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    Yesterday our daughter took me to see my husband at the hospital. He was doing much better. He is working to improve his heart. I was impressed by his doctor and his improvement. ❤️
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    We are on the hunt ...

    ... for the source of a noise somewhere in the back of the van. 🧐🤪

    We each have a different opinion on what's causing the noise, and are narrowing the search, but still haven't pinpointed it.

    I don't drive very often, so we hear it and then forget about it till the next time we're in the van. But this week, I've been driving a little bit more.

    M in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Here with Mr Miles and he is snoozing away.. today is friday yipee.. im going to try and get stuff done this weekend at my place.. its just out of control..
    I will try and get my stamina up to snuff..
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    Allie— Lisa has given you excellent advice. You go to great effort to care for your grand children. You also need to care for your own health. ❤️ 😘
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    Worked, then they had enough volunteers so I didn’t have to go to the soup kitchen. This afternoon have to get new tires.

    Karen – yup, that’s how you make a Cousin It!

    Heather – what a pain it is not to have a washing machine! Glad you got a new one

    Rosemarie – how did you get you and your husband to stop eating the fudge?

    Lisa – what do you use the Humira injection for? When I first read “if I can do it over here, I can do it over there” I thought of Dr. Suess. Shows where my mind is, huh?

    We’re supposed to go see Jess tomorrow after I get off work. We’ll stay overnight because she wants us to go to the NC State Fair and the last day of the Fair is the 23rd. So, unfortunately, that means no exercise (boo). But I am planning to go for a walk in the a.m. For one thing, I’ll get to see more of her neighborhood. Hope I don’t get lost….lol

    Allie – what is Miles going to be for Halloween

    Remember the lady I told you about who was in hospice and recently passed away? Well, just found out her service is the 29th. I was scheduled to lector that day but I’m really afraid that going to the service is cutting it too close to being at the church so I asked if another lady can do it for me.

    Michele NC
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