Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 215



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    @pezhed My family acts like I'm emaciated too. My doctor is very supportive of my diet and weight loss but my family not so much. I dread seeing them when I know they'll comment on it negatively and push unhealthy foods on me, saying, "you need it," or "you can afford it," or "you deserve it," etc. I was pushing 180 LBS 6 years ago and I'm 5'4". I have been overweight my whole life. All of my family is still very overweight and they have always wanted to lose weight, and 3 family members have died from heart disease or diabetes over the past few years. I look like a physically healthy active woman is supposed to look but since the medical field's "normal weight" is NOT my family's or the USA's average weight I must be trying to starve myself to hurt them or something. I hate that I feel bad about myself when I'm around my family now.