Women 200lb+, Let's Be Adventurous This August!!!



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    Good morning everyone!

    184 this morning! I knew 186 wasn't real.

    Gym kicked my butt yesterday- three chair classes, first conditioning, then a whole routine (so hot), then a kind of workshop class, where the instructor works with us to fix any problems we might be having doing the tricks. I've got bruises on bruises on my front thighs from all the supermans I did. :unamused:

    It was all fun though. I took a video of the routine (which I'm not sharing :tongue:) and I need to practice some to make it more fluid.

    I actually sat there and weighed out my tortellini and pesto for dinner last night before I ate it, haha, a truly pathetic amount of pasta and pesto. :cry: We had leftovers.

    Tonght...we'll see. I'm going to be home, so I can do whatever is necessary, or whatever I really want (or don't).

    I think that's everything on this Tuesday morning, gotta take the kid to the dentist, I'm the boss, then go home and be grateful I'm not going to the gym today, lol.

    Tag party time!
    @ktilton70130 More fruits and veg is a great goal! And the scale will go up and down, see above, lol. But as long as you're consistent, the trend will go down. Do you use happy scale, or libra, or a weight-averaging app? It will help to put those roller coaster weights into perspective,

    @pamperedlinny I'm always very anxious when presented with a new social situation, as well. I'm sure they'll all be very nice, and it will go smoothly.

    @bonniemcc4 You're making great progress, and I hope everything goes well with your dentist, doctor, and therapist. I know all that's been really hard lately- but it's going to turn around.

    @seltzer_lover again I say, clearing out the closet is a great goal, and I need to put it on my radar sometime, lol.

    @mshawski I'm sure you'll find a replacement exercise you like. It might take a little time, might not be the first thing you try. Or maybe it will!

    @cosmiccurves I agree on needing details about fall crafting! Fall is my favorite.

    @sarah12277 yesss wine festival! I love that kind of thing, so enjoy it for me!

    @lmgoff232 good goals! And easing back in slowly can be really good for building those habits again.

    @KeriA new baby on the way, so exciting. I imagine I'd love that time even more if I wasn't the one losing sleep every night, :tongue: Maybe that's why grandparents like it so much. :lol:

    @bojaantje3822 I'm glad you liked the chickpea brownies! I know, people can be weird about treats at the gym, so I try not to take it very personally but it's so hard! I don't have any good ideas about aquafaba other than you mentioned, unfortunately.

    @kenziestabes 3/21 is a good ratio, I think! It's less than 20% of meals, after all.

    @swimmom_1 hi again! I'm sure you'll get back to wherever you want to be, soon. You've done it before, you can do it again.

    @mmdeveau welcome back! I'll take your thoughts about the ice cream maker under advisement- it's true that sometimes, all you want is some ice cream. And one of the tricks I used to do when I was losing weight the first time was to heat up some low-sugar pie filling, and crumble graham crackers on top, for a calorie-poor-man's cherry crumble or whatever. I could totally do that again, hmm...

    Maintaining through all that is truly commendable! I think it's a win!

    Have a great day, everyone!
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    I did pilates in the morning and when I was on my way back I thought my hips looked tiny in the mirror. I measured and they're down 2cm! Also my underbreast finally got below 100cm! It's 99cm now. My breasts are down to 112cm, though I have no idea if I lost off the front or the back. My thighs are down to 79cm, my calves are still 50cm, my waist measured 105cm so the highs are getting lower there too. My arms are unchanged but my head circumference went down another 0,5cm to 56cm. 😂

    I knew my thighs had to be slimming down further because my quads got slightly more visible again. It's nice to see the visual changes finally show up in the measurements, though I wish my belly would get the memo and shrink too.

    I'm super sore today and my hands are a mess so I think I'll wear gloves for tonight's oly class. Now I gotta get my bike to the repair shop and get some groceries so I can have some fruit other than apples.
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    @15822 That's excellent! I have friends that do longer rides and did a Simpsonville, SC to Charleston, SC over 3 days ride a couple years in a row. I don't have that kind of stamina but I'm amazed at those who do.
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    I got in a good double workout in the morning on half a breakfast. My energy levels were okay. I'm starting to do more that I used to before my back injury so I'm exhaustee but happy.

    I got a fitaid drink at the competition a few weeks ago and I finally tried it. It's disgusting. So bad. I filled half a glass with it, added elderflower syrup to fill it to 3/4 and topped it off with water and it's drinkable now but yuck. I knew I'd hate it but didn't know it would be this bad. Idk how others drink it regularly.

    Some of my leggings are starting to really get too big so it's a question of how many times can I still wear them before I get so fed up I throw them out. It's nbd because I love shopping for sports leggings but they are some of my faves and I hate to see them go.

    This afternoon I'm having lunch with a friend from the gym and I suspect that the rest of the day will be low effort. There is soreness in my future.
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    Good morning everyone!

    Great news: 182.6 this morning! Huge whoosh, very happy. New low!

    Which also means: WE'RE HALFWAY BABYYYYYYY

    I did the most ridiculous dance when I got off the scale this morning.


    I don't really have anything fun to say today, no gym yesterday or today, just me working and going home and relaxing. I did have some extra calories yesterday, and all carbs, because I'd already hit my protein, so I got to eat several speculoos cookies with some tea and stevia and still be within my calorie allotment, which was nice.

    Tag party time!
    @bojaantje3822 sorry to hear about sizing out of your favorite leggings, I know the struggle. I used to have some sunset leggings, an ombre from blue to pink down at the bottom, with trees, and I loved those leggings. They're too big now. :disappointed:

    @pamperedlinny pasta and movies sounds like an ideal anniversary, to me. I need to remember to bulk out my pasta, I remember you sharing that trick before, and I was like, I have to do that!

    @15822 it sounds like you're overcoming a lot of adversity AND succeeding, well done and welcome!

    @Alatariel75 yummm korean bbq. If you're otherwise staying pretty on-track, it's just sodium. Also, some people in this thread only log when they have a new low, like @KeriA, I think. This thread can be however you want to structure it. Continue to take it easy, recovery can be frustrating because you want to be all better NOW, dangit, lol.

    @roz0810 welcome back Roz! :heart:

    Have a great day, everyone! Look! She's in the middle now!
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    Hey everyone! So, due to trying to eat healthier and keep to a budget, I only allow myself to "eat out" (including drive throughs/fast food) 3 meals out of 21 a week. Sunday lunch is one of those 3 meals, so my weight always jumps up a little on Monday morning due to sodium and water retention. Additionally, today a buddy of mine in the military got promoted and we went out for drinks and appetizers after the ceremony, so my weight is going to be up tomorrow as well. Long story short, my weigh in day is going to be Wednesday this month. See you all then!

    Totally understand. I allow myself to eat out once however i plan my calories and i review the menu and try to be sensible in my choices. It's insane the hubby looks at me side eye sometimes but he doesn't understand how bad i want to change,lol.
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    @KeriA sorry about your MIL my condolences.
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    Not much exciting to add today. My daughter is being punished with extra chores today so I included her helping me make dinner.... which she took as she's also picking what we're eating (which is actually pretty fair). It sounds like she wants me to show her how to make mini sliders and have chips with it. I'll have to see about sliding a vegetable in there somwhere.

    Otherwise we just went to Zumba last night and are staying in tonight. Nothing exciting at all.
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    Minor rant: I had an off week last week due to my birthday weekend becoming a birthday week (I'm just happy it wasn't a birthday month or quarter) and my scale is being a fickle bleep about it. I didn't eat perfectly, but there is ZERO way I gained 8lbs in 5 days off plan. Some of those days I wasn't off my much, and my exercise was still on plan. Usually after a few days like that I'm up for a day or two, and then I go back down. I've been back on plan for 4 days now and the scale keeps going up, when it should be dropping several pounds. LOL. I feel like it's conspiring against me to make me feel terrible, and I have half a mind to show it who is boss and take it's batteries out for the rest of the day. Harrumph. Good start to me tackling that 48lbs I have to loose by my 40th birthday. LOL. 😂🤦‍♀️

    I've had the book Chasing Cupcakes on my shelf for months, waiting to be read off the recommendation of a coworker. I read like 10 pages, feel seen and uncomfortable, and stop. Rinse. Repeat. Maybe August is the month I get through it.

    @KeriA - I'm sorry about your family's loss ❤

    @pamperedlinny - Grated zucchini hides really well in meatballs, hamburgers, etc and t'is the season for zucchini. Grated beets do too. On the book front, I will def check out the Personal Librarian. I've found lately I can't read on my kindle, I need the actual book. This is mainly because I can't be trusted to STOP reading on a backlit device after the lights go out and I end up reading until the book is done and then I get 2 hours of sleep. Real books have been helping me read responsibly. LOL.

    Well done @CupcakeCrusoe!

    @15822 - I went to the google to look up an "imperial century" and I am highly impressed! I understand the arthritis bit as I'm going through that one too. Big hugs.

    @bojaantje3822 - Have you tried washing them in hot water and drying them on the highest heat setting for way too long? I've found that's helped a few of my pairs of leggings fit longer than they might have otherwise.
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    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 247 pounds (July 2021)
    Current Weight: 187.1 pounds
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165 pounds
    Pounds Until Goal: 22 pounds
    August Goal Weight: 184 pounds

    August 3: 187.1 pounds
    August 10:
    August 17:
    August 24:
    August 31:

    Weekly Goals:
    1. Work out 4 hours a week
    2. At least 1 work out focused on strength
    3. At least 1 work out jogging
    4. At least 1 social event per week
    5. Focus on hobbies 4 hours a week
    6. Eat out 3x a week or less

    Not a lot going on this month except softball. Going to really hammer down on my fitness and focus on my goals. Going on vacation next month, so I want to be solidly under 185 before a week of eating out. Will do my best to keep within my calorie budget, but this month is prep month for that!
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    @mshawski that's a brilliant idea. I don't own a drier but I'll try washing them on high heat and if that fails I'll bring them to my mum's to dry in a drier. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • KeriA
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    69 years old
    SW: 266ish
    CW: 245.6 current scale weighs me 6 lbs heavier than old one so not sure about how much I have lost.
    Next Goal weight: 220 (how much I got down to the last time I lost a significant amount on MFP)
    Halfway GW: 199.5
    UGW: 150 (healthy weight) then reconsider
    July GW: Get to low 240s or into the 230s and stay in them (no highs in the 250s)

    I post weigh- in when I lose.
    7/2: 248.8
    7/29 246.4
    8/1: 245.6
    8/3: 244.4

    🟨 Log daily on MFP and track on my spreadsheet
    🟨 Keep making progress with walking longer and walk 6 days a week
    🟨 Add strength training (weights, body weight and stretching)
    🟨 plan and cook healthy meals at home
    🟨 Eat at a sensible deficit

    Yes, I was right that my rate of weight loss is increasing lately. Anyway I am definitely in the mid 240s now. For some it isn’t very fast but then I want to lose at a sustainable rate. I waited to have lunch yesterday until I was hungry but I was hungry so I ate until I felt satisfied. Then I never really got hungry for dinner since I had a later good lunch so I skipped it and had a small snack later. We also went for a walk. We have walked ever day this week starting on Sunday. It is easier now since it is cooler. The afternoons are pretty hot though. However all of us Seattleites were happy yesterday morning with the cool overcast morning. Some were even wearing long sleeves. It is supposed to stay in the 70s the rest of the week. Perfect.

    It turned out that the interview I felt good about last week was good enough to get me 2nd interview with higher ups. I also have an interview with another place tomorrow. Between these interviews and Drs/dental appointments I scheduled it is getting busier. So far none have conflicted with our trip to Hawaii for the funeral. Thanks all for your condolences.

    @mmdeveau Sorry about your shoulder. Glad you celebrated. Sorry about the blisters and the delays to getting back making progress in exercise. I feel the same way about having to start from square one after last year when I was treated for breast cancer while working full-time. I want to be able to walk as far as I want to without getting tired. Last time I tried strength training at home I injured my wrist. Also sorry to hear about your car. I have had Mazdas, 1 Toyota (used) and mostly Hondas. We just bought a Subaru due to having more snow here than before. I haven’t bought any Nissans so I didn’t know about them. Mazdas are fine until a few years after you pay them off. We fixed one of those and it was doing okay but then a drunk hit us and totaled it. So far we have liked our other cars. Anyway it was good to have an update on how it is going for you. I love your red light analogy. I agree about COVID and masking and in fact the latest is even more contagious. Consequently, I now wear N95s.

    @CupcakeCrusoe I am worried about my son because he has always had sleep issues and not sure how he will survive waking up with the baby. They are planning to move back here eventually so I can’t wait. Glad the scale is finally coming down for you. I think your body was getting used to the new exercise. Congrats on being halfway.

    @bojaantje3822 nice progress with measurements.

    @pamperedlinny This year it will be our 40th anniversary in December. We usually make a big deal about them but then we probably have fewer date nights than some people. We used to commute together before the pandemic and I miss that time. We would kiss goodbye and hello and now with working remotely we don’t have a designated time to hug or have time together.

    @15822 I am glad you found an alternative form of exercise that works for you. I miss doing Aquafit but can walk. I have arthritis in my knee and have issues walking down hill and graded streets. However as I walk more my knee has actually improved. However I no longer run. I am thinking about getting a bike soon.

    @Alatariel75 I would wait after eating out posting weight too.

    @mshawski Happy Birthday and just be consistent with your goals and your weight will adjust again.
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    Good morning all - not a great start to the day here at ALL. First, the sodium from the last 2 days and the fact that I'm eating more after recovering, have been walking a ton more and have retained fluid (I have massive sausage fingers), and just life generally being a giant B - I saw a huge jump on the scale today. I know it's not "real" but it sucks to see!!

    Then, after getting that little shock, the next shock was finding we had no hot water. So here I am, 6:45am, in the backyard in dressing gown and sneakers, on my knees trying to relight the pilot light for the water heater - we have had high winds and I can only figure it got blown out. Got it restarted but that didn't fix the fact we wouldn't have hot water for a couple hours, so a very fast, very cool shower it was before off to work.

    I went to bed earlyish/on time last night but didn't sleep massively well and today I feel like I have a hangover. I'm in the office again today so I'll just stick to my 8k steps goal and my max 1200 cals for the day - I'm doing some evening out from earlier in the week.

    @CupcakeCrusoe – amazing!! Congratulations!

    @kenziestabes – sodium from easting out can be such a scale killer!! We’re doing the same, minimizing eating out for both budget and health reasons. I always try to plan ahead and look at the menu, but sometimes it gets a little out of hand.

    @ktilton70130 – yup, the hubster gives me lip because I will pour over the online menu before we go and make my choices!

    @KeriA – I’m so sorry for your and you family’s loss. Good luck with your interview! Yup, I’m definitely going to wait to post and log my weight – it is going in the VERY wrong direction.

    @pamperedlinny – sounds like she’s making the best of her extra chores! I made mini sliders and used grilled mushrooms as the buns, they were super cute and tasty (if you like mushrooms)

    @mshawski – Happy Birthday!!! I feel you SO MUCH. It wasn’t my birthday but I had a ‘loose’ weekend, food wasn’t too bad but definitely too many adult beverages, followed by dinner out on Tuesday night, and last night I was well within (in fact under) cals but corned beef for dinner was super salty and geez – I thought yesterday’s shock on the scale was bad – the jump today almost made me cry! Bad enough that it completely reversed my Libra trend, which is not telling me I won’t hit goal until 2025!!

    @bojaantje3822 – ugh the leggings thing sounds so frustrating! Amazing job on the measurements! It’s so good to start seeing changes.

    @pamperedlinny – I have bought that book on Kindle on your recommendation, I adore historical fiction and I’m acout to finish the Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (also recommend!)

    @15822 – That’s an amazing goal!! I wish I could cycle, no matter what kind of seat I get my pelvic bones are just not built for it. Congratulations on finishing your Bachelors! I totally feel you on the Covid, lockdown and mental health stuff.

    @kenziestabes – where are you going on vacation? I want to live vicariously!

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    Woohoo 🥳 @CupcakeCrusoe
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    I’m April and I’m 28.
    Height: 5,4
    SW: 312 lbs
    CW: 252.2

    My goals for August are to incorporate more exercise and to get below 250! That is going to be a huge milestone for me.