it is starting to taste like stale sadness, so I'm spending my afternoon going through my old food diary entries from when I had a lot of success between 2019 and 2020 to see what I was eating then and perhaps I've forgotten about something I like that would be yummy to put back into rotation.

    The other factor is all of my protein sources are either impossible to find, or like HELLA expensive right now. A carton of egg whites has doubled in price, and my meat substitutes are very hard to come by these days. I wish living on nothing but macaroni and butter was healthy, my accounts would be much happier.

    After posting this i came back to edit and say I realize it's just a random thought blurb and it's a smidge out of nowhere with no context, but that's all I'm mentally capable of today so it is what it is 😂😂😂
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    Heh, yeah. My calorie totals have gone down since I convinced myself eating later at night screws with my sleep. I am very VERY fond of good sleep...

    yesterday my dinner was not terribly satisfying, so I ate more dinner, and then more. Sigh. But I was highly amused bc when I went from MFP (where I log calories) to Fitbit (activity tracker) the estimate for calories burned yesterday was EXACTLY the number of calories I ate. I'm happy to call it even!

    just remember your fit bit is giving you only an estimate . Just like apple watches numbers are off. I wore two trackers to experiment and both provided me with different numbers. Just a friendly reminder to remain mindful .

    oh yeah, not planning on trying to eat right at that number! I'm going to be trying to eat a good 1k calories BELOW it for a long time yet. I was just amused to hit it right on.

    Age: 52
    Height: 5'
    SW: 266.6 (1/4/21)
    January 2022: 233.5
    February: 235.4
    March 230.9
    April 226.8
    May 225
    June 224.6
    July 228.6
    Aug 1st 223.1

    8/5: 225.1
    8/12: 220.9

    that's what I want to see! I feel owed a bit more of a whoosh since I hovered so long, but we'll see.