Looking for busy, working mom accountability!

I need other mamas to help keep me accountable! Four kiddos, full time NP and I love to exercise! But I need to get to a healthier weight for me, 30lb less!


  • lf80123
    lf80123 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey! I’m a full time working mum too. Would be happy to help support and keep each other accountable
  • melichalupa
    melichalupa Posts: 297 Member
    Also a full time working mom please feel free to add me
  • Fitforevermore
    Fitforevermore Posts: 399 Member
    Please add me! Full time working mum of 3, had a very stressful 18 months and I'm now 3stone too heavy, which is gurring after maintaining a healthy weight most of my 30s and all of COVID...
  • Full time working mum here, came to the community on here to find accountability so happy to buddy up!! Steph x
  • travelerjks
    travelerjks Posts: 1 Member
    Same here - FT working mom of two :).
  • Nixoncat1
    Nixoncat1 Posts: 22 Member
    Same. Please add me!
  • CoffeeCastle
    CoffeeCastle Posts: 19 Member
    Anyone still here? Add me anyone who would like to. I can’t figure out how to add people