Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 215



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    Round 215
    SW: 176.2 pounds: Ultimate Goal weight 145 pounds

    Round 215
    Starting Weight 174.2
    Goal Round 215: 170

    Round 215 progress

    Goal 1 Track food 10 out of 10 days.

    Goal 2 Water 2 jugs 8 out of 10 days

    Goal 3 Fasting No food after 8:00 PM 8 out of 10 days
    X :)

    02-22 174.2
    02-23 No weigh in
    03-02 GOAL 170

    "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda
    You don't have to be perfect you just have to be better than you were before.

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    @deepwoodslady - HAHAH! A smaller square, at least!! ;)
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    @39flavours - How did the job interview go? :)
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    cory17 wrote: »
    This am my dh got on the scale and had the exact same weight, he doesn't exercise at all and essentially eats what he wants. :

    It’s just not fair, is it!?! My DH eats a ton of crap and never gains.

    Mine too, but he does have a hard physical job, so just burns all those calories off!!
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    @rockinrobyn672 I love group exercise classes! I actually attend some form of structured workout (either at my Y or with my “gang” in the garage) almost everyday. I dunno, I think peer pressure works because I definitely push harder in a group.
    I’ve also leaned really good form. It surprises me even in spin which seems so straight forward but I’ve made little corrections to the angle of my foot or my hand position and gotten better results.
    Lol and the laughter, the friendships! I guess I just can’t say enough good things about group workouts!!!!
    Unless I’m running- hahaha if I’m running it’s solitary.