Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 215



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    @GirlOnTheRebound YAY for getting your water!!! I think I have realized why my water consumption has gone down. I’ve been putting ice in the glass before I put water in. In the past when the water dispenser in the refrigerator worked, I just did the cold water from the fridge, no ice during the winter. I cut back on cubes and I’m drinking more.

    @gomifune That drop at the beginning was often lost when I started with the weight of day 1 of a round. Then I started posting my round starting weight as the previous round day 10. It sure made a difference in my brain! Positive mind game!

    @pezhed Your stepmom sounds like my former neighbor. When I hit 125 (@5’1”) she told me I was “too skinny!” I wonder if that was because she realized (or didn’t) how chubby she had gotten. Ooooh, I’ll have to look into Short Story, too.

    @deepwoodslady YOU GO GIRL!!!

    @shmmm3 Kuchisabishii: The Japanese word which has immense relevance to ...
    My late MIL was a good pusher - “a little bit won’t hurt you.” No but a little led to A LOT and so the story goes! You should feel GREAT about yourself and taking care of YOURSELF!
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    @quiltingjaine Thanks for your kind words. You pegged me exactly right with kuchisabishii. That's what it is! What a perfect word. I like this article's illustration of a Pac-Man on the hunt for pellets.

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    @deepwoodslady YOU GO GIRL!!!

    @quiltingjaine I was very rebellious and even did some IF this morning. Had breakfast abpout noon. My before lunch (4:20 pm) glucose reading: 145 !!!!!! But then, we knew it would be better, didn't we? Yay! I tend to eat the most in the late evening and night although all within plan. Especially if I've IF'd that morning. I'm curious to see my fasting level in the morning! Doin' the happy dance here!!!
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    Round 215 (my 50th)
    February 21, 2023 - March 2, 2023
    Female, 5’7”
    HW: 181 pounds (Dec 30, 2019)
    Previous Rounds:
    R164 SW: 164.7, EW: 162.3
    R165 EW: 161.2
    R166 EW: 157.4
    R167 EW: 157.0
    R168 EW: 153.7
    R169 EW: 154.3 - Thanksgiving week
    R170 EW: 149.9
    R171 EW: 151.0 - Travel almost the entire round
    R172 EW: 149.7 - Christmas holidays
    R173 EW: 148.6
    R174 EW: 146.8
    R175 EW: 145.5
    R176 EW: 143.5
    R177 EW: 142.4
    R178 EW: 140.2
    R179 EW: 139.6
    R180 EW: 137.6
    R181 EW: 135.6
    R182 EW: 136.2
    R183 EW: 134.9
    R184 EW: 134.9
    R185 EW: 135.4
    R186 EW: 132.7
    R187 EW: 132.1
    R188 EW: 133.2
    R189 EW: 133.8
    R190 EW: 134.3
    R191 EW: 132.5
    R192 EW: 132.9
    R193 EW: 132.5
    R194 EW: 133.4
    R195 EW: 132.7
    R196 EW: 133.6
    R197 EW: 134.9
    R198 EW: 132.3
    R199 EW: 130.7
    R200 EW: 130.5
    R201 EW: 130.7 (last weigh-in before traveling)
    R202 EW: 134.5
    R203 EW: 132.9
    R204 EW: 134.0
    R205 EW: 132.7
    R206 EW: 133.2
    R207 EW: 134.0
    R208 EW: 134.5
    R209 EW: 134.3
    R210 EW: 131.8
    R211 EW: 131.3
    R212 EW: 132.9
    R213 EW: 131.6
    R214 EW: 132.5
    RSW: 132.5 pounds (2/20/23, EO Round 214)
    RGW: < 135.0 pounds
    UGW: 130-135 pound range

    2/21: 132.1 - Jazzercise and walk yesterday with a few stairs thrown in for good measure. Consumed lots of fiber as well.
    2/22: -
    2/23: -
    2/24: -
    2/25: -
    2/26: -
    2/27: -
    2/28: -
    3/1: -
    3/2: -

    Total round weight loss/gain to date from EO last round: - 0.4 pounds

    @enlightenme3 Your jazzercise - is that actual classes or a CD? Years ago, I would go to a Jazzercize class 6 days a week and it was the best shape I've ever been in. So fun. I have some CD's, but haven't done them in a while. I didn't know Jazzercise classes were still around until I just googled it and see that there are classes pretty close to me. Maybe I'll give it a shot again. On a side note, when I hit quote, your spoiler opened, and Wow, the steady progress you made to get to your goal range and then consistently sticking to it round after around is amazing and so inspiring! Congratulations!
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    Highest weight: 206
    Goal weight: 146

    Round 212 end weight: 200.7
    Round 213 end weight: 198.7
    Round 214 end weight: 196.9

    2/21 194.8
    2/22 195.1

    And yes @quiltingjaine it’s all about keeping the motivation up!