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    In at 6:30 am, out by 9:30, home by 11:30 am.💖. Doctor said he had to pull out the gallstones to get the gallbladder out. He said it had stopped working for a while, and was quite sick. He had to make the incision a wee bit bigger to get it out, but I still only have 4 small gauze blobs. Came home and took a 3 hour nap! Now eating.
    My incisions feel kinda burning, but no pain. Happy it's over! Other than crying and very confused in recovery, it was good. The nurse in the morning was very competent and got my IV going great, even if my veins were troublesome! She patted my hand, and I thought puffy vein thoughts.💖
    Thanks ladies for all your positivity!🤗💖

    U go gurl
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    Rebecca glad it went well. Hope your recovery is smooth, too.

    Annie in Delaware
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    :)Rebecca, I checked in tonight just to find out about your surgery. How amazing that you are home already. Take it easy as you recover.

    :)Allie, You deserve a rest so you can feel better.

    :'( Jake's left hand is swollen and painful with arthritis so I have dishwashing and other chores for now.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Got to the gym today! Yea! They’re putting the new roof on right now. It sounds like Santa and all his reindeer are on our roof, hopefully since Santa is there for so long it means he’ll be bringing lots of presents :) I’m hoping to go for a walk later today. Ceramics tonight. They’re closing the 15th and I suspect it won’t be until February that they’re going to reopen. Unfortunately, we’ll probably be down in FL. Oh well…..

    Cindy – “hi” and welcome. Any time is a good time to start

    Tracey – is that a ceramic Christmas tree that I see? I swear, almost every home has one it seems. We had two, but I gave one away. We still have the one MIL made and now we have the one Vince made

    pip – Does anyone come as close to being as good looking as Kirby??? Well, maybe Cory. But that’s probably it. Not the way to lose weight. Now to keep it off

    Got to go for a walk for 2 hours. Went on different roads.

    Debbie – good luck with the root canal and the consultation. It’s a good thing your doc did the biopsy. Wishing you all the best

    Karen – you cease to amaze me at what a wonderful sister you are

    Rebecca – so glad you are home and everything went well.

    Went to ceramics tonight.

    Michele NC
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    Dr called yesterday evening with the biopsy results- He is glad he did them and didn't just freeze it off because it is the beginning stages of melanoma. I have an appointment back with him Thursday morning for full body scan, to make sure there are no other spots and Friday a consultation with the plastic surgeon to schedule it to be removed.
    Have my dentist appointment tomorrow for root canal and temporary crown-a two hour appointment.
    TOO much all at once.
    When they called to make the one appointment, I thought she said next Friday but the confirmation is this Friday. Will be going to mom's for the weekend for our candy making weekend so will get up early, pack the car and stop in Napa for my appointment then head up to mom's

    I walked yesterday at the wetlands- first walk since before my little accident- I was very nervous so not as relaxing as it usually is. Was ok after half way through. Did go to zumba which felt good.
    Had planned on walking today but as of now, just not feeling it. Was not expecting these two new appointments to come up so fast. Will be good to get them done, just feeling a bit out of it right now.

    Maybe after I eat I will feel better.

    Napa Valley,CA

    So sorry about the skin cancer news!

    But welcome to the new nose club ... even if we didn't want new noses for Christmas!

    Machka in Oz
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    Machka- Do you have a date for your surgery?
    I will find out Friday when mine is. I don't think it will be as dramatic as what you have to go through.
    Ready to get all this stuff over with.

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    Pip I think that you’re pretty hot yourself! Great looking couple 💕
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    Machka- Do you have a date for your surgery?
    I will find out Friday when mine is. I don't think it will be as dramatic as what you have to go through.
    Ready to get all this stuff over with.


    December 14.

    I'm nervous because I will be awake for it - local.

    M in Oz
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    Regarding videos, using a laptop you might be able to copy and paste.
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    30 Days of Gratitude

    1. Smell - freshly cut grass on our lawn.
    2. Technology - the amazing advancements in medical technology.
    3. Colour - blue. Beautiful blue sky peaking through the clouds.
    4. Food - soup. That's what I've been eating just recently because there's less chewing. We always keep a few cans of soup on hand for situations like these.
    5. Sound - my music. I've recently acquired a number of nature sounds CDs with music playing along with sounds of ocean waves, birds, and so on. Lovely.
    6. Nature - I love nature. It would be incredibly difficult for me to pick just one thing. I am so grateful that there is nature and that I can enjoy it.
    7. Memory - Winter 2017. The last time I visited my parents and a wonderful 1-month holiday to Canada that June/July. My husband and I did two cycling events and a lot of other cycling. We climbed mountains and explored a glacier. We visited friends and family.
    8. Book - Norman Doidge's The Brain's Way of Healing. I found it inspirational!
    9. Place - home. I've moved and travelled a lot and home is wherever I happen to feel really comfortable. Right now, home is a certain house here in Tasmania where I can go and just be myself (mostly, for even a little while). Home is where I can lie down on the sofa and doze off when I've had a rough day, like I did yesterday.
    10. Taste - salt. My favourite taste. :) On the one hand I need salt because of my exercise and medications, on the other hand I need to reduce my salt because of my kidneys. But given the choice, I'll usually go salty over sweet ... or maybe salty and sweet!
    11. Holiday - Christmas!!!!
    12. Texture - smoothness. I like smooth clothes, smooth sheets, Rhody's smooth fur ...
    13. Abilities - I don't really think of myself in terms of having abilities. I've sort of thought of myself as "the jack of all trades, master of none". However, organisation is one that I've been thankful for throughout my life.
    14. Sight - the beauty all around. In our yard, where we go cycling, where I work, and travelling around this island.
    15. Season - I like the seasons in the following order from best to worst: Summer, Autumn ............ Spring ................... Winter.
    16. What about your body are you grateful for? Healing ... that it heals. Mostly anyway, and perhaps imperfectly, but healing does take place.
    17. What knowledge are you grateful for? Everything I do know. It all contributes to my work, my carer role, and my other activities.
    18. Piece of art - of the arts, I think the two I appreciate the most are literature and music. On the subject of music, I have really appreciated discovering ABC Classic FM on the radio and the app on my phone. I pop in my earbuds at work and I can focus on my work while feeling relatively relaxed at the same time. :)
    19. Touch - Rhody's fur, his little wet nose, his whiskers
    20. Who in my life - my husband. I'm glad he is still in my life. My parents who have always been supportive.
    21. Song - He Is -- Mark Schultz. One of several songs that has been with me through the difficult times.
    22. Story - I'm grateful that there are so many stories! I love reading. It provides me with a much-needed distraction.
    23. Tradition - I like the little traditions of Christmas. :)
    24. Challenge - all the long distance cycling I've done over the years! :)
    25. What moment this week are you most grateful for? Now. The start of a 3-day weekend! I'm taking Monday off.
    26. What form of expression ... the written word. I like being able to communicate non-verbally through emails, facebook, etc. :)
    27. What small thing that I use daily am I grateful for? ...
    Is my bed small? It's a twin ...
    My pillow? Having discovered good pillows, I can hardly sleep on any other pillow.
    My laptop! That would probably be the one. :)
    28. Small thing that happened today ... I got to rest and get a few things done. Plus I got to watch Murder She Wrote!
    29. Friend/family member - my parents who have been so supportive all the way along, even from a long distance.
    30. Talent or Skill - cycling!! :)

    Machka in Oz

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    Completed the Strava walking challenge!


    2022 Monthly November
    Walking/Running Distance (km): 59.6
    Walking/Running Time (min): 744.4
    Cycling Distance (km): 108.3
    Cycling Time (min): 367.8
    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 131.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 94.3

    Total Distance (km): 167.9
    Total Distance (miles): 104.3
    Total Time (min): 1206.5
    Total Time (hr): 20:06:30

    Machka in Oz
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    Good morning ladies!

    Rebecca - glad you were able to come home so quickly and wishing you a speedy recovery. Glad that gall bladder is gone and won't trouble you again. :)

    Pip - Great photos of Kirby. Quit teasing us like that, lol.

    Michele - Regarding Kirby and Cory being good looking = you got that right! Some of their most attractive features, in my mind, is how handy they are with tools and getting home repair stuff done, lol. :p Remember what Red Green said - “If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” So Pip and Lisa got the icing on the cake! :D

    Barbie - I can sympathize with Jake and arthritis. This past couple days my feet and hands haven't been happy either. Must be a change in air pressure or the colder weather. I keep thinking the weather channel needs to just survey us seniors to see what their joints are predicting weather wise and toss out that fancy equipment. Save themselves some money and it would be more accurate too. :D

    I watched a couple nifty YouTube videos yesterday:

    1.) Pertaining to gratitude, Dr. Seheult of Medcram talks about scientific proof that gratitude is good for our mental health. I thought it fit in well with the month of gratitude list many of you are making.

    2.) Pertaining to dementia, Dr. Been presented a 7 year long study about flavonols found in certain fruits and veggies and how they are associated with slower rates mental decline in seniors. The study just shows association, not causation, but what struck me is that my DH refused to eat any fruits and veggies the last couple years of his life. He fit perfectly into the study results.

    Hope those of you who are feeling ill are on the road to recovery.

    Take care. <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Went for my 5k run. I didn't wake up intending to, because of my fragile knee, but the air was so still and it's not going to get any warmer in the next few days.
    Decided to take it easy and go! o:)
    I ran a different way so I could visit the fish market on the way home. I bought frozen King prawns and fresh skate. In the photo the local boats are not in berth at the quayside.

    Then I got on with my writing, well wrapped up against the cold. I'm now going down to put the heating on for lunch. Smoked oysters and cauliflower rice salad. :p DH has just left for his lunch date.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxx
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    Gratitude 29: friend/family member=Now Joe, then Candy, Mama and Papa.

    Heather would your council consider contracting with a local goatherd for weed abatement? Have seen it used on public lands, not sure how an urban environment would accept… :naughty:
    Rita thanks! Captain mountain is beautiful in the snow.
    Rebecca thanks for updating us, you’ve been in my thoughts.
    Pip, yah, Kirby is a looker, but then again so are you! Handsome couple.
    Machka both my MOHS surgeries were done under “local” not general anaesthetic, but I was given “twilight” drugs that kept me mostly unaware of what was going on, thank goodness. Highly recommended.
    Lanette what you said about arthritic weather predictions. Truth this.

    11/29: Move: 2 sets pt, line dance class steps:6062
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: almonds, apple, artichoke, avocado, beans-cannellini, beans-garbanzo, beans-green, beets, broccoli florets, broccoli stalk, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn on the cob, cherries-dried, cranberries-dried, cucumber, garlic, grapefruit, maraschino cherry, mushrooms, mustard greens, onions-green, onions-yellow, oranges, pecans, radish, romaine, satsumas, snap peas, snow peas, sweet peppers-orange, sweet peppers-red, tomato-sauce, walnuts, wasabi peas, wheat-pasta/bread. CI<CO=Y
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, reimbursement spreadsheet progress ~1/5? done, unpacked Roomba, connected to wifi, charging. Wt:137.1?

    Time to snoozzze…
    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    2022: Be still and listen
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    Morning ladies
    Nasty cold..but wearing a mask and still watching Miles.. and have my nephrologist appointment this afternoon come hell or high water...