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    Flea We have no idea why my husband's daughter is not talking to us.

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

    Has it been since January 2021?

    Father's Day of 2020 was the last time he got a text from her. What's significant about January of 2021?
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    Lisa - I listen to the Dan Harris podcasts regularly and have the first two books. I like him because he is not woo-woo. :p I believe Barbie listens to him as well.
    Being down on yourself is definitely not a sensible idea. :p<3 Dan Harris would say, the clichés are so often right, It's OK to be not OK. It really is. <3 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

    I'm at the kids house soon to be getting a lift when the girls go off to swimming. Edie has recently graduated to a more strenuous swimming club, but she wants to see her teacher to say goodbye and thank you.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Kids not talking— my DH’s 2 daughters haven’t talked to him in 20 years! I don’t know what happened but I’m sure he does but is in denial. I have the oldest’s phone number and texted her happy birthday as I have every year and this year she actually answered. Need to go slow. When my son was having issues the begging of this year I got a one month membership to do background checks. I used that to find out that DH has a step- granddaughter, a granddaughter and grandson the step is in college, the other two in high school. Never knew before I played detective. I’m moving very slow with re-connecting. Not sure if they will ever….


    Ps, glad I’m not the only one with weird internal temperature control! 🥹
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    I've been down on myself a lot lately. This spoke to me.

    That was a great TED talk. I love Dan Harris. I've read both his books and listened to almost all of his podcasts. I recommend them to anyone who will listen.
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    Karen--Pray you get what you need to get your brother his ID. He is so lucky to have your help.
    Rita--Sending prayers and hugs.
    Karen--Sounds like you are getting things sorted and glad to hear that Emerson is helping. The floor plan looks like you will have lots of room. I agree it is so hard to decide what is the best way to go.
    KJ--Sounds like the doctor gave you some good advice. I know easier said than done. But hope you can arrange things to give you more down time just for yourself.
    Flea--Good to see you post. Sending prayers and hugs.
    Deb--I had my first one at 60 and then one this year when I turned 65.
    Allie--Great news, hope the wait is not long.
    Katla--Sorry to hear there is a delay in DH joining you. Pray it is a short one.
    Heather--Looks like a fun birthday party for Johnny.
    Rebecca--Sorry you are still having so much pain. Hope they can get it figured out soon.
    Well caught up but out of time.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND NE Where it is only 45 degrees outside. <3
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    Stats for the day-

    Other- PT therapy exercises- 46.02min, 3sets of 10 each, various exercises 25.59min= 127c
    Walk w/yogi- 1hr 34min 34sec, 53elev, 3.86ap, 107ahr, 150mhr, 6.10mi= 567c
    Strava app = 748c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 29.44min, 259elev, 132aw, 20.3amph, 40gear, 110ahr, 131mhr, 10.07mi= 170c
    Strava app = 224c
    Zwift stats- 29.49min, 262elev, 131aw, 50arpm, 20.32amph, 10.1mi= 224c

    Total cal 864

    Went to my 1st physical therapy session for the shoulder, it went well.
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