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    Machias1949 Somehow I missed that you’re a writer — what do you write? I’m also a writer (for, eeek!, 45ish years)—started with academic journal articles, moved to freelance feature writing for magazines, then 17 nonfiction books, then 4 mysteries and a bunch of essays and poems in literary mags. I’ve been on hiatus for a number of reasons, but am finally getting back into the flow with a new mystery/series.

    Hi @SheilaBoneham - I had meant to comment on this and never did and it just popped in mind today for some reason. Maybe because I was talking to my sister, who is also a writer. Anyway, I wanted to say at the time, what an absolutely amazing career you have had! I'm curious, what type of nonfiction books did you write? You'll have to let us know when you finish your new mystery/series. I so admire people who can write. I can document processes/procedures until the cows come home, but just to free-flow something from my brain, forget it!

    @fmfdfa2020 I started writing magazine feature articles on folklore and cultures, then shifted to writing articles and books about dogs and cats—care, training, etc—and working with animal rescues. Then moved to fiction. What does your sister write?
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    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE
    2/21 197.8
    2/22 194.0 Yesterday I had fasting labs scheduled for about 1 pm, then didn't get home till dinner time. Bad health news so I MUST buckle down so see consistent loss. This am my dh got on the scale and had the exact same weight, he doesn't exercise at all and essentially eats what he wants.

    Ugh! I have one of those husbands too. Sorry about your health news. You got this!