Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 215



  • refactored
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    2/25: DNW - Yesterday was a hungry day but I stuck to plan. Because I'm planning/tracking my intake, I turned down wine last night with dinner, and also skipped unplanned snacking. I did some Fitness Marshall yesterday. I keep playing the same one over and over, working on the moves. I'm getting closer but I'm still not there. LOL
    @RockinRobyn672 I had to look up Fitness Marshall and it looks like fun! I don't think I have the coordination for the moves though but I think it would be great for my brain/body connection. Do you have a subscription or do you just do the short workouts?
  • GirlOnTheRebound
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    2/25 217.2 (-2.8) Beach day! Husband had a morning meeting so I tagged along and walked a park. We usually do Daytona beach but had a restaurant recommendation in Flagler Beach. There are no accurate options on MFP for fish and chips so I chose the average option. Did not get many beach steps as this beach was narrow and had "sinky" sand. And many crazy people in the water! Getting my water and my steps this evening with a rebound session.