Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 203



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    I weighed myself this morning and I was 112.8kg. Then I had a nap and didn't eat anything, then went to the toliet and weighed myself again and I was 113kg? umm, what?!?

    Why did you weigh again after the nap?
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    Female 5’1” Age 72 years
    Started Keto WOE 7/17/17 (mid-Rnd 10)
    *Travel - no scale part of the time
    HWE 197.0 (2/2008)
    Weight on 1/17/17 174.5
    OGW 137 (set by WW 2008, WW goal 1985 was 126) UGW was 125 (HS weight 1968)
    Maintaining below 120

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍

    ⭐️ Who wants “something” after they have eaten and aren’t really hungry? This was my problem yesterday. I drank a gallon of water and was so full but STILL wanted that mysterious “something!” How do you handle it?

    @Quiltingjaine Gosh! I hate those days! Unfortunately I keep eating until I find "it" (which is why I still weigh 200 pounds!) I look forward to seeing the comments right along with you. I need answers too. I've even went so far as to keep an 1/8th tsp of salt and and 1/8th tsp of sugar next to me to wet my finger and lightly dip, just to get those cravings satisfied without eating things I just didn't need when I wasn't even truly hungry. Boy oh Boy!
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    “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

    SW: 126kg
    10/24: 113.7kg I did lots of walking today, prepacked my lunch and did lots of babysitting. Unfortunately, the parents came home late so we had fish and chips and I got a chicken burger, then didn't stop eating. I had been eating really well for the last few days so I really blew it. I am feeling really disappointed with myself. Even though I was eating within my calories, my weight was going up a kilo a day, so I'm thinking the bulk of the vegetables has been going through my body at a slower pace and holding a parking weight so I know it's there (lol). I am expecting a swoosh weightloss in a few days. I am usually around 111kg. Tomorrow is a new day and my first day of in months, so I'm going to try and relax, eat a little less and not worry about exercising. Hopefully I can stay within my goal.

    10/25: 112.7kg my weight yesterday was actually 113.3kg. I was happy to see a loss this morning. A loss and a surprise. When I don't know how much a food is worth, or I can't weigh it, I will pick an entry that I think is two or three times heavier, just to be safe. If I keep losing weight in maintenance, I will change tactics. It seems to be working for now. I really want to see 110kgs. I went for a long walk this morning. I stopped after about 12,000 steps because the bottom of my feet were starting to rub. I'm going to try and go for a short walk (maybe 500 steps) every 40 minutes or so and see if my sister wants to go for a swim as a nice distraction. I would love to see 20,000 steps today, but it's not likely or neccessary anymore. I burnt off enough calories that I can eat normally if I'm careful. I early had a soda before, but I have quit, so I'm glad I said no. Everytime you resist something, it gets easier!

    It's my first week dieting in a long time, so I'm expecting the weight to come off a little faster. It may be a trap lol

    Update: I had to pick up my niece from school and take her to dancing. My mum told me to get a coffee while she was dancing, so I got lunch instead. I got a big bowl of noodle/chicken/salad which was my first mistake (partly deep fried and lots of dressings) which was probably at least 1000 calories. I asked for salt and pepper and ended up choking on it, so I had to buy a water and then hide away in my car. I didn't end up drinking the water. Then I brought a chocolate bar. Then I went to my sisters house for dinner and had a tiny drink of soda. Then I went home and went crazy. I had a bag of resalted chips, a soda and some chocolate biscuits. So I don't know how many calories I've gone over by. I did a lot of walking today so my feet and thighs aren't feeling so great. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow, see if I can apply what I have learned so far and stay in a calorie deficit. I am having trouble with it, it feels like, what's the point? Am I actually going to lose weight? Everyone is going to be so disappointed in me, I made all of these big declarations. And most importantly, I'm disappointed in me. I guess I'm just not safe in certain situations. Like I should avoid the food court at all costs. My treadmill will be up and running in a few days or weeks so going for walks should be a bit easier. But still... you can't out exercise a bad diet.

    I did something good today- I left before my sister served dessert.

    One other positive thing that happened is my parents have decided to join my weightloss journey! yay for longer, healthier lives!

    I weighed myself this morning and I was 112.8kg. Then I had a nap and didn't eat anything, then went to the toliet and weighed myself again and I was 113kg? umm, what?!?

    10/26: 113kg I spent today feeling disappointed. Upset that I had cheat meals and bad calorie days for two days in a row. Really needing to sleep in. Feeling too sore to exercise. My sister came over and I spent the whole time wishing she would leave. I had chocolate fingers and soda for breakfast, healthy choice haha. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my bathroom that my Autistic nephew trashed, mopping, cleaning the toliet and tidying the office that the kids have been staying in for the last twelve weeks or so. I carried out each toy, piece of clothing, book and piece of rubbish out to the appropriate area piece by piece, so I unintentionally got to 10,000 steps on my fitbit and the clean up of the office took three or four hours instead of the forty minutes it probably should have taken. But yay, steps! I then walked the dogs with sore hips and thighs, came home and watched some netflix, and then my mum came home and congratulated me on the house work I did for her and we had pork roast sandwiches for dinner. Hoping for a weight drop tomorrow! Today ended up being a good day, despite having a grumpy beginning!

    10/27: 112.3kg Yay a weight loss! kind of disappointed because a few weeks ago I was 110.9 or something like that, but that will come with time. This morning I slept in till about 10:30am, then I babysat my nephew who spent the whole time asking after his mother (he's 2), and my sister brought me an energy drink and a chocolate bar, then I was going to walk the dogs but it was raining, so I went to the mall instead and picked up my medications, tried on some clothes then went to the supermarket. I tried on some dresses my mum liked and wanted to buy me for Christmas, then went to another clothing store which wasn't plus sized and tried on three dresses, none of which fit me. I then went to another store and found a few cute things with dashunds on them. I liked a pair of pjs so I brought them home and tried them on, but they were still a size too small and the colour didn't match my skin. I'm wondering if I should return them?

    Here's the dress I'm thinking of buying. My mum changed her mind and said it was too formal and I needed more casual clothes but I'm not sure I agree. The problem is that the dress fits now but is a wee but tight around my waist, but would I be better off buying a smaller size if I'm planning on losing weight? what if I'm not successful losing weight, like always?


    I tried this one on as well but I'm not sure if it was as flattering. I also struggled to get in and out of it, but it would probably suit me better with losing weight because it ties at the front and the size can be adjusted.

    For dinner I had this pork stirfry thing with basmati rice. Not really sure how many calories it was. Hopefully I won't need to eat anything else. Have thought about going to the movies, but I've already gone way over my calories twice this week and I want to see the Weird Al movie once its released.