Lets motivate each other

Viiviiz02 Posts: 1 Member
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Hello, my name is Viviana I go by Vivi or Viv. After several years I have finally gained some weight. I started my journey in 2020 went from 118 lb to my current weight 142 lbs :) I workout 5 days a week and i've been trying to track my marcos. I'am muscle building baby B) Let's be friends and help motivate one another


    DIANOBOL_DAN Posts: 3 Member
    Hi viv, congratulations on your gains.
  • smithb39
    smithb39 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi I agree we should motivate each other…I’m into toning but not body building..how much protein do you have a day????
  • CandidaD2017
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    Hi ... I'm prepping for my first competition in August... Actually trying to cut body fat. I'm mainly plant based. Would love to chat to other ladies about meals, diet and weights.