Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 204



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    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍 Round 204
    My goal is to lower my blood pressure through weight loss and exercise, so what I eat, and when, is a major focus for me. I am trying to use a heart healthy diet while intermittent fasting, which helps to take care of my mindless snacking in the evening. I am limiting my alcohol to social occasions only.

    All time HW: 150.0
    This round SW: 143.9
    11/3: 143.7
    11/4: 143.0. It’s a wet, windy day, so I plan to get my steps in on the dread mill at the gym.
    11/5: 142.5
    11/6: 142.7 And that is why pizza 🍕 and wine 🍷 are not on my plan.
    11/7: 141.6 Happy dance 💃!
    11/8: 142.4 Ouch! Can you say sodium??
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    Round 204
    Start Weight on 11/3: 233
    Goal Weight 160 by June 15, 1970
    Goal for this round: track daily, 64 oz water, exercise 90 min per 7 days,
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    JGM10Ds -|- Round 204
    (In maintenance)
    🍂🍁November 2022 🍂🍁
    • In Maintenance since July 2019
    • Smart BMI - optimal weight.
    • Muscle/Fat %ages in normal range
    Just because Covid restrictions aren’t compulsory doesn’t mean they’re not necessarily.
    People are still dying out there……… and the numbers are on the rise again.
    😷Take care! Stay safe!😷
    November focus:
    maintain weight < 140 (I have been maintaining since July 2019)
    Work on improving stamina, strength, flexibility, which may impact the scale
    I liked this so much I'm borrowing it.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180's; 170's; 160's; 150's; 140's; 130's

    🔹Posting weight and comments each evening.
    Terri: Female; 76; Northern Ireland; married > 56 years; ex Maths teacher; volunteer group leader for U3A (University of the Third Age - life-long learning charity)
    SW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    LW: 136.4(Nov 2021)
    GW: < 140
    I am - MINDFUL - of making heathy choices
    to - MAXIMISE - the achievement of my goals!
    Giving up is NOT an option! I KNOW I am doing this!
    2022 Focus: Maintenance
    Maintain weight < 140
    Work on stamina, strength, and flexibility
    JGM10Ds ROUND 204
    Round 203: EW: 136.3
    03/11: 136.8: Daily Habits🪁
    04/11: 136.7: Daily Habits🪁
    05/11: 137.1: Daily Habits🪁
    06/11: 137.1: Daily Habits🪁
    07/11: 136.9: Daily Habits🪁
    08/11: 137.2: Daily Habits🪁
    09/11: xxx: Daily Habits
    10/11: xxx: Daily Habits
    11/11: xxx: Daily Habits
    12/11: xxx: Daily Habits
    Solid Habits - 2022
    Update - November 2022
    1. Log ALL CI/CO (Daily)
    2. Stay under goal (Daily)
    3. Balance macros/micros (Daily)
    4. Hydrate adequately (Daily)
    5. Choose healthy options (Daily)
    6. Steps > 7500 (Daily)
    7. Stretch before/after workouts
    8. 15+ minutes Cardio > 5 days a week
    9. 15+ mins Strength > 5 days a week
    10. 15+ mins Flexibility > 5 days a week
    11. Active hours > 6
    12. Practice self-care (Daily)
    13. Stay up to date with accounts (monthly)
    14. Mindfulness Practice/meditation ((Daily - morning/evening)
    15. 1 > 15 mins Declutter sessions (Daily)
    16. Be creative
    17. Purchase essential items only
    18. Read a book > 15 mins
    19. Work on ongoing craft projects
    20. Learn something new
    21. Develop Healthy Habits
    22. Choose joy now!
    THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES OR SHORTCUTS to achieving permanent change.
    REMINDERS: One or two thoughts which might give heart to some of you.
    • Daily weight fluctuations are normal, and can be as much as 2 lbs a day for no apparent reason.
    • A general downward trend is what we are looking for.
    • Eating out can cause apparent weight gain because of high sodium levels, but usually goes quickly. Drinking extra water helps with this.
    • The human body does not react instantly to what we do to it. Sometimes it can take several days to see results.
    • Plateaus are a normal part of the process. The body is consolidating and adapting to your new way of eating, exercising.
    • The closer you get to your goal weight, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight, as your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it.
    • When you exercise you build muscle, which takes up less space than fat, so use measurements as well as weight to assess your progress.
    • Getting/Staying fit and healthy requires a
    • lifestyle change for most people.
    Stick with the process. It DOES work! But it does take
    time, effort, and most of all, patience!

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    @staceymcmd Happy birthday!!! Whether your dinner is tonight or over the weekend, stay safe and ENJOY! (Also, you can keep the snow. I'm good without it hehehe)
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    You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than you were before

    30, 5'5"
    OSW: 164.2
    GW: 130-135

    Previous Rounds:
    R69: 158.1; R70: 156.5; R71: 156.3 R72: 156.3; R73: 155.2; R74: 155.4; R75: 156.1; R76: 155.6; R80: 153.2; R81: 154.3; R82: 154.1; R84: 156.5; R89: 156.7; R91: 160.1; R93: 159.3; R94: 156.1; R98: 154.5; R99: 155.9; R100: 152.8; R101: 149.7; R102: 149.0; R103: 149.0; R104: 146.2; R105: 146.6; R106: 144.6; R107: 146.8; R108: 147.7; R109: 148.1; R110: 150.1; R111: 154.3; R112: 152.6; R113: 151.7; R121: 153.0; R122: 154.8; R123: 153.9; R124: 153.4; R125: 155.6; R126: 152.3; R127: 151.5; R128: 151.0; R129: 151.0; R130: 152.6; R131: 153.9; R132: 150.6; R133: 151.2; R134: 149.3; R135: 149.5; R136: 148.4; R137: 147.9; R138: 148.4; R139: 151.9; R140: 150.4; R141: 150.4; R142: 144.0; R143: 144.2; R144: 147.0; R145: 145.7; R146: 145.9; R147: 145.9; R148: 146.5; R149: 147.3; R150: 146.8; R151: 147.9; R152: 147.7; R153: 147.2; R154: 147.0; R155: 144.7; R157: 146.1; R158: 146.6; R159: 146.3; R160: 150.2; R161: 146.7; R162: 144.6; R163: 146.2; R164: 147.3; R165: 146.3; R166: 148.5; R167: 147; R168: 148.4; R169: 151.4; R170: 148.9; R171: 144.8 R172: DNW; R173: 146.1; R174: 147.9; R175: 145.9; R176: 150.5; R177: 149.3; R179: 150.5; R180: 151.6; R181: DNW; R182: 150.2; R183: 152.9; R184: 153.4; R185: 151.3; R186: 152.3; R187: 151.8; R188: 150.9; R189: 152.6; R190: DNW; R191: 154.8; R192: 155.5; R193: 155.2; R194: 156.5; R195: DNW; R196: 155.7; R197: DNW; R198: 156.1; R199: DNW; R200: DNW; R201: 159.8; R202: 159.7; R203: 160.5

    Last weight
    11/02 - 160.5

    Round Goal: 155lb Water goal: 90oz.

    Day, Weight, Comment
    11/03 - 160.4
    11/04 - DNW
    11/05 - DNW
    11/06 - DNW
    11/07 - 161.4
    11/08 - 161.5
    11/09 - 162.3 - No TMI yesterday. Wish I could see my weight today AFTER my routine is back, but I cannot. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will reflect that. Rowing and yoga for the morning is complete! Yesterday I ended up meeting BF and eating lunch out at the hibachi place right next to the post. Kept it simple with a cute little lunch bento box which filled me right up without making me feel too full. I imagine sodium wasn't great, though. Dinner was homemade nachos. I tried my best to keep portions good but no veggies involved to help. I also took the pup and myself for a mile long walk last night before dinner (too dark after and we have coyotes and bobcats that like to come a little too close for comfort). Not sure today's meals other than I have acorn and butternut squash and a couple roasted sweet potatoes to eat up (if they're still good). Also have some spinach that needs eaten. I got a package of frozen fully cooked grilled chicken strips for me to use for lunches so I may make a salad with squash/sweet potato as a side for lunch.

    Previous Day's Comments
    11/03 - Scale doesn't show, but I feel muuuuch better. I don't look or feel quite as bloated as even yesterday. Scale isn't accurate, but it IS consistent. Body fat percentage is down (only 1% higher than first week of Sept, pre-travel), water is leveling out right around Sept numbers, muscle mass increased back into September range, (yippee, back to when I worked out consistently!) Progress is being made. Recomposition? Readjustment? Whatever you want to call it, it's positive changes. Scale weight is being a bah-humbug cranky butt and deceiving me... Though I'd really love it to cooperate so I can see 150s again..soon. Pretty please, scale?! Anyway, rowed for 10 minutes followed by yoga for flexibility this morning. FamWife just texted about some Asian Bake recipe (said "it's like sushi in a pan, all cooked") so we doing that tonight. I'll have to guestimate and work around that for lunch.
    11/04 - DNP
    11/05 - DNP
    11/06 - DNP
    11/07 - Lots of mechanic and house work this weekend leaving us eating fast food almost all weekend. Did have wings for "linner" while watching football yesterday. I made sure I got some raw carrots and celery in as well. BF has jury duty selection today so I'm on my own all day. I already did a 10 minute rowing workout and a 23 minute yoga practice this morning. Might be able to do some lunges and pushups during work breaks without crazy looks, though! Also realized I give myself time to actually do things without feeling rushed simply by setting my alarm 15 minutes sooner. I hit snooze and get up at 5:54 to get dressed and moving! Especially helpful as I start work at 7. Tonight's dinner is a sausage, bell pepper, potato skillet I make. It's pretty calorie dense, but it's super simple. BF loves it and since we don't know his schedule with this jury duty, I volunteered dinner duties. I have some roasted sweet potatoes to eat up for lunches as well as a butternut and acorn squash I need to cook up here in the next few days for lunch as well.
    11/08 - I accidentally made dinner too salty and I can definitely feel the puffiness from it. I'm also suuuuper thirsty first thing which also means good ol' sodium. Woke up and knocked out a 15 minute rowing workout and then 10 minute morning yoga practice already. Today is voting so I'm trying to determine a good time to sneak into town (county HQ) between work to knock that out. Also have to go into the OTHER town (address... have address for a town in one county, but live in the other county... its weird. And annoying when you have errands) to the post to pick up a package they claim I requested to be held. Um, no. It's a springform pan to make strawberry swirl cheesecake and my strawberries are going bad while I was waiting for it (supposed to arrive Friday. They just told me yesterday...after lunch...) but I may have to hold out hope the strawberries will hold on a little longer and I'll go on lunch break tomorrow since I'm thinking I'll vote on lunch today. Gaaaah. BF didn't get picked for jury duty so he's free now. Let's hope things go a little smoother the rest of the week (: EDIT: I just confirmed I'm good to vote (with address change. I am) and found out my Ranch's fire department (HOA) is a polling center so I only have to drive a mile! THAT I can do. Yippee! Maybe over lunch then, I go to the post office and on my way back home, I'll stop on the way at the firehouse (have to drive past it anyway)