Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 215



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    @deepwoodslady - HAHAH! A smaller square, at least!! ;)

    @clprieur LOL so true. I guess that's a glass half full!
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    Highest weight 271
    MPF Recommit weight 228 lbs
    02/20 - 220.0

    Round 215 (1st) Goal: learn

    2/20 trying to meet protien intake without going over cholesterol. 2 oz steak at breakfast with an egg and 3 ozs at dinner with roasted veggies. Was not hungry for lunch but ate junk. No exercise today and didn't meet step goal. Was "off" all day.

    2/21 220.0. anybody else feel protien goal is unreachable? Had pork rinds and tuna with mayo for breakfast. Not hungry for lunch. Bibigo pork wontons with corn and cream cheese for dinner. Met water goal, step goal and activity goal on rebounder (2 x 10 mins). Sodium over 53mg due to pork rinds and wontons. Packaged food in moderation going forward.

    2/22 219.5 ( -.5) Today is day 23 of rebounder exercising and recommiting to MPF. I have lost 8.5 pounds in this stretch. This 10 day challenge will also be my range for increasing my rebounder intensity. 2 x 10 mins will increase to 3 the next session. The weather here in Florida is creeping into the unbearable stage so outdoor walks will decrease. Pre filled menu is adequate with highest sodium product being 1 cup of cottage cheese. Still under and cholesterol is perfect. Wonderful Wednesday

    2/23 218.2 (-1.8). Tonight is leftover wonton night. Still struggling to reach full calories but I am reading articles. Did 3x rebounder but less daily activity. Love my rebounder! I do 4 songs now and that gets me over my ten minute minimum. I average 1700 "steps" per session. No evening walk. Happy to see I reached Fibre goal by having a piece of Ghirardelli dark chocolate lol. Doing Sam's Club run this weekend so will pick up protien shakes. Today I moved fitbit watch another notch. Yay Thursday!

    2/24 217.8 (-2.2) 3x rebounder not good. My thighs are very sore, but i did do this mornings session. It was blood donation day. Do this with husband usually but a mobile bus was at his office yesterday so it's a solo date for me today. Added bonus is getting my cholesterol reading without having to see my doctor! Supposed to take it relatively easy after donation so i used the blower to clear half the front yard leaves. They fall in the spring in Florida. That blower gets heavy! Will do evening walk tonight. I have been doing MFP challenge of 9000 steps in 28 days and I am proud to say I have reached minimum 9000! 2 days left then I am going to do the protien challenge. Off to Flagler Beach tomorrow for beach steps and fresh fish.