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    Grandmallie: I opened this website and a picture of your dog popped up and then Miles and I such a smile came over me! Really enjoyed the pictures.

    Lisa and BarbieCat: As soon as I finish posting, I am going to find the Dan Harris Ted Talk.

    Heather: I lose sleep over my son and DIL as well. I hope your son and DIL make the right decision regarding housing. I would hate for them to be house poor and I think you mentioned you don't have a mortgage and they must know this. So think how great it would be if they didn't have one once they retired. My DIL...still in her 20's has grand plans for further schooling and I fear she will get into great debt doing this. I try and stay quiet but I know my son senses my worry.

    PipCD34: Hoping the shoulder improves for you with the PT.

    DLFK: Praying that this clinical trial helps Destiny.

    I have been reading a book for book club that is depressing me. I am almost done and will be relieved when it is finished. I will be caretaking today but am planning a walking/step video for exercise and will cook some ground turkey and put it in cabbage soup to try and lose weight. I started some Christmas shopping yesterday. I have never shopped for a DIL before. I got her a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant and will find 2 more little gifts. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them. My son I got a gift certificate to 2 rounds of golf and I need 2 more little gifts for him. Any ideas for him would be appreciated as well. They are in their 20s and live in a small apartment.

    Each year, on Black Friday, one of the things I buy every single year(at least 4-5 yrs now I am guessing) at Kohl's online is their fuzzy blankets "The Big One" they go on sale for around $8 instead of the regular almost 30. They are my favorite blankets- they also have ones that are a little more but OH MY so amazing- super soft on one side and then sherpa on the other. The first one of that type got used constantly while I was getting over Covid- I just kept thinking about getting home and opening that up and that is exactly what I did when I was able to finally go home- spent another two weeks curled up with that.
    Just checked- they are actually on sale now at almost BF prices

    https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1944597/the-big-one-super-soft-plush-throw.jsp?color=Black White Buff Check&prdPV=1

    on sale now for $10
    order early for best selection- now that I pulled the page up for you- I want to check out the new designs.

    69 to choose from

    https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-3703490/cuddl-duds-plush-sherpa-throw.jsp?color=Red Green Plaid&prdPV=2

    on sale now for $20
    the first one- red/black is the one I have that is super soft- the others aren't quite as soft. Actually bought a second one last year after the other got worn out from so much use- still soft on the one side but the sherpa isn't quite as soft as I would like- still use it- keep it on the couch to lay on but the new one to cover up with- yep, I am super super picky- has to be super soft, not even remotely rough or is it gone.

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    Busy, busy day. :o:)
    This morning I excavated my POEMS box and sorted it out all over our bed. Then I wrote an intro to a few ancient poems. Good work. I was remembering the days of my second-hand portable typewriter and the carbon paper and Snopake. I used to type my poems on Basildon Bond- a letter writing pad. :p

    This afternoon DH and I walked into Central Hove together. I needed to collect from the jeweller my gold hoops that one of my old boyfriends gave me, and had broken, and we also needed to get a refill for our soda syphon. The jeweller is like something out of Dickens, but I did manage to retrieve the mended earrings after waiting in a queue while he shuffled about, locking and unlocking the door.
    The main reason for the trip together was to buy the ingredients for the Christmas cake and Christmas pudding. It was a trolley full. :o We got everything we needed from our big Tesco. We will bake the Christmas cake this weekend, mainly DH doing it, as he is the one who eats it.
    I will do the pudding when we get back from our cruise. The pudding is gluten free.

    Then I phoned my friend L when I got home, long call, and afterwards cooked a Goan Lamb and Sweetcorn curry in the IP. It is a favourite of ours, but we haven't had it for a while. It was fabulous.

    Good day.

    Tomorrow we are walking over to my son's to babysit while they go to Parent's Evening for all three kids! He is leaving simple food for us to prepare for the kids and I think we will order in Fish and Chips for ourselves. I have a 25% off voucher.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Worked, then went to Aldi. While I was there Vince called to say that the guy was going to be here around 11 for the roof so I just got a few things. I’ll probably have to go back tomorrow. Then went to WalMart for mainly bok choy. Then made some fudge to take to Jess this weekend. I don’t think moms are allowed to go empty-handed….lol I already gave her some spaghetti squash.

    I don’t think that I’m in favor of an end-of-life party. What if the person doesn’t die????

    Karen – how wonderful of you to match the donation. You have such a big heart!

    Newcomer bowling tonight.

    Michele NC
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk/slow jog w/yogi- 1hr 24min5sec, 104elev, 4.21ap, 117ahr, 155mhr, 6.06mi= 633c
    Strava app = 742c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 13.45min, 59elev, 40gear, last .8mi 50gear, 173aw, 22.2amph, 122ahr, 153mhr, 5.09mi= 109c
    Strava app = 136c
    Zwift stats- 13.50min, 59elev, 171aw, 57arpm, 5.10mi= 136c
    Other- PT therapy exercises, 3 of 10 each, 4 different exercises 25min= 70c

    Total cal 812
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    I listened to the Dan Harris Ted Talk. I have rather an ADD personality and have never had much luck with meditating. However I do try and concentrate on the task I am doing and that can be like meditating. Like when washing the dishes thinking only about the water and the soap and putting the dishes in the washer and nothing else. I love the gesture of putting your hand over your heart to stop a critical voice. I am going to try this today!

    :) I learned a lot about meditation by reading (actually listening to) both of Dan Harris' books, "10% Happier" and "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics". I thought meditation was impossible for me but with a better understanding of it, I've made it a regular practice. It is training for the mind, to bring it back when it gets distracted. Often I consider the session a win if I stay in my seat and don't jump up to add something to my list for the day. I, too, like the practice of staying focused on what I'm doing at the moment.

    <3 Barbie
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    Day 1 of Rita's challenge.