Women 200lb+, Let's Be Adventurous This August!!!



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    Good morning everyone. I survived yesterday's madness!!!!! I didn't exercise and I didn't eat well or even track.... but I survived and that's what is important.

    It's another blog post day but I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever considered making a quick bagel while on a diet has seen this recipe before. It definitely isn't my own creation at all. I made Garlic Knots using 4 ingredient dough. https://pamperedlinny.wixsite.com/coffee-required/post/garlic-knots-with-4-ingredient-dough

    Today is also the first day of school for my daughter. Third grade in a newer, bigger school so it's a big deal for her. Our area has a primary school for K-2 and then elementary for 3-5 grade. Due to that we will be doing the paperwork, homework, celebrating, etc that comes with the first day chaos... then I'll be going to ladies bible study once my husband gets home to switch off with me. I'm hoping by Thursday we'll be back to Zumba after work/school until her volleyball season starts next month.


    At least I am now walking as soon as the bus leaves in the morning and my former morning walking partner will be walking with me at lunch. She says the school bus comes too early for her. :D
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    Hey there!

    I've been slacking on this thread lately, but I miss you all! I'm getting ready to head out of town for over a week to see family, and I'm debating just not bringing my scale with me and trusting myself to keep working out and eating properly. I'm driving, so it might end up in the trunk after all. We'll see!
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    This weekend I blew my logging in day count. It started with having dinner with my Mom Friday which I feel was important. Losing a mother-in-law made me feel I shouldn’t take my mother for granted. All us kids take turns calling/checking in each week but I have been wanting to get together in person. We see each other when we have family get-togethers but this was just my family. I started packing but didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I did make home-style avgolemeno soup but it is time to make another meal. Think it will be macaroni and low salt cheese (fresh mozzarella) with veggies. I substitute in cauliflower for half the pasta. Might cook some chicken breasts on the side since ham isn’t in my youngest’s dietary restrictions. They are bringing home some leftovers from a party at their work so that should get us through the next days before we leave.

    I wasn’t walking last week either, since it was very hot and I was busy. Last night we had a short walk once it was cooler and I hope to get one in today and tomorrow too. Walking around the airports will have to do for the next day unless I can get in the pool that night. So I plan to be good the beginning of the week but will be off later in the week. There is a pool where we are staying and I plan to squeeze in some aquafit most days. I have all my job search activities planned for this week but not sure about next. So I will be off now to do a few packing things I can do now but I am mostly packed except for the last minute items you can’t pack because you are still using them. I am keeping my weight in the mid 240s as is my goal but hoping to make some progress losing as I can.

    @sargemarcori nice to see you are making progress after waiting for it.
    @15822 glad that you had a nice ride and that your partner enjoyed it with you. Nice to have someone to share healthy activities with.
    @Imgoff232 Hope the settling in process keeps going well.
    @bojaantje3822 glad you are feeling comfortable with your improvements. Nice that you have finished up the current job and are ready for the next.Yay for reaching lower BMI
    @Alatariel success is never giving up
    @pamperedlinny nice picture
    @sarah12277 it does look like the calorie and carb cycling is working
    @AlexandraFindsHerself hope this week is less painful
    @kenziestabes nice milestone reached.
    @khilton I agree if you are doing a lot of strength training and you know your pattern then stay the course
    @pamperedlinny hope the transition into a new routine goes smoothly
    @mshawski best with whatever goal you choose
    @seltzer_lover I am about in the same place as you. I have posting a little less and didn’t log this weekend. I plan to log the beginning of the week and make one more at home dinner before we leave this week for the funeral. No taking the scale on the plane. Not sure how much control over what I eat.
  • Had a pretty good day. Tired tonight, but did a little pull/walk with the dog down a few houses. I noticed that as we came back over familar ground he was walking more than pulling, so that means as things get familiar there may be less pull and we can work more on walking. I also got him a new harness that has four buckles, so I can fit it properly to him.
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    I've had awful nights this week. Last night it started storming and it got super humid so I ended up sleeping flipped on my bed, with my head where my feet usually are and my feet in my pillow. It's been so hard to fall asleep and then equally hard to sleep through the night and even harder to wake up at a normal hour. I need to fix this. I also live near an ambulance and fire truck base location and there have been more reasons than usual for them to go out somewhere. Normally you hear them maybe once per night and one vehicle. This week it's been multiple times a night and at least 5 vehicles each time.

    I'm supposed to go grocery shopping today so I guess I'll brave the rain because it isn't stopping at all. I overslept work by two hours so we'll see what's up with that too.

    Too tired for tag parties so only one tag today

    @CupcakeCrusoe that move looks so cool and so intense! I'm in awe. Pole stuff looks like so much fun.
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    My mum just sent us a pic from 11 years ago. I was 15, at 175cm/5'9 and weighed about 85kg/187lbs and I looked SKINNY. The body dismorphia was so real, I remember being absolutely shocked when the dude gave me a size medium suit to put on and it fit too. This is the goal, not necessarily that weight but that look. I'll edit the picture and add it to the ig so y'all can see. I can't believe that girl had been forced to diet for a decade already, with no success at all. Ugh
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    Good morning all!

    I decided I'm going to stay off the scale through this month. Yesterday I started tracking properly again and I hope to not have any more big things interupt that for a while excepting the monthly movie night. However, between July being crazy and the first half of August I know I'm up slightly I don't want to discourage myself by worrying about it. Instead I'll stick with what I know works and do my official weigh in on September 1.

    First day of school went well and we didn't have too much drama. There is a girl at the bus stop that was good friends with my daughter and then they had a big falling out last year but now they seem to be best buddies again after not seeing each other all summer. Hopefully that sticks because I really like the mom but when the girls fight a lot it's hard to get together.

    We had spaghetti using protein pasta on Monday night and tacos with my bulked up meat (ground beef, lentils, peppers, onions & tomatoes) last night so my daughter had leftover spaghetti in her first school lunch and a small quesadilla & yellow rice today. Since today's dinner plan is leftovers I'm sure she'll be upset with just having pb&j tomorrow.... but if we clear out all the rest I'm not cooking just for her to have lunch. At least she started on a high note.

    What are you all having for dinner? I might need some inspiration to get out of my most recent rut. Plus, I don't have a new recipe ready for the blog 2 weeks from now. Some things I've played with but nothing that is just right yet. Why do I put myself under the pressure to do this again????

    Back to Zumba tomorrow night. YES!!!! I missed it the past 2 weeks.

    @mshawski I love your goal being something to wear instead of a number on the scale. You go this!

    @KeriA Sounds like you have a lot going on and traveling always makes exercise and eating well a challenge. Hoping everything travel-wise goes smoothly for you.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 It sounds like you’re making progress with your pup. Hopefully soon you 2 will be enjoying lots of long walks together peacefully.

    @bojaantje3822 I hope you are able to get some good sleep soon. Being that exhausted is miserable.
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    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10"
    Starting Weight: 247 pounds (July 2021)
    Current Weight: 187.1 pounds
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165 pounds
    Pounds Until Goal: 22 pounds
    August Goal Weight: 184 pounds

    August 3: 187.1 pounds
    August 10: 186.1 pounds
    August 17: 185.4 (-0.7 pounds)
    August 24:
    August 31:

    Weekly Goals:
    1. Work out 4 hours a week
    2. At least 1 work out focused on strength
    3. At least 1 work out jogging
    4. At least 1 social event per week
    5. Focus on hobbies 4 hours a week
    6. Eat out 3x a week or less

    1. Three 45 minute workouts, three 25 minute walks, and softball led to over 4 hours.
    2. Didn't do too much strength training, but did 20 minutes with weights and 10 minutes on functional strength
    3. Despite not jogging in like 2 months, I ran 1.5 miles in 15 minutes. Including warm up and cool down, I did 1.95 miles in 24 minutes. I count that as a major win!
    4. Softball and lunch with friends after church.
    6. Ate out exactly 3 times!

    Work ons:
    5. Life got in the way. I spent like 30 minutes on hobbies.

    Ok, food in stomach definitely bumped me up 0.4 pounds. Still, I think I'm definitely going to make my goal this month. I might even break 183!
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    Whoops! The cheaper can actually has higher % of coconut and lowest % of water of the 6 varieties the supermarket has. I did not expect that! I figured fat is fat... just like I wouldn't expect one olive oil to have more fat than another. You live and you learn! The soup is absolutely delicious though.
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    Oh so on format above
    Hi I’m 54
    5 foot 1
    SW 185lb
    Long term goal weight 135 Lb
    August goal 184. :))
  • Our pup is an escape artist. So we are getting window locks so the windows can't open enough for him to get out, and we will be replacing all the screens with dog-proof screen material. And when I say that he is an escape artist: He has gone AWOL ten times in fourteen days. Fortunately I have a tag on him with our phone numbers. We are going to add one with address and a GPS tag. (sigh) It's the hound in him. He smells an interesting smell and he is just GONE.
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    Good morning everyone!

    181 this morning, new low! I'm going to keep drinking my water and hope it sticks around for tomorrow, my official weigh in day.

    Tonight at the gym is a workout with a chair, but not a chair workout, if that makes sense? It's just weights and dancing sitting and standing, I think. And then my splits class, after that. I did the chair conditioning last night for my routine and it hurt like the dickens, since I was lying literally on top of my other bruises, lol, but I made myself do it for 5 minutes, and I completed that.

    I also got in my first (lol, I made another one, lol) dolls kill order last night, and the mesh celestial-printed flares are SO cute. The bodysuits are cute, and will do well for pole, and then the tops, one is cute, one needs outfit tape to stick to the sides of my boobs, because my boobs are too big. But everything fit, and it will fit even better as I lose a little weight.

    Last night was beef tips from the crock pot and banza chickpea pasta, and tonight will be leftovers. And I have room in my day for my post-workout pineapple coconut water, even, if I skip the protein bar this afternoon (which shouldn't be too much of a problem- and I'm still over 100g protein if I do today).

    Tag party time!
    @pamperedlinny aww, I love first day of school pictures! You DID survive, and that is an accomplishment, with how much you had going on.

    @mshawski :kissing_heart: it's a gorgeous skirt! And judging progress based on clothes fit is a great way to go, sometimes the scale lies, for sure. ETA and just so you know, Britney Spears is stuck in my head again. :lol:

    @seltzer_lover whether you bring your scale or not doesn't matter for your progress, as we've seen from you on trips before! Have fun!

    @KeriA I continue to be inspired by how seriously (and deliciously!) you take making low-sodium food. Also happy that you get to be somewhere with a pool for a little while to do some aquafit! Safe travels, take care on your way.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I love hearing about the Pup Chronicles, haha. And it's very good that the pup has started to walk a little, that is a good place to start.

    @bojaantje3822 I saw the pic of you as a teen- it's heartbreaking that a kind of body dysmorphia grabs hold of so many of us when we're a pretty normal size at that age, because of what photoshop and supermodels have done to all of us as a society.

    I think it's a good goal, and you're absolutely right that no one is allowed to discuss your body ever again. ((hugs))

    @kenziestabes I believe wholeheartedly that you can make your goal this month, it's doable. And congratulations on the progress you're making!

    @15822 higher fat content coconut milk = more delicious, so it's an investment in making yourself feel better to have a few more calories. :wink:

    @skyedoom welcome fellow Friday weigher! 7 lbs in a month is a little steep, but doable, but any progress is good progress. :smile: welcome to the best thread on MFP.

    @bonniemcc4 I'm glad you won't have the nephews around all the time again, easier to do things when they're gone, I know that's true of me and my kids, haha. You are making progress in spite of adversity, and that's great. And I'm glad that your new therapy appointment is soon! I hope that medically they can figure out what's going on soonest.

    I think that's everyone! Have a great Thursday!
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    @CupcakeCrusoe absolutely agree - the watery one has terrible reviews and I wouldn't use it! But I recently replied to one of those threads where OP said they're having a sandwich for lunch and cooking all their dinners from an under 500 calorie cookbook, yet somehow gaining weight (and of course was never seen again after receiving replies...) - well this might very well be how.
    This soup recipe called for 800 ml of coconut milk, but who knows what kind the authors had in mind - especially since the book is Irish and their food brands might be slightly different. I'm trying to log by barcode as much as I can.

    Anyway, what I really want to talk about is my resting heart rate. I've been at it for almost 8 weeks now and I've lost some weight, but I don't see a difference yet and I was secretly worried I might have just dropped lots of water weight, but I looked at my average resting heart rate for the last 12 months and look what exercising regularly for the last 2 months has done even if I haven't lost any weight!

    Have a fantastic day everyone. I read all your posts :)
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    Happy Thursday!

    So far we're having a good week things have calmed down somewhat. I'll get to hit my Zumba class tonight and I definitely need that in my life. We still have some leftovers so I'll likely have some of that later for dinner again. I have no clue what my husband will eat since he isn't a fan of leftovers and I made him eat them yesterday. He'll figure something out.

    In exciting news I had a call yesterday from my friend. They have points on their time share that need to be used and can't be rolled over so we're going on another weekend getaway. I told her I was short on cash so we're just taking food from home and cooking up whatever we all have on hand in the room and just doing the included stuff. Still.... a second weekend in a row not being home also means it will be harder to track. I might actually bring my food scale with me this trip so I know where exactly I stand on things.

    I'm sticking with not weighing in until September with all that's been going on even though I've second and third guessed that decision. I really think if I get on the scale and see it up more than 3 lbs I'll feel discouraged but I know the past 2 months have been crazy and not as consistant as I want. I'd rather wait until I'm close to where I was at the beginning of the summer instead of feeling like I've failed by checking it constantly.

    Tag Party
    @kenziestabes Great job with your wins!

    @skyedoom Welcome!

    @bonniemcc4 So sorry to hear about your hospital stay and about your pup. I’m so excited for you to have an appt with a new therapy place. I know having the house quiet without kids definitely helps with getting other things done. Glad you’ll be getting a break.

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Wow! 10 times in 14 days.

    @CupcakeCrusoe Your classes always sound so adventurous. Beef tips sound really good. I’m going to have to make some soon now that I’m thinking about them.

    @15822 That’s fabulous about your resting heart rate!!!!
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    I was stopped by a guy on the street to talk about Jesus and it was fine and he prayed for me. I'm gonna just accept that. The interaction was neutral to neutral-positive.

    Then I walked 100 or 200m and a group of men were singing and praying and handing out leaflets against abortion. And my mood just plummeted. I feel so sad for the world because these voices get to be so loud. And some of these guys were young. It reminds me of those Louis Theroux documentaries about the proud racists. They had little kids sing their racist songs filled with slurs.

    This sequence of events combined with the news that my former neighbour kid (born 2003) is gettin radicalised with anti-lgbtq+ rhetoric since getting closer with the serbian youth here in the netherlands, it's just too much. I'm tired of being sad but the world keeps throwing this stuff at us.

    My workout today was good, though I missed my usual crowd seeing that I went at noon but the change was nice.

    This week my mum's visiting so that should be fun. I think she wants to see the city center because we go somewhere else whenever she visits. It's been almost 2 years since I moved here but there was nothing to do during the entire first year.

    Now I'm going to have drinks with some colleagues and try to put all the bad out of mind for a bit.
  • 15822
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    @bojaantje3822 don't let them stay in your head rent free. Make a small donation to a women's rights group any time you see a leaflet so you can at least feel smug about it if you can't get it out of your mind.
  • kenziestabes
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    I'd like to avoid political and religious talk on this thread and I'm very cognizant that people may have differing opinions on controversial issues. Find to talk about one's day, of course, but I'd be concerned that that underlying judgment toward a particular political or religious belief may isolate members of this thread, even if subtle.