Is this Heaven? No it's Iowa . . . Corn

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August is my one of my favorite months. It's when Iowa "sugar & cream" corn-on-the-cob is everywhere, fresh from the fields, ready to boil for exactly 8 minutes, gingerly add a little butter and salt for the best meal of the year! According to FP, two ears plus 1 tbs of butter = 218 calories. That fits into my daily target and mid-way through the great month of August, I'm at my lowest weight for 2023. Life just doesn't get better at the dinner table. Of course, you will have to buy several sets of cob holders for handles to keep from burning your fingertips, but that's easy. So even though you can't have the best, head to a fruit-vegetable stand or store that has fresh corn-on-the-cob and celebrate August with me.


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    This is the only time in my neck of the woods I'll ever eat corn on the cob specifically. And the one varietal from a specific farmer I go to is just out of this world. Shout out to normal sweet corn and sorry peaches and cream, but normal is just better, lol . Cheers
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    Summer is my favorite time to make chili because the vegetables will come right out of my garden and into the pot. My fresh corn gives it an extra zing of flavor.

    Watching my corn grow every summer is a treat. It's just fun to see it grow from such a tiny shoot to be taller than myself. I also like to roast the corn in the oven while it's still in the husks. I roast at 350 for about 30 minutes (until the husk is brown) and then it's really easy to peel. The flavor is wonderful.
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    I remember a few years ago, I was vacationing in Wisconsin when they had a huge bumper crop of sweet corn come in. Every farm stand was overloaded and overwhelmed, so they were selling it for 5 cents an ear.

    It was just my husband and I, and we were on vacation, so we couldn't buy too much. I went up to the cashier with 4 ears of corn, and she was SO mad. She's like, "IT'S 5 CENTS, BUY MORE!" I tried to explain we were not local and this is all we could take. She just sighed and took my 20 cents. :D

    Anyway, nothing better than fresh sweet corn. I like to husk it, wrap it in foil with butter, chives, salt, and pepper and some water to help cook it. Throw it on the grill and get it nice and roasty, at least 20 minutes, rotating frequently.
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    Sweet corn season here in Michigan, too. My favorite has been soaked in salted water husks and all, then roasted in a campfire. Mostly, for simplicity I microwave it in the husk, eat plain. (For me, just the corn is perfect, without even salt or butter . . . and I'm saying that as a woman who likes salt way too much, usually.)

    It's great in various recipes, too. I particularly like oven-roasting it on the cob (husked) then cutting it off the cob to use it in a tomatillo salsa with caramelized onions and cilantro (etc.), or in grain, bean, or pasta salads.
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    Sweet corn is sooo good. I actually cut it off the cob and just saute it with butter, salt, pepper, and then tajin. Delish.