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    Waiting for the November thread night ladies xoxo
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    :) Closing the page on October, I've started the new thread for November. I hope you will all join me over there.

    Here is the link https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10877006/women-ages-50-for-november-2022/p1?new=1
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    Worked then went bowling afterwards went to early voting then CVS. Now handing out Halloween candy. I have a bowl of popcorn and some tea to try to keep me out of the candy

    Still spritzing out. Right now it isn’t raining but it feels very cold because of the rain Figure I can clean the kitchen floor while waiting for t&t’ers. Update: didn’t get to the floor, Vince wanted to talk so that’s what I did.

    Barbara – I used the Waterpick on my tooth and flossing. I think it just took a bit for it to be OK. I’m thinking that maybe the popcorn I had had something to do with it. But it’s feeling much better now Update: I’m quite sure it is since I just had some popcorn and I feel my tooth feels “different”

    Allie – they do curbside recycling here. We have one of those (is it?) 35 gallon cans and can co-mingle our recyclables. The recycling place is very interesting. We took a tour of it a while back with the Newcomers

    Vince is doing “quality control” of the candy...being sure it’s OK to give to the t&t’ers...lol

    Today at work I was asked to try to cut down my hours. Honestly, I don’t have any idea how this can be done. I’m not someone who is on the phone, I don’t even bring it into work. They said I don’t have to do the pickles. But, really, that’ll save about 10 minutes! Oh well...I understand where they are coming from, but how much needs to be done depends on how busy they were. They certainly don’t want to be less-busy. Well, I’ll just do the best I can. They did suggest that I don’t do the cheese, but I told them I would since I do it while the lettuce is sitting in ice water. No sense in me being there doing nothing. I did tell the one manager that I try to come in early so I can leave early and then be out of everyone’s way. Well, I’ll just do the best I can. How they want me to go faster, I have no idea. Oh well……

    Lisa – OUCH! Hope it heals fast.

    Tina – hi there. Where in FL are you?

    I made almost all my kids costumes, too. Sometimes I would embellish a store-bought costume.

    Vince told me to give each t&t’er 4 or 5 pieces of candy. If he thinks for one moment that I’m going to count them out, he’s sadly mistaken. I have a feeling that we won’t have many this year since we don’t have any decorations out. I’m surprised that he doesn’t at least have the fence up. But whatever...less work for me!

    I’m going to try to get to the gym tomorrow. Remember I told you that we may be getting a new roof for the cost of our homeowner’s deductible. Well, it’s been approved by the insurance co. so the guy to do it will be here tomorrow. I’m thinking that I’ll be home from the gym by then.

    Cathy – great loss!

    Katie – I’ll be thinking of you Thursday. That’s the day I go for my routine blood work. Any loss is a great thing! I like to weigh myself first thing in the morning after I go to the bathroom.

    Jody – welcome! Most everyone here comes to this forum for the support so don’t be upset if you don’t get a lot of friend requests, we love having you.

    Remember I told you about that guy who was arrested at the bowling alley. Well...we found out today that he has 16 (you read that right) counts against him. I didn’t read the article but Vince was telling me about it. Seems he’d go to the Philippines, have sex with these girl (the article didn’t say their age, were they 18, were they 10, we have no idea) and then he’d bring them back to the US to sell. Amazing! All he ever talked to Vince about was stereo equipment!

    Michele NC
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    Just got behind.

    Kim: Bad luck on the Covid. Hope it’s short lived