Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 204



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    Things seem to have a lot more calories than I anticipated, and I have found I can't trust my parents cooking, like they add too many unhealthy things to salads which bump the calories right up.

    I don’t count calories but I do try to limit my total carbs. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, radishes are all lower carb foods but weighing each ingredient and entering in Senza, that salad (it is about half what you get in a dinner meal (not side) salad at a restaurant) is more than 50% of my desired carb limit. One of my favorite stories from back in my old WW days was going to a restaurant that had WW approved points on the menu. I had one of those meals, my husband picked a “healthy” salad - chicken, apple, pecan. He ate the whole thing and when we got home I looked up the nutrition - 1600 calories - in a SALAD!

    The perils of eating someone else’s cooking! Eater beware. 😋🤪
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    Starting weight (2018): 230lbs
    Ultimate goal weight: 140lbs
    Round goal weight: 158lbs

    Round starting weight
    160.2 lbs

    Day, Weight, Comment
    11/03 - 160.2 lbs. Did one hour of crossfit. Felt so fatigued and out-of-fuel that I chose to eat 200 calories above my goal to make room for more carbs today. I need restitution tomorrow. Think this is my 6th or 7th day without a rest day. Feeling FOMO as I won’t be signing up for the gym tomorrow 😅 I would love to go, but my body says NO 😂

    11/04 - 160.2 lbs (no change). Been enjoying my rest day 🌟 Sticking to my calorie goal today. Considering doing some kind of carb cycling for the days I do crossfit. I feel like I need to up my carb intake a bit without necessarily turning up my calories too much. My CF workouts feel better when I eat a carb-«rich» meal 2 hours before. I had a couple of days where I ate cottage cheese without any added carbs before my workouts, and it’s been horrible 🥲 Lesson learned. Girls who eat lift bigger plates 🙃

    11/05 - DNW
    11/06 - DNW

    11/07 - 158.7lbs (-1.5lbs)

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    I got care free in maintenance and the scale went up one lb at a time. Now I’m turning it around one lb at a time.

    2016- 245lbs
    2019- 142lbs
    9/12/22- 185lbs

    11/3- 178.2
    11/4- 179
    11/5- 178.6
    11/6- 178
    11/7- 182.2 lol my calories weren’t terrible, just a lot of different factors at play to cause 4+ lbs overnight. Mostly it was egg nog🤣 at the holiday planning meeting. It will come back down by the end of the round as long as I stick to the plan.